Kaverini pääsi ylioppilaaksi, ja koska hän pitää roolipelaamisesta ja on monta kertaa pyytänyt minua tekemään uuden roolipelin syysleirin pelin jälkeen, tein hänelle lahjaksi oman pelin. Ja koska karttojen piirtäminen on hauskaa, aloitin piirtämällä pelimaailman kartan.

A friend of mine graduated from high school, and since she likes role playing games and has several times asked me to make a new game after the one we played on autumn camp, I made her a game as a present. And bacause drawing maps is fun I started by drawing a map of the game world.

Styksin nimeen!


”I participated a larp where the theme was Greek gods. I was playing Hermes, the messenger of gods …who is also a thief, gambler and a general trouble-maker.” //
”Now you screwed up, Hermes. As a punishment, I will confiscate your sandals!” ”But Apolloo-oon! I haven’t done anything! It’s so unfaaa-aare!” ”The sandals, Hermes!” ”Oh thank you, these winged sandals are really uncomfortable!”

Branta aliensis

Eli ”Eläintarhaoppaan paluu” tai ”Tämän takia minulla on ekologian maisterin tutkinto ja taiteen peruskoulutus”.
Aka. ”The return of the zoo guide” or ”This is why I’m a Master of Ecology and have basic education in arts”.

”So what aliens are you fighting again?” ”Actually, I’m marking safety zones around a goose nest. And trying not to inhale the toxic fumes.”

Niin pienen esineen tähden


”Someone should go and get the key to the camping center.” ”I don’t have the time.” ”Me neither.” ”Okay, I’ll go and get it.” //
”Is it not a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt for so small a thing? So small a thing!” ”You said it, Boromir.”

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Talvileirin ahkerat kokit


Eli mitä kokkikaksikko puuhaa kun ei ole keittiössä.
Aka. what does the chef duo do when they’re not in the kitchen.

”When’s the food ready?” ”In a minute!”

Mainittakoon, että ruoka ei ollut koskaan myöhässä.
Disclamer: the food was never late.

My Snoke theory sucks

Note: I don’t like the new Star Wars movies, and I really don’t like this thing about disliking people’s theory of Snoke’s origins. However, my Snoke theory here is so extremely bad that I actually encourage you to dislike it.

The death stick seller’s name is by the way Elan Sleazebaggano, full Wookiepedia article on him here. It takes more time to read the article than to watch all the scenes he actually has on screen. Which is just one scene of approximately 14 seconds.

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Haihtuus hiutaleet!


”I participated a Harry Potter themed LARP where we were stranded in an inn during a magical snowstorm. My character was an environmentalist and a griffin activist Fern Marlowe. She was asked some weird questions.” //
”How much age difference do you and your sister have?” //
”Could you keep this invisibility cloak for us?” //
”Are you a werewolf?” //
”What is your opinion on house elves?” //
”Can I see your coat?” //
”What do you have in that suitcase you guard so closely?” ”Nothing!”

”Actually I was smuggling an orphaned griffin egg. No one found it. Which was unfortunate, in a way.” //
”It’s going to hatch soon. If the chick is a boy, I’ll name him Billy. If it is a girl, she’s gonna be Billie.” //
”I don’t think I thought this through.” ”Hungry! HUNGRY! HUNGRY!

Harry Potter created by J. K. Rowling
All LARP characters by their players. Many thanks to game organizers!