Ahvis 1: Suunnitelma

”Oh, hi, Kalla!” ”Hello, Kati and Brony! Mind if I join you?” ”Not at all.” //
”So, what’s up with you?” //
”I’m trying to find myself a team for Ahvis.” ”Ahvis? What’s that?” //
”Åland’s bird watching competition.” ”Biology students have it every year.” //
”It’s in mid-April but I still don’t have a team.” ”Hmm…” //
”It sure sounds like fun. Can non-biology students attend, too?” ”Sure!” //
”I’ve always wanted to go Ahvis but there has always been something else… And now I’m about to graduate so this might be my last chance…” ”What do you say – would the three of us make a good Avis team?” ”Why not!”

”Brony has a telescope too, don’t you?” ”Yes, and I can borrow my dad’s tripod.” ”Awesome!” //
”But are we going to be a bike team or a car team? It’s easier to move around with a car but I don’t have one.” //
”Neither do I, and I wouldn’t want to drive, either.” //
”I don’t have a driver’s license.” //
”Bike team it is.” ”Hmph…” //
”I don’t want to ride a bike. I’m just not fit enough.” ”How about renting a tandem bike?” //
”I really don’t want to pedal!” ”What are we going to do then?” //
”Guys. I have an idea that will solve every problem we have. Alternatively, it will kill my legs. Maybe both.” TO BE CONTINUED…


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