Ahvis 3: Matkalla

The drivers at the bus station looked at my bike in a weird way… ”Please don’t come into my bus, please…” //
…but the driver of my bus was just the best: ”What is that tank?” //
My aunt who lives in Turku accommodated me for the night. I also met one of my cousins after a long time. //
”I wonder how I’m going to get the cargo bike into the ship?” //
”Apparently the same way all the other bikes get there.”

”What shall we do for the next six hours?” ”We could get something for lunch.” ”And take a nap. We won’t be sleeping that much next night.” //
”Three tickets to the lunch buffet, please.” ”Will you pay separately?” ”Yes, we will.” //
”I don’t think we’re as stylish as all the other restaurant customers…” //
”Excuse me, there are plates for only two in our table but there are three of us…” ”I see…” //
”It might be because one of you is a child.” ”!” //
”Oh, no… I think you’re an adult after all.”

”Where are we going to meet Kalla?” ”At the Sports Center. She gets a ride from some friend of hers.” //
”It’s 16 kilometers… that way!” //
”Hey, it’s five o’clock! The competition begins!” ”Let’s watch some birds!” TO BE CONTINUED…


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