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”I participated a larp where the theme was Greek gods. I was playing Hermes, the messenger of gods …who is also a thief, gambler and a general trouble-maker.” //
”Now you screwed up, Hermes. As a punishment, I will confiscate your sandals!” ”But Apolloo-oon! I haven’t done anything! It’s so unfaaa-aare!” ”The sandals, Hermes!” ”Oh thank you, these winged sandals are really uncomfortable!”

Katit yössä 2


”You want food, don’t you?”
”Yawn!” //
”But… your bowl is still full of food!” //
Poke poke //
”Here you go, ”fresh” food for your hairiness.” //
”Silly creature.”

Vartti kuuluisuudessa


A note for my non-Finnish readers: if you feel like this comic makes no sense it’s because my mom and I are making fun of Finnish politics here.

”…and that’s what Andy Warhol said, too: everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame.” ”It doesn’t work like that. I mean, there are 94 quarters of an hour in 24 hours and there are so many people in the world…” //
”…that there’s no way everyone is going to get their own fifteen minutes.” ”Hmm…” //
”Of course no one gets their own private fifteen minutes but there’d be several famous people for every given quarter.” ”I don’t want to share my fifteen minutes!” //
”It could be regional. Let’s divide the world into sections, and on each section there’s one famous person for every fifteen minutes.” ”We-ell…” //
”We could divide Finland into eighteen fame districts, too!” //
”But I think people should have the right to decide which area they spend their fame quarter on despite of where they live.” //
”So you mean like a freedom of choice law?” ””Hmm.” ”Hmmmm.”



”All my readers probably know that I like reading books. Along the years I’ve used many things to mark where I’m going in the book…” / An actual bookmark //
A library receipt / Candy wrapper / 10 pound bill //
Piece of yarn / My address / A mug //
Tube of mustard / A desk / Another book (very handy if you’re reading two books at the same time!)

Kelmien kuukausi: G


GRIEVOUS (Star Wars)

Grievous on mielestäni enemmänkin päheän näköinen pahis kuin erityisen hyvin käytetty pahis. Piirtäessäni häntä aloin antaa entistä enemmän arvoa hänen designilleen, kaksinkertaiset varpaat ovat nimittäin cool ratkaisu.

I think Grievous is more a cool-looking baddie than an actually well-handled bad guy. When I was drawing him I started to respect his design more and more. I find those double toes extremely cool.

Star Wars created by George Lucas



”And now, let’s have a… hare relief!”

Jaa mikä jäniskevennys? 2000-luvun alulla esitetyssä urheiluvisailuohjelmassa Se on siinä esitettiin silloin tällöin jäniskevennykseksi kutsuttu pätkä, jossa jänis juoksee ladulla perässään joukko ampumahiihtäjiä. Kyseisen rainan näkee täältä.

What is a hare relief? In the early 2000’s there was a Finnish sports quiz show where they sometimes showed a short video where a hare runs away from biathlon skiers. You can see the clip here.