Rutto pelastaa!


Rutton ja Kuoleman sekä heidän ”omistajansa” Lumihevosen seikkailuita löytyy täältä
The adventures of Plague, Death and their ”owner” Snowhorse can be found here
”Seriously with my thesis now.” //
”I should be going on a field station in a couple of days to ”finish” my thesis but the statistical analysis is not yet ready…” //
”…because i don’t understand statistics. To get the analysis done, I would need to meet my supervisor which I don’t have the time for as I need to go to the field station… which is no good if the analysis is not done.” //
”SURPRISE!!!” ”Eek!”

”I don’t have the time to be ill NOW!” //
”Except…” //
”…now that I’ve got the flu, I can call the field station and move my thesis-writing week for next week. And I’ll have time to meet my supervisor and get the analysis done before I head to the field station.” //
”Perfect. Now I’ll just go home to drink some hot blackcurrant juice.” //
”That… wasn’t exactly the reaction I was looking for.” ”Hey, for once someone appreciates.”

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