Jonkin… oikea käsi

”Ha! My right hand is big, clumsy and red and I can grab hot objects with it! I’m like Hellboy!” //
”Hey, my hand is made of stone and it’s the right hand of doom and whatnot. You are wearing an oven glove.” ”Well…”

Hellboy created by Mike Mignola.

1997, 2007, 2017

”I recently realized that years with a seven in the end hve been important in my life.” //
1997: I was five years old, and this is the firs year I really remember. I took the first photograph of my life. I traveled on an airplane without an adult (with my six-year-old big brother). I learned to read! ”I want a hobby!” I decided to go to art school! //
2007: I found my role model (for real). I started to keep a diary. I went to the first hike of my life. I got my Swiss Army Knife and my pocket watch. //
”Pressure’s on you, this year!” ”You could graduate?”

Kokkailua Pomon kanssa


Olin siis viikonloppuna Luonto-Liiton koulutuksessa laittamassa ruokaa. Ja kuuntelin musiikkia perunoita kuoriessani.
I was cooking in Nature League’s happening. And listened to music while peeling potatoes.
”Meh.” //
”Yeah… at least in this NGO.” //
”I cook for a large group of people with no training whatsoever! No need for education!” //
”Well you ain’t finding it from here.”

All the songs above (Shackled and Drawn, Jack of All Trades, You’ve Got It and Easy Money) by Bruce Springsteen.

Sankareiden kuukausi -haaste


Tein sen! Oli piiiitkä kuukausi…
I made it! It was a loooong month…
Opin myös sen, että kirjaston skanneri syö maalauksista värit todella hyvin… Eh. No jaa, oli kyllä hauskaa suunnitella tätä sankarilistaa ja maalata heitä, vaikka ihmiset ovatkin hirmu vaikeita piirtää…
I also learned that the library scanner eats away all the colours… Eh. Well, it was really fun to make this list and paint my heroes even though human beings are soooooo difficult to draw…

Ja tässäpä se haaste:
And here’s the challenge:
”So, now it is YOUR turn!” //
”Rules are simple: make a list of the alphabets and pick a fictional hero you like for each letter.” //
You can understand the word ”hero” any way you like! You can list your heroes according to their firts or last name or by their title if you want to, in any language you like. Don’t take to rules too much TO THE LETTER! ”Jack O’Neill – he could go under J, O or N!” //
”What matters is that your heroes are YOUR heroes!” //
”You don’t even have to draw them! Making a list is quite enough. And if you can’t come up with a hero for every letter, that’s perfectly fine!” //
Leave your list/a link to it in the comments by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of this article. ”I can’t wait to read your lists!”

H is for Hero: Z

ZAZU (Leijonakuningas – The Lion King)

”Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?”
Z on aika mahdoton kirjain… Siksi Zazu. Toisaalta pidän kyllä Zazun hahmosta, hänen sarkastisesta asenteestaan, uskollisuudestaan kuninkaalleen sekä brittiläisestä sisustaan. Sitä paitsi Zazu on mielestäni erinomaisesti animoitu hahmo, jolla on tarpeen tullen hampaatkin, vaikka hän onkin lintu…

Z is a pretty impossible letter… That’s why Zazu. On the other hand, I do like Zazu – his sarcastic attitude, loyalty to his king and his British sassiness. Also, I think that Zazu is an excellently animated character, he even has teeth when they are needed even though he’s a bird…

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: …Zorro?

The Lion King (c) Disney
The quote above is Zazu’s first line in The Lion King

H is for Hero: Y

YODA (Star Wars)

“When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?”
Miksi Yoda? Koska Y. Ja miksipä ei. Yoda on varsin mahtava hahmo, vaikka emme koskaan näekään hänen peittoavan ketään valomiekkataistelussa. Olisi mahtavaa nähdä se. Joten sen sijaan, että teette huonoja esiosia, olkaa hyvät ja tehkää hyviä esiosia, joissa Yoda löylyttää pahiksia ja on muutoinkin mahtava jedi!

Why Yoda? Because Y. And why not? Yoda is a pretty awesome character, even though we never actually see him beat anyone in a lightsaber duel. I’d love to see that. Instead of bad prequels, please make us a good one where Yoda could kick butt and be the awesome Jedi he is!

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: ???

Star Wars created by George Lucas.
The quote above from The Return of the Jedi

H is for Hero: X


“The next time you feel like showing off, don’t.”
X:stä olisi saanut kokonaisen tiimin Ryhmä-X:n supersankareita, mutta mennään nyt porukan perustajan ja “nimihahmon” kanssa. Proffa Xavierilla on ollut sen verran vaikutustakin elämääni, että olen lukenut T. H. Whiten The Once and Future Kingin, koska Xavier siteeraa sitä X-men -leffoissa. Luin sen siis englanniksi, kun sitä ei ole koskaan käännetty suomeksi, ja se on jotain 800 sivua pitkä, eli hyvin menee, Charles.

I could have put together a whole team of X-men superheroes for X but let’s just take the founder and “name character” of the team. Professor Xavier has had some influence in my life because I’ve read The Once and Future King (by T. H. White) that Xavier quotes in the X-man movies. I read it in English because it’s never been translated into Finnish, and it’s like 800 pages, so way to go, Charles.

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: …?

The X Men by Marvel Comics.
The quote above from the movie X2

H is for Hero: W


“Well now I know you’re mad, I just wanted to make sure.”
Tiedän, tiedän… “Hänen nimensä on Tohtori, ei Tohtori Kuka”. Mutta todella halusin hänet tälle listalle. Kukapa ei? Haluaisin niin matkustaa jan ja avaruuden halki, ja tavallaan voinkin kun katson hänen seikkailujaan televisiosta. Tässä kuvassa on toinen Tohtori (Patrick Troughton), ihan vain koska pidän hänestä, vaikka olenkin nähnyt vain yhden hänen jaksoistaan. Ja te kaikki David Tennant -fanit… koittakaa vaan kestää.

I know, I know… “His name is the Doctor, not Doctor Who”. But I really, really wanted to get him on this list! Who wouldn’t? I’d love to travel across time and space with him, and in a way we all can by watching the show. In this picture I painted the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), just because I like him though I’ve only seen one of his episodes. All you David Tennant fans… just deal with it.

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: Wolverine (Ryhmä-X/X-men)

Doctor Who (c) BBC
The quote above from the episode The Tomb of the Cybermen

H is for Hero: V

VILLI VONKKAWILLY WONKA (Jali ja suklaatehdas – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

”My dear old fish, go and boil your head!”
Villi Vonkka omistaa maailman hienoimman suklaatehtaan, salakuljettaa sinne kokonaisen heimon mini-ihmisiä eikä kauheasti välitä, vaikka yksi pahatapainen kakara venytetään kolmimetriseksi. Niin oikein! Herra Vonkka lienee hieman hullu, mutta toisaalta hän on myös nero, sitä ei käy kenenkään kieltäminen. Tämä kuva on myös kunnianosoitukseni Quentin Blakelle, joka kuvitti lähes kaikki Roald Dahlin kirjat loistavalla tyylillään.

Willy Wonka owns the greatest chocolate factory in the world, smuggles a whole tribe of tiny people to work there and doesn’t really care when a spoiled brat is stretched until he’s three meters tall. That’s the spirit! Mr. Wonka may be a bit crazy but you can’t deny that he’s also a genius. This painting is also my tribute to Quentin Blake who illustrated nearly all of Roald Dahl’s books with his brilliant pictures.

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: …eh?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory written by Roald Dahl.
The quote above is what Willy Wonka says to Mrs. Salt when she calls him a liar

H is for Hero: U

MIYAMOTO USAGI (Usagi Yojimbo)

“I guess I did earn some of that money. I even “dyed” for it.”
Miyamoto Usagi haluaisi vain vaeltaa rauhassa pitkin Japanin maaseutua. Sen sijaan hän törmää joka mutkassa vanhoihin ja uusiin ystäviin ja vihollisiin sekä muihin höyrypäihin. Tavallisesti Usagi ei lähtisi mukaan seikkailuihin, ellei joku tarvitsisi hänen apuaan. Usagi lienee kuitenkin sellainen ystävä, jonkalaisen jokainen haluaisi: vastahakoisuudestaan huolimatta aina auttamassa vaaroista huolimatta.

Miyamoto Usagi would just like to wander around Japan’s countryside in peace. Instead, he runs into old and new friends, enemies and other crazy people in every turn. Normally Usagi wouldn’t take part in any adventure unless someone needs his help. I think Usagi is the kind of friend everyone would like to have: despite his reluctance to fight he’s always there to help you if you’re in danger.

Muita sankareita/Other heroes: Uhura (Star Trek)

Usagi Yojimbo created, written and illustrated by Stan Sakai.
The quote above from the album The Shrouded Moon