…leiripaikkamme katoksen portailta. Maalasin tämän jossain 10 minuutissa paperille, jonka pelastin polttoon menevistä paperiroskista…
…from the steps of our camping place shelter. I painted this in about ten minutes on a paper I saved from the thrash that was about to get burned…

Keltainen auto

”Hey hey hey! Was that a nice thing to do now? Why did you hit your friend?” //
”Because I saw a yellow car!” ”Yeah, if you see a yellow car you can hit the others!” //
”First off, you mustn’t and shouldn’t hit your friends…” //
”…and second, you didn’t even see a yellow car!” ”I did!” //
”There’s one on the parking lot over there!” ”Oh.” //
”Well, just go for it, then.”

Doctor Who: Valkoinen kauhu


Leirisaarellamme Bengtsårissa kerrotaan legendaa valkoisesta tennissukasta, joka syö leiriläisiä… Mutta nyt sukka on kohdannut voittajansa – hullun miehen laatikossa!
Juhannuksenvietossa piirsimme Julian ja Romeon, Lumihevosen ja Julian isoveljen kanssa yhteistyösarjiksen Tohtorin seikkailuista. Kaikki tekijät myös esiintyvät sarjiksessa 😀 Ennen sarjiksen aloittamista piti tietty päättää, kuka Tohtoreista pääsi mukaan. Varoitus: sisältää David Tennantia!

There’s a legend on our camping island Bengtsår, a legend of a white tennis sock that eats campers… But now the sock has met its match – a mad man in a box!
During Midsummer I drew this comic of Doctor’s adwentures together with Julia and Romeo, Snowhorse and Julia’s Big Brother. We all also appear in the comic 😀 Before we started drawing we had to decide which Doctor got into this comic. Warning: includes David Tennant!

”I thought I stopped you already!” //
”Well, I’ve worked in worse places than this…” //
”Ha! The trail is still fresh!” //
”Who is that?” ”Why is he wearing a suit?” //
”Yes, uhm… Hello. Have you by any chance happened to see a… a white tennis sock?”

”RUN!” //
”No, no, no, no!” //
”Don’t you even dream about it!” //
”Aaaaarrggh!” ”Hang in there, weird suit dude!”

”Stop it! You’re not helping!” //
”Oh no!” ”Sorry!” ”What are we going to do now?” //
”I have a secret weapon!” (Super-clean washing powder)
”It only grew bigger!”

”Does it have ANY weaknesses?” ”Yes! It hates the smell of gasoline! (Like any other sentient being…)” //
”Anyone! We need gasoline here, quickly!” ”With or without oil?” //
”Doesn’t matter, just throw it here!” ”Okay!” //
”Take this!”

”There, problem solved for a while but – ” ”Hey, you’re bleeding! You need bandaging!” //
”Luckily, we’ve taken the first aid course!” ”Take off your shirt!” ”We have Minions plasters!” ”No, stop! Eh…” //
”Hey, would you like to come and make pancakes with us?” ”I just might have the time… Can I keep my shirt on?”

Doctor Who by BBC
The White Tennis Sock by Legendary Bengtsår Legends 😛

En vaan vois ymmärtää

”Hahaha! We’re so drunk! Hehehehee!” //
”We’ve been drinking so much! Hohohoo!” ”You can’t be drunk from drinking nothing but water, kids.” //
”It’s not water, it’s beer!” ”Yeah!” //
”Hey! You two have been ten-year old boys at some point. Could you tell me…” //
”…just what’s going on in those guys heads as they’re playing to be drunk half the day?” //
”Well… Pretty much nothing.” ”Yes.” ”That’s what I thought.”


I went for a skiing trip to Litokaira with some other people for a week. //
Underwear: Undershirt (silk wool), underpants (silk wool), three pairs of woolen socks //
In between: Scarf (silk wool), woolly sweater, trousers, woolen lining of boots //
Overwear: beanie, anorak, mittens, trousers, skiing boots //
Pause clothes: a second beanie, quilted jacket, quilted trousers of the British army //’
The British army trousers have zippers on both sides – they can be put on and taken off without removing yous skis! //
+ a backpack or a sledge

Ski 10 kilometers in -20 degrees on forest skis and with a backpack. //
If you fall over, getting up is difficult… because you’re under level zero! ”Help!” //
In the evening shovel off 40 cm of snow… so that you can put up a tent. //
If you still have extra energy, you can always make some more firewood. //

”It’s half past five and I could already go to sleep.” ”It’s this darkness that falls at four that makes us all tired.” //
”When we go home everyone will ask, ’what did you do all those long dark evenings?’ And we’ll say, ’waited for snow to melt so that we’d have something to drink!'” ”Ha ha ha!” //
”Shall we make food now? Tofu?” ”Sure!” //
”But guess what?” ”What?” ”Or tofu is frozen solid.” //
”There it is now, a tofu in a warm bath.” ”Lucky tofu.”

”It’s nice to sleep in a tent again… Even though…” //
”…there’s no room for me to straighten my legs!” //
”Not good.” ”Nope.” //
”If I could get my feet ON THE TOP of other peoples feet…” //
”Aah.” //
”Hey you need to move your feet, they’re too close to the stove.” //

(I’m sorry, this doesn’t translate.)
On that day we made a snow unicorn.
On the last day we had to ski 15 kilometers to the bus stop. We woke up at four and got going at six. It was dark. //
Finally we were there. ”We were so fast that it’s still three hours till the bus comes!” ”So what now?” //
”Hey, who’s that guy with the quad bike?” //
”Probably the owner of that farm there.” //
”Are you waiting for the bus that comes at five?” ”Yes.” ”You’re going to get cold.” //
”Here, take some firewood and make a fire under that spruce there. It’ll be nicer to wait that way.” ”Thank you so much!” //
Thanks to everyone fo the great week!

Vuoden 2016 parhaat palat


Tämä on muuten myös tämän blogin sarjis numero 100!
By the way, this is also the comic number 100 of this blog!
“Hi all! The year is coming to its end so I think it’s time to look back in time! Here are some of my best moments of 2016. More or less chronologically.” //
“These PINK Star Wars pyjama pants my dad gave me as a birthday present!” //
Single girls’ Valentine’s day //
Aikido grading outdoors on a tennis court. “A bit chilly…” “Often is in April…” //
My mother came to see me in Scotland and we visited the Isle of May (a quarter million birds) //
Celebrating the ending of lectures with Mudkip and Jimothy (12 scoops of ice cream etc.) //
Walking bare footed on beach with Rikku …and Ezra telling us not to do so… //
Ceilich = Scottish dancing. “No idea what’s going on but so much fun!” (Chuu-chuu is the most important part!)

Wiivu visited me in Scotland and we played train game. “I was going to build there!” “Haw haw!” //
Mr. Brony had come to see me at the airport when I came back home from Scotland. //
Cooking on a camp with Julia’s big brother. “Super cooking!” //
This moment in Midsummer. //
Eating pancakes with Julia in the middle of the night… //
…watching paddling camper kids with Romeo… //
…making pancakes with the girl with dreadlocks (singing a Finnish pop song) //
The kids on the camps liked the bedtime stories I told them. “…and then the magician said to the goose herder, ‘There is something very important I have to tell you.”… //
When the three of us were together again, me, Snowhorse and Mr. Brony.

Meeting my tutor partner J after a very long time. //
Climbing with Knitter… “Go on now.” //
…cooking and singing with my big brother… (another Finnish pop song) //
…comic-making weekends with Snowhorse… “Aaargh! I spilled ink!” //
…and writing lots of letters with Sunshine, Whale and many others. //
“So, there have been lots of good things in this year. Of course everything didn’t fit into this comic, and I’ve mentioned many things in previous comics.” //
“So thanks to all my friends and family members both near and far away, also you who didn’t make it into this comic! I hope you’ve had nice moments in the past year.” //

Per Impro Ad Astra

Tässä sarjiksessa tapaatte ystäväni Julian ja Romeon, joiden kanssa vedin leiriä viime kesänä. Jutun otsikko Per Impro Ad Astra (”Improvisaation kautta tähtiin”) on Romeon minulle suunnittelemän vaakunan tunnuslauseena 😀
In this comic you’ll meet my friends Julia and Romeo with whom I was leading a camp last summer. The title of this comic, Per Impro Ad Astra (”Trough improvisation to stars”) was the motto in the coat of arms that Romeo designed for me.

Once upon a camp… ”GAAAH!!” //
”I hate it when these trays
always fall from the table where they’re getting dry!” //
”But it’s no surprise, actually. There’s nothing to
 stop them from falling!” //
”Of course… if I tried to fix it…” //
”Hammering? I’ll help you!” //
”We suffered from the same problem for years, and it took about five minutes to fix it.”

Paljastava vaatetus

The organisation that has the camps I work on is called Luonto-Liitto (Nature League).
Happened on a camp… //
”Hello!” ”Hi.” (She must be a camp leader from some other camp…) //
”Is your camp going to sauna today at six?” ”Yeah, we are.” ”Well, we’re going at eight.” //
”So could you leave the sauna warm for us, please?” ”Sure. I’ll tell the others to add some more wood into the ovens when we leave.” //
”Thant’s great, thanks! Bye bye!” ”No problem, bye!” (How did she know I’m a camp leader and not, foe example, working in the kitchen?) //
”Oh yes… Wearing Nature League’s ”uniform” just might be the giveaway clue…”