Hulluja nuo hanhivastaavat!


”That male goose at the grill place is sure a difficult one…” ”Yeah, you have to be watching him all the time.” ”He’s constantly attacking people.” //
”Hey I can’t find the grill goose anywhere!” ”What?!” ”I hope nothing’s happened to him!” ”Oh no!” //
”Grilley?” ”Is everything okay, buddy?” ”Where are you, grill goose?” ”Where could he be?” //
”Hey, here he is!” ”Quack quack!” ”Oh good, you found him!” ”He’s all right!” ”Don’t scare us like that, GG!”

Aitojen yli hyppelin vain


”Hey you… That fence is there for a reason…” //
”…protecting the plantings. So please don’t cross the fences.” //
”Come, let’s go the other way, it’s not okay to go this way after all.” //
”…like you didn’t know very well that you should’t cross the fence!” //
”And do ignore me.” //
”After all, I’m just a voice in the air. Not a living person with feelings. Or maybe you’re just so embarrassed that you can’t talk to me. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.”

Minulle maksetaan asioiden tekemisestä


”We’re getting new desks at the office, could you receive them?” ”Okay.” //
”There’s a reporter coming here to write a story, you’d need to guide him.” ”Okay.” //
”Could you show the new trainee how the badge machine works?” ”Okay!” //
”The nature school teacher is ill so you have to teach at the nature school today.” ”O-okay.” //
”Could you do a talk at the wild boar feeding over the weekend?” ”Okay!” //
”A daycare group sent us a question about swimming snakes. Can you write them a response?” ”Okay!” //
”There’s a group that needs a guide RIGHT NOW!” ”Okay!” //
”The frogs and the gecko at the nature school should be fed, would you have the time?” ”Okay.” //
”All this needs to be written down in the customer register.” ”Okay…” //
”Could you write the talks for the Easter programme?” ”Okay!” //
”What was your job at the zoo again?” ””The goose person”.”

Branta aliensis

Eli ”Eläintarhaoppaan paluu” tai ”Tämän takia minulla on ekologian maisterin tutkinto ja taiteen peruskoulutus”.
Aka. ”The return of the zoo guide” or ”This is why I’m a Master of Ecology and have basic education in arts”.

”So what aliens are you fighting again?” ”Actually, I’m marking safety zones around a goose nest. And trying not to inhale the toxic fumes.”