Lapsissa on tulevaisuus jne jne


”This is a wisent horn. What substance do you think it is?” ”Bone?” ”Wood?” ”Stone?” ”Heart?” ”Brain?” //
”Bears sleep throughout the winter. Do you know why?” ”Because it’s cold then!” //
”That is one of the reasons, yes, but not the most important one. Can you come up with others?” ”’Cause it’s cold in the winter!” //
”Yes, cold is indeed one reason, what about the others?” //
”The bear might get cold!” ”Do you listen to each other at all?!” //
”What was the thing that stayed in your mind the most from this tour?” ”Giraffe*.” ”Dinosaur**.” (*There are no giraffes in the zoo. **Nor dinosaurs.)

Toivoisin valehtelevani, mutta tämä kaikki tapahtui tunnin sisällä.
I wish I was lying but all of this happened within an hour.

Ja lapset laulaa


”Bad sandwich, take a willy! Bad sandwich, take a willy!” ”Now kids, you shouldn’t sing songs like that!” ”I’m so glad I didn’t become elementary school teacher!”

This fantastic song by a group of first-graders visiting the zoo.



”Boo! Boo!” ”Boo!” ”Booboo!” //
”Boobooboo!” //
”Boo.” //
”Boo. Boo. Boobooboo.” //
”Would you find it nice if I just came and yelled boo at you?” ”…no.” //
”Well how about not yelling at the peacocks either, then?” ”Okay.”

Kuinka tässä näin kävi?


Zoo – fun happening today!
”Kati, could you help me get dressed in this bee costume?” ”Sure.” //
”Heh. It’s like you’re going to the battle of Helm’s Deep and totally losing.” //
”…” //
”I didn’t understand a word of what you just said.” ”…never mind.” //
Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountains, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the West, behind the hills, into Shadow…

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien
Finnish translation by Kersti Juva



Tapahtui samana päivänä kuin edellisen sarjakuvan hanhioperaatio.
This happened on the same day as the goose operation in the previous comic.

”I’ve got other things to do than save birds!” ”That’s what you think…”

Hanhivastaavan paluu


”It’s so nice to be a zoo guide again after being the goose person.” //
”That goose has clearly hurt its leg!” //
”Do I really have to take it to the wildlife hospital now? How would I even transport it? It won’t stay in the back of my bike!” //
”But I can’t call myself the goose person if I don’t at least try!” //
”Could I have a cardboard box, please?” ”Sure!” //
”Can you help me to catch a wounded goose?” ”Uhh… okay.”

”Thanks for helping. I will take the goose to the wildlife hospital at the zoo.” ”Good to know.” //
”Hi again!” ”What is it now? And why are you not in the zoo uniform?” //
”Unfortunately the goose’s leg was broken and it had no hope of getting better and becoming a wild goose again so it had to be put down. But it’s better this way – no predator would have taken it from the concrete jungle.”

Kadonneiden kuukausi loppuu


”Animal species go extinct every day.” //
”Now more often than they naturally would, and faster and faster. Due to human actions animals lose their habitats, suffer from poisons and are hunted for.” //
”But we can still do something about it. We can favor responsively produced products, consume less… donate money to organisations who help endangered species in their natural habitats and fight poaching… We can find out about things.” //
”About all the great species that are and have been.” //
”Every single species is going to go extinct one day. It is inevitable.” //
”But we can act in a way that prevents it from happening too soon to too many. And everyone can help.”

Haluatko auttaa uhanalaisia eläimiä? Osta jokin Kadonneiden kuukauden alkuperäisistä maalauksista haluamallasi summalla. Lahjoitan kaikki saamani rahat Wild Cats Conservation Alliancelle amurintiikerin ja amurinleopardin suojeluun.
Do you want to help endangered animals? Buy one of the original paintings from Month of the Lost and pay what you want for it. I’ll donate all that money to Wild Cats Conservation Alliance that conserves Amur tigers and Amur Leopards.

Huom! Jos joskus saat tilaisuuden silittää leijonaa tai apinaa maksusta, älä tee niin. Nämä eläimet on otettu pentuina emoiltaan, ja isoja kissoja usein huumataan, jotta ne pysyvät rauhallisina. Aikuisiksi kasvettuaan eläimet tapetaan tai hylätään. Villieläinten paijailu ei ole luonnonsuojelua vaan rikos tai vähintään kovasti epäeettistä. Älä siis tue tällaista toimintaa vaan ilmoita siitä viranomaisille. (Itse halailen leijonaa ja keisaritamariinia viimeisessä kuvassa, koska tämä on sarjakuva, eivätkä kuvan eläimet siis kärsi siitä.)
Note! If you ever get the chance to pet a lion or a monkey for some change, please don’t do it. These animals have been taken from their mothers as cubs, and big cats are often drugged to keep them calm. When these animals grow up they are killed or abandoned. Petting wild animals is not conservation but a crime or at least highly unethical. So please don’t support this kind of action but inform the authorities. (In the last panel I hug a lion and an emperor tamarin because this is a comic and hence the animals in the drawing don’t suffer from it.)

Kadonneiden kuukausi alkaa!


”Hey guys! Look! I built a TIME MACHINE! Ta-dah!” //
”Okay, I admit. It looks like a pile of paper. Because it IS a pile of paper.” //
”But it is ALSO a time machine. Because I say so. And because in comics, EVERYTHING is possible.” //
”And with this time machine we’re going to see animals that have gone extinct. Throughout August! One for every day…” //
”…and one for every letter of the alphabet. You know how this goes.” //
”Come on, then! First of the lost is waiting…”

Okei, tällä kertaa jätin ääkköset suosiolla pois. Tai ovat ne mukana, mutta ne ovat bonuslukuja.
Okay, this time I willingly left out the Finnish weirdos Å, Ä and Ö. Or they are there but as bonus chapters.