Kysykää multa kysymyksiä!

”What’s your favorite Doctor Who episode?” ”Why are you always wearing a striped shirt?” ”Who’s the hottest guy in Star Wars?” ”How do we stop the global warming?” ”What’s the worst grade you’ve ever gotten from a maths test?” //
”Now, my dear readers, it is your turn to ask me the questions on your mind. You may ask whatever you want!” //
”And I’ll answer your questions in comic form!” //
”I’d like to point out that I don’t PROMISE to answer any and all questions and that I’ll decide myself which questions I’ll answer and how. So there.” //
”Please leave your questions in the comments of this article. You can do this by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of this article.”

5 vastausta artikkeliin ”Kysykää multa kysymyksiä!

  1. Pistä Star Trekin kapteenit järjestykseen! Ihan sama mihin, esim. parhaus- tai hotteusjärjestys on oikein hyvä ^___^ (sori, että tää ei teknisesti ottaen ole kysymys)

  2. Who is your favourite character in Skulduggery Pleasant? I liked the way you went through doing the comparisons of Star Trek captains- could you try and do something similar with this question? 🙂

  3. Jos saisit matkailla viikon sinisellä poliisipuhelinkopilla, kenen Doctor Whon kanssa sen mieluiten tekisit ja milloin ja mihin menisit?


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