Ahvis 5: Kotiinpaluu

(Åland’s pancakes) //
”What shall we do during this ship journey?” ”I’m tired, so I could go for a nap.” ”Me too.” //
”I’m not tired, so I’m going to see the ship. See you later!” //
”Damn it’s boring to hang around a ship all by myself…” //
”I rather lie awake in a dark room.”

”I’m going to get a ride back to Helsinki from a friend of mine. How are you going to get back?” ”I’ll spend the night at my aunt’s and come by some bus tomorrow.” ”I’m just trying to figure that out. All trains are full-booked.” //
”And there’s only one bus tonight – fifteen minutes after this ship comes to the harbor!” //
”It’s about a kilometer from the harbor to the bus station so you just might make it. I’ll come to show you the way.” ”Thanks! It would be nice to get home for the night.” //
”C’mon! These are the seventh red lights within a kilometer!” //
”I missed the bus by one minute. Thanks a lot, traffic lights.” ”I guess my aunt would let you stay at her house.” //
”I really don’t…” ”Take off your hat and beg.” //
”I don’t have a hat.” ”Take off your helmet and beg.”

”…so that’s what happened.” ”Sure you can both stay here for the night. Come on in.” //
”Sorry, I don’t think I can take two bikes in this bus.” ”No problem, we’ll wait for the next one.” //
”Yes, I think we can fit those bikes in here.” ”Great, thanks!” //
”Bye bye!” ”Buy, then!” //
”Ahvis was a pretty nice adventure after all.” ”You’re right. By the way… can I get the recipe for those rosemary biscuits of yours?” //
”Of course. First mix 50 grams of butter with 50 grams of sugar…” ”I don’t remember it if you just tell it to me!” ”Oh.” THE END

Bonusluku – Bonus chapter
”Sorry for the bumpy ride.” ”That’s what he said!” //
”Hit me.”

Ottaen huomioon, että tämä oli 15-sivuinen arjakuva lintubongaamisesta, se kertoo yllättävän vähän lintubongaamisesta. Myös: polkupyörien piirtäminen on kamalaa.
This comic tells surprisingly little about bird watching considering it was a 15-page comic about bird watching. Also: drawing bikes is terrible.


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