”A month ago my blog Gaiverruksia turned three years old. To celebrate that I asked you, dear readers, to tell me which of my comics were your favorites.” //
”Thanks to everyone who answered! It’s nice to hear that there are readers for different types of comics.” //
”And I promised that one of the people answering would win a price.” //
”I actually rolled a die.” //
”And the winner is… Snowhorse!” //
”Congratulations, Snowy. As a price I’ll draw you a picture of a topic you choose. I’ll post the picture here in the blog and you’ll get the original piece. Different material options in the box, maximum size A4.” //
(Ink, watercolors, colored pencils, oil pastels… or a combination of these.)
”However, I refuse to handle certain topics visually. Read: I will not draw porn or cat torture.”

Yksi vastaus artikkeliin ”Ilmoitusasia


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