Paras Tohtori-jakso


Huomautan alkuun, että pidän Peter Capaldista Tohtorina. Steven Moffatista käsikirjoittajana en niinkään…
I’d like to point out that I do like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Steven Moffat as the screenwriter, not so much…
”You can run, Doctor, but you can’t hide!” //
”Our destroyer robot…” //
”…will hunt you through space and time to the end of the world… And it will never get tired or give up – EVER!”
(This is SO exiting!)
”I need a… distraction!”

(This has GOT to be the best Capaldi episode ever! Better than anything Moffat has written!)
”I had to sacrifice the TARDIS… to escape myself…”

(Now the Doctor will surely make those destroyer robots fight each other… and then he’ll fix the TARDIS and save the world! OH YES!) //
”Huh? Oh damn it.” //
”…so apparently my brain just couldn’t come up with a way for the Doctor to survive the trouble he was in!” ”OR maybe it was a two-parter! Like, ’to be continued next night’!” //
”I hope so!”

En vieläkään tiedä, miten Tohtorille tällä kertaa kävi, vaikka unesta on jo kuukausi…
I still don’t know what happened to the Doctor even though it’s been more than a month since a had this dream…

Doctor Who (R) BBC


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