Menneitä muistellen


”Dear readers! 2018 is over but well preserved in my blog. I have updated twice a week throughout the year, always on Mondays and Thursdays.” //
Except for… Valentine’s day post came on a Wednesday as Valentine’s was on Wednesday …in August I posted daily …there was a small extra post on Christmas day. //
”Here are some of my other achievements from the past year.” //
January: I opened a stuck oven door. //
February: I did some sports. //
March: I traveled from Karis to Helsinki on a train without paying for it. ”On the floor next to the army guys.” //
April: I handed in my thesis. I my pajamas in the kitchen. //
May: I slept two nights in a row in bus. //
June: I met a moose calf. //

July: I got monthly salary for the first time in my life. ”And got personally growled at by a leopard.” //
August: I lived on dried apricots and adrenaline for a day. ”I was feeling slightly ill afterwards.” //
September: I got to interview a species coordinator in front of an audience. ”In English. And I improvised the translations.” //
October: First time being a game master in a role playing game. ”Five.” ”You break free from the spell.” Yaaaaay!!!” //¨
November: I didn’t work or go to school at all. ”This is technically speaking not an achievement.” //
December: I made nearly perfect bagels. //
”So that’s what I’ve been doing this year. I hope you have also achieved something.” //
A very happy new year 2019 to everyone!


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