Pahoitteluni aatelinherran nimen väärinkirjoittamisesta.
My apologies for misspelling the name of a noble gentleman.

”My long-time readers might have noticed that I mostly wear a striped shirt in my comics. In reality, I own and wear other clothes, too. But I DO have quite a few striped shirts!” //
”When I draw comics I tend to imagine I’m wearing this red shirt.” //
”In real life it doesn’t exist anymore as it fell apart when I was in Scotland.” //
”I stuffed lord Finn K. Snidget-Cauliflower, the mascot of the quidditch team with it.” //
”So my shirt lives on in my comics and in the mascot of St Andrews quidditch team!”

Punainen paita? Ollakseen sinipunainen, se paita oli yllättävän punainen…
Red shirt? It was a surprisingly red shirt considering it was red and blue…

Kuka on lordi Finn K. Snidget-Cauliflower?
Who is lord Finn K. Snidget-Cauliflower?


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