Testausta, testausta


Ostin uutta vesiväripaperia Inktoberia varten. Tässä pari testiuonnosta.
I bought some new watercolor paper for Inktober. Here are a couple of test sketches.

Pidän tästä pienestä omakuvasta, koska siitä tulevat mieleen Quentin Blaken kuvitukset Roald Dahlin kirjoissa.
I like this small self portrait because I makes me think of Quentin Blake’s illustrations in Roald Dahl’s novels.

Vielä yksi aarnikotka.
And one griffin.

Väärin leikitty


”I guess I could have practiced using an ironing board… In kindergarten… You could play house under the stairs there… Though…” //
”Hey Kati and Reeta! Come and play house with us!” ”We don’t have the time at the moment!” //
”And we’re not Reeta and Kati but ponies…” ”…Goldenslipper and Yellowslipper! And right now we have to run away from the bad guys that want to throw us in jail!” //
”Those were the days…!” //
”I don’t regret my life decisions!”

Reetan nimi ei oikeasti ollut Reeta, mutta hänen poninimensä oli Keltatossu. Minä olin Kultatossu, koska minulla oli hienot kullanväriset tossut.
Reeta’s name was not actually Reeta but her pony name was Yellowslipper. I was Goldenslipper because I had fancy golden slippers.



”Here’s the flying squirrel costume for you.” ”Yay.” //
”I wonder how many meters of canvas there is in here?” //
”Well, at least it’s warm. Though…” //
”…I’m not going to put it on just yet. I can wear it like a cape while we’re indoors.” //
”I’m almost like a shaman wearing a wolf skin!” ”Flying squirrel skin.” //
”Haw haw.”

Sauronin kätyrit: Pyykkipäivä


”Someone used my ring. Go find it.” ”We leave immediately, Lord Sauron.” //
”Wait a second…” //
”…What on Middle Earth are you wearing?” ”Our spare gowns.” ”It’s Friday.” ”Laundry day.” //
”…Leave on Monday.” ”Yes, Lord Sauron.”

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Ja lapset laulaa


”Bad sandwich, take a willy! Bad sandwich, take a willy!” ”Now kids, you shouldn’t sing songs like that!” ”I’m so glad I didn’t become elementary school teacher!”

This fantastic song by a group of first-graders visiting the zoo.