Nörttitytön vaatekaappi

”I could put my Doctor Who hoodie on today. But I’ll need a t-shirt under it.” //
”Maybe I don’t need two nerdy t-shirts at the same time.” //
”Yeah no.” //
”Nope.” //
”Maybe the Bat and the Doc won’t argue too much…” //
”What was the next thing in line?” //
”I’m such a nerd.”

Doctor Who -hupparini selässä lukee ”There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes” (”Ei ole järkeä olla aikuinen, jos ei välillä saa olla lapsellinen”), joka on sitaatti neljänneltä Tohtorilta – siksi juuri Tohtori numero neljä esiintyy tässä sarjiksessa. Tiedän myös, ettei Hergé tehnyt tarinaa nimeltä Tintti Vietnamissa – mutta minulla on silti Tintti Vietnamissa -paita!

On the back of my Doctor Who hoodie it says ”There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes” which is a quote from the Fourth Doctor – hence his appearance in this comic. I also know that Hergé never made a story called Tintin in Vietnam, but I DO have a Tintin in Vietnam shirt!

Doctor who by BBC
TMNT by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird
Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton
Batman by DC Comics
Tintin by Hergé

Klingon style

Dedicated to Jimothy.
I actually don’t know any Klingon swearwords, just some Klingon insults. But insulting a Klingon isn’t too difficult – just tell a Klingon warrior that his sister looks like a tribble, and you can be pretty sure that your throat will be very closely acquainted with a bat’leth…

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.

Kalan kuolema

”Stop jumping!” //
”How about sticking a hook through YOUR cheek and pulling you underwater? We’d see how calm YOU’D stay!”

Mitä tapahtui?

”So… Sherlock… Season four…” ”Gimme that, I’ll write the password.” //
”What happened in the end of season three again?” ”Hmm… They put Sherlock in a plane and sent him off the country…” //
”Oh yes, and then there was that… Abonobi… Abnob… ABOMINABLE Bride!” //
”I can’t understand how it could be so bad!” ”I can’t understand it.” //
”Especially after the firs two seasons were so good.” ”Yeah. What happened?” //
”I’ll tell you what happened…” //

Joo, Moffat oli luomassa sarjaa mutta pilasi oman teoksensa. Juuh.
Yes, Moffat is one of the creators of the show but he messed up his own creation. Yah.

Scherlock by BBC

Juuh elikkäs

”My shoulders are killing me…” ”I can give you a massage if you like.” //
”Why thank you, Mr Spock – ” //

Yksi kaverini totesi, että ketään ei tulisi pakottaa katsomaan Star Trekiä vastoin tahtoaan, sillä tämä rikkoo Federaation pääsääntöä vastaan. Joten jos et ymmärtänyt edellä olevaa, en aio selittää sitä, vaan odotan, että luonnollinen kulttuurievoluutiosi johtaa sinut Star Trekin äärelle.
A friend of mine pointed out that no-one should be forced to watch Star Trek against their will because it brakes the Federation prime directive. So if you didn’t understand what happened above, I will not explain it. Instead, I’ll wait until your natural cultural evolution leads you to Star Trek.

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.