”This is the 500th article in the Gaiverruksia blog! Half a thousand is an important milestone. Hence there will be statistics!” //
”I started this blog on October 3rd 2015. Gaiverruksia has therefore existed for 1602 days. I have updated on average every 3.2 days or 2.2 times a week.” //
”There are 310 comics by the name Gaiverruksia. That makes quite a few pages and panels.” //
”Of things other than comics most ”space” goes to my ”Month of” challenges. These four challenges have produced altogether 110 articles in this blog.” //
”The (nearly) most used category in the blog is still the ”original” Scotland Edition with 95 articles.” //
”The other largest categories are Free time with 96 articles, Nerding with 79 articles and Art and ”art” with 65 articles. Go nerds.” //
”My drawing style has also changed somewhat along the way. I wonder what update number 1000 will look like?”

2 vastausta artikkeliin ”500!


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