”I’m organizing a winter trip for Nature League to Hossa national park.” ”Hooray!” //
”Dear passengers, the train is late.” //
”Dear passengers, the conductor is also late.” //
”Dear passengers, there is something wrong with the engine so we cannot go very fast.” //
”Dear passengers, the railway is being repaired. Hence we have to crawl.” //
”How are we supposed to fit all our stuff in that mini bus?” ”And all these other people?” //
”Wooops!” //
Well, getting here was quite a farce but we got here nevertheless.”

”Pfft, I’ve got way too much stuff in my anorak pocket.” ”What do you have there?” //
”Well… my Swiss army knife.” //
”Map of the national park.” //
”Half a bag of walnuts. And some dried cranberries.” //
”A spoon. And a water bottle.” //
”Alarm clock.” //
”Headlamp.” //
”Our hut’s address and coordinates in case we’d need to call an ambulance.” //
”What are you gonna call that ambulance with?” ”My cell phone. That is somewhere… in my backpack… I guess…”

Nature hippies in the nature, part 1:
”Hey… there’s a vole in the outdoor toilet’s hole.” //
”Well look at that…” //
”Now there are six of them. Move aside, now.” //
Nature hippies in the nature, part 2:
”There’s a caddisfly larva in our drinking water bucket.” //

”This weather is absolutely horrible.” ”Yep.” //
”We can have our lunch break there.” ”There are people down there.” //
”Hi, we’re French tourists on a day trip.” ”Hi…” //
”You sure look soaked! Why don’t you warm up by our camp fire.” ”Here, have some chocolate.” ”And cake.” ”And an orange.” //
”You’re the best!”

”Hello there.”


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