Tärkeitä suunnitelmia

”In case of a zombie invasion…” ”Huh?” //
”What would you do?” //
”Hmm.. I’d probably escape in the wilderness somewhere.” ”There’s plenty of that in the Highlands.” //
”What about weapons? We’d need weapons, too.” //
”That’s easy! There’s an army base on the other side of the estuary. They even have small fighter planes there.” ”Good!” //
”And we could always use golf clubs!” //
”At least those are easy to find in this town!” ”True! Scotland is the best place to be if there’s going to be a zombie invasion!”

Jos ette tienneet, St Andrewsissa on maailman vanhin golfkenttä. Ja suunnilleen miljoonaa golfkauppaa.
In case you didn’t know, the oldest golf course of the world is in St Andrews. And there are about a million golf shops here, too.


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