Klingon style

Dedicated to Jimothy.
I actually don’t know any Klingon swearwords, just some Klingon insults. But insulting a Klingon isn’t too difficult – just tell a Klingon warrior that his sister looks like a tribble, and you can be pretty sure that your throat will be very closely acquainted with a bat’leth…

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.

Doctor Who: Valkoinen kauhu


Leirisaarellamme Bengtsårissa kerrotaan legendaa valkoisesta tennissukasta, joka syö leiriläisiä… Mutta nyt sukka on kohdannut voittajansa – hullun miehen laatikossa!
Juhannuksenvietossa piirsimme Julian ja Romeon, Lumihevosen ja Julian isoveljen kanssa yhteistyösarjiksen Tohtorin seikkailuista. Kaikki tekijät myös esiintyvät sarjiksessa 😀 Ennen sarjiksen aloittamista piti tietty päättää, kuka Tohtoreista pääsi mukaan. Varoitus: sisältää David Tennantia!

There’s a legend on our camping island Bengtsår, a legend of a white tennis sock that eats campers… But now the sock has met its match – a mad man in a box!
During Midsummer I drew this comic of Doctor’s adwentures together with Julia and Romeo, Snowhorse and Julia’s Big Brother. We all also appear in the comic 😀 Before we started drawing we had to decide which Doctor got into this comic. Warning: includes David Tennant!

”I thought I stopped you already!” //
”Well, I’ve worked in worse places than this…” //
”Ha! The trail is still fresh!” //
”Who is that?” ”Why is he wearing a suit?” //
”Yes, uhm… Hello. Have you by any chance happened to see a… a white tennis sock?”

”RUN!” //
”No, no, no, no!” //
”Don’t you even dream about it!” //
”Aaaaarrggh!” ”Hang in there, weird suit dude!”

”Stop it! You’re not helping!” //
”Oh no!” ”Sorry!” ”What are we going to do now?” //
”I have a secret weapon!” (Super-clean washing powder)
”It only grew bigger!”

”Does it have ANY weaknesses?” ”Yes! It hates the smell of gasoline! (Like any other sentient being…)” //
”Anyone! We need gasoline here, quickly!” ”With or without oil?” //
”Doesn’t matter, just throw it here!” ”Okay!” //
”Take this!”

”There, problem solved for a while but – ” ”Hey, you’re bleeding! You need bandaging!” //
”Luckily, we’ve taken the first aid course!” ”Take off your shirt!” ”We have Minions plasters!” ”No, stop! Eh…” //
”Hey, would you like to come and make pancakes with us?” ”I just might have the time… Can I keep my shirt on?”

Doctor Who by BBC
The White Tennis Sock by Legendary Bengtsår Legends 😛


Liseth Silvergull: ”Seal for breakfast?”

Pääsin taas roolipelaamaan, kun herra Brony otti minut mukaan heidän roolipeliporukkaansa. Hahmoni Liseth on kalastaja, jonka veneen nimi on Hopealokki. Hänen lemmikkinäätänsä Briel toimii Hopealokin ”laivakissana” ja Lisethin uskollisena seuralaisena. Oli hauska pelata, seuraavaa kertaa odotellessa 🙂
I got role playing again when Mr Brony took me to play with his friends. My character Liseth is a fisher who has a boat named Silvergull. Her pet pine marten Briel is Silvergull’s ”ship cat” and Liseth’s faithful companion. It was fun to play, I’m looking forward to the next time 🙂

Visiitti St Andrewsiin


”I’m back in Scotland!” //
”I’m breathing Scottish air!” //
”Airport personnel is super nice!” //
”People are driving on the left side of the road!” //
”There are so many sheep on the fields!” //
”The tides!” //
”Gorse is blooming by every road!” //
”Crows are black!” //
”Everything is so amazingly SCOTTISH!” //
”Even the rain…”

”Here are things I wanted to do while in St Andrews…” //
Meet my friends //
Eat fish & chips //
Walk on the beach //
Eat a scone at Gorgeous //
See a fulmar //
Eat ice cream at Janetta’s //
Walk on the pier ”Please come down.” //
Send a post card to Whale //
Walk by the river //
Drink a London Fog in Bean Room (Closed for good) ”NOOOO!!!” //
Drink a London Fog somewhere else.

”It was so nice that you came for a visit!” ”Indeed!” ”Come back soon!” //
”Of course! Bye then!” ”See you again!” //
”It’s 22.55. Still 10 minutes ’till my bus leaves. Good.” //
”…what? There’s no 22.55 bus to Edinburgh marked here?!” //
”But on the websites it said… Well, I’ll wait for a moment.” //
”Excuse me, I’m waiting for that 22.55 bus to Edinburgh…” ”There is no such bus.” //
”The website lied! But I HAVE to get to the airport, my plane leaves at 6 AM…” //
”Maybe I can still get to Edinburgh by train from Leuchars…”

”Yes! There’s a night train to London stopping here in 15 minutes! It must go via Edinburgh!” //
”Hi, just to make sure: does this train stop in Edinburgh?” ”No, it doesn’t.” //
”But… I MUST get to Edinburgh! Are there any trains going there before morning?” ”Not that I know of.” //
”You see, my flight leaves at six, and the bus I was supposed to take doesn’t exist despite of what the website said…” ”I’m sorry…” //
”…but there are no trains to Edinburgh at this time, and we don’t stop there either.” ”Okay. Thanks anyway.” //
”Wait… I REALLY shouldn’t do this but…”

”…hop in. We’ll let you out in Edinburgh.” ”Oh, THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you -” //
”- thank you, thank you, thank you -” //
”- thank you, thank you, THAAAANK YOUUUUU!!!” //
”Thank you, thank you, thank you…” //
”And I’m here only half an hour later than I would have been with that bus.” //
”Now I’ll just wait for four hours for my flight to take off.” //
”Yeah so the smart thing to do when the bus didn’t show up would probably have been to call Mudkip or something… Oh well.” //
”See you again, St Andrews…”