Tänään – näätä!


Teen graduani lehtopöllöistä, minkä takia osallistun myös kenttätöihin.
I work on my thesis about tawny owls and take part in the field work because of that.
”So, now we’ll catch the female and set a trap for the male.” ”We’ll come back tomorrow morning to catch him.” //
”So there are chicks in this nest?” ”Yes, we checked it last week.” ”I think there were four chicks here.” //
”Hold the net tight so that the female can’t escape.” ”Right!” //
”Why doesn’t she fly already…” //
”Guess what? I pine marten has visited this nest and eaten all the chicks.” ”That’s the third or fourth sign of pine martens today.” ”Should we just change study species?”

Kymmenen minuutin sääntö

”Hello!” ”It’s so nice that you could come and help me!” //
”Guests will be here in a hour. Would you slice these fruits while I clean up the living room?” ”Okay.” //
”Aaargh! The window is full of little dogs’ muzzle prints!” //
”Do I have the time to wash that window? Yes, I do, if I do it quickly.” //
”I’ll use ten minutes to do this and if it’s not enough then never mind.” //
”Hmm, ten minutes and if it is not enough then never mind… Sounds like a good principle.” //
”Can I use it for my master’s thesis?” ”LOL


”I so wouldn’t want to work on my bachelor’s thesis. I’m probably suffering from NANW.” ”What’s that?” //
”Not Able, Not Willing.” ”Yeah, I think I have that, too.”