”What are you wondering?” ”These fox tracks here.” //
”What’s so weird about them?” ”Well, you see, first they’re here…” //
”…then they disappear… and re-appear several meters away.” //
”Maybe the fox was FLYING there.” ”Like a fox-griffin of some sort? That would be a funny creature.” //
”Yeah, except the head of a fox griffin wouldn’t be of an eagle’s but of a magpie’s!” //
”Ooh! A magpie-fox-griffin! I so wanna draw that!” ”My idea! Made it myself! Do not steal!”

Pakko sitten varmaan sanoa, että kettuharakan keksi herra Brony. Mutta minä sen piirsin. Älkää pöllikö.
I guess I have to say that magpie-fox was invented by Mr Brony. But I drew it. Do not steal.

Rutto pelastaa!


Rutton ja Kuoleman sekä heidän ”omistajansa” Lumihevosen seikkailuita löytyy täältä
The adventures of Plague, Death and their ”owner” Snowhorse can be found here
”Seriously with my thesis now.” //
”I should be going on a field station in a couple of days to ”finish” my thesis but the statistical analysis is not yet ready…” //
”…because i don’t understand statistics. To get the analysis done, I would need to meet my supervisor which I don’t have the time for as I need to go to the field station… which is no good if the analysis is not done.” //
”SURPRISE!!!” ”Eek!”

”I don’t have the time to be ill NOW!” //
”Except…” //
”…now that I’ve got the flu, I can call the field station and move my thesis-writing week for next week. And I’ll have time to meet my supervisor and get the analysis done before I head to the field station.” //
”Perfect. Now I’ll just go home to drink some hot blackcurrant juice.” //
”That… wasn’t exactly the reaction I was looking for.” ”Hey, for once someone appreciates.”

Oikeastihan olen aika pitkä


Olimme talvileirillä kokkeina herra Bronyn kanssa.
Mr Brony and I were the chefs on a winter camp.
”Hey, Kati, do you have any more soup plates?” ”I think we’re out of them.” //
”What about those on top of the cupboard?” ”Oh yes, there were more up there.” //
”I don’t think either of us is tall enough to reach them, though.” //
”Luckily, we have this…” //
”…compensating devise for the vertically limited.”


Graduohjaajani pyysi minua piirtämään ryhmäkuvan pöllötutkijoista. Älkää tehkö päätelmiä tekemämme tieteen tasosta tämän kuvan perusteella…
My thesis supervisor asked me to draw a group picture of owl researchers. Please don’t think this is the way we do science…

Tapahtumia horisontissa


Sarjakuva on englanniksi, koska se sisältää kauheita anglismeja…
Tilastotiedettä //
”Parametreja ei voida määritellä singularitettien takia.” //
”Mitä… tuo edes tarkoittaa? Mikä on singulariteetti tilasto-ohjelmassa? Tarkoitan… eikö singularitetti eli tapahutmahorisontti ole se osa tai juttu mustassa aukossa, joka aiheuttaa päänsäryn kun sitä vain ajatteleekin?” //
”Tuolla se musta aukko on.” //
”Hei, singulariteetti, miksi sinä sotket minun tilastoanalyysini?” //
”En tiiä. Sinun kiusaamisesi on tavallaan mun juttu.” ”Se ei ole kovin kilttiä, eihän?” //
”Se on ihan näkökulmakysymys.” ”Hei!”
”…tai ehkä minä vain kysyn tilastotieteen opettajalta.”

Hyvästit Mayalle

Korkeasaaren eläintarhan nuori myskihärkänaaras Maya sairastui yllättäen ja piti lopettaa. Tämä on hyvin surullista, koska Maya oli geneettisesti arvokas yksilö, joka oli kovalla työllä saatu Venäläisestä eläintarhasta. Kaipaamaan jäivät puoliso Isak ja eläntarhan väki.
Korkeasaari Zoo’s young female muskox Maya got suddenly ill and had to be put down. This was very sad especially as Maya was a genetically valuable individual and getting her from a Russian zoo was a difficult task. Maya will be missed by her spouse Isak and the zoo staff.

Hauskaa tietoa myskihäristä: myskihärät eivät ole härkiä, eikä niillä ole myskirauhasia. Oikeasti ne ovat vuohieläimiä, ja myskimäinen haju johtuu niiden virtsasta.
Fun facts about muskoxen: they are not oxen and they don’t have musk glands. Muskoxen are related to goats, and the musk-like odour is caused by their urine.

Kuinka tapasin ystäväni


A note to my non-Finnish friends: in Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as
ystävänpäivä, friend’s day. It’s a day when you can celebrate your friendships, not just your romantic relationships.
“Right, it’s that time of the year again…” //
“According to the theme of the day I’m going to tell you…” //
“…how I met my friends. About, the way I remember it. Some of the people mentioned here I haven’t met in years, others have been my friends to this day. I’ve changed the names in this comic.” //
“First off, I’d like to apologise to those friends of mine who don’t appear in this comic. You are important to me but I don’t remember how we first met!” //
“And then to the point.” //
I met my first friend Elli when I was a couple of months old and she was a couple of hours. Our moms are old friends. And no, I don’t actually remember this!

“The first time I really remember making friends was in kindergarten. I was maybe five…” //
…and I had just gotten into a new group. (My hair started to curl when I was something like ten.) “Are you new in this group?” “Yes.” //
“My name is Katja.” “Kati.” “We have almost the same name!” //
“I guess we have the same name day, too.” “Yes! You want play with me?” We were the best friends for years. //
“The there was this boy, Ben, from the neighbouring house…” //
I don’t remember how we met but I do recall we didn’t get along… //
“This went on for some time, until one day…”

“Boo-hoo! Why did you bump into me?!” “You ran there yourself!” //
Our mothers came by: “Enough with that bickering!” “Indeed! Behave and be friends.” //
“Well, then…” “All right.” //
It led to other good things, too. “This is Mikaela from my building. Is it okay if she comes to play with us?” “Yeah, sure!” //
“Some of my best childhood memories are my adventured with Ben and Mikaela, and Mikaela and I were the best of friends for years…” //
“I don’t remember the first time I met Wiivu. I’ve been told we’ve met in some club when we were but toddlers…” //
“…but I remember very well how we really got to know each other on third grade, the first day after Christmas holidays.”

“Locked?” //
“Hey, get in from there!” //
“You can get in from the backyard in the morning, so you have to go there.” “Oh, okay.” //
“I didn’t know, I’m new in this school.” “Yes, you must be that Wiivu who’s coming to our class.” //
“How did you know my name?” “It says so in your bag.” “Oh.” //
“Wiivu and I ended up in the same middle school, too, and there we got to know new people… The first day I was still feeling a bit shy…” //
“That girl is sure good at drawing horses…” //
…but then, on about day four: “What are you doing, Snowhorse?” “This is Wiivu’s friend book.” //
“”—and kill all the bad guys with the light sword.” Shouldn’t it be lightsaber?”

“It’s a different thing but it could be lightsaber, too. Do you like Star Wars?” “Sure, Star Wars is the best!” //
“What other movies and books do you like?” “At least A Tale of Redwall…” “I like Redwall, too!” //
“Some of the greatest stories begin with other great stories. Then I went to high school.” //
And made quite a few new friends. “Were you on that concert?” “Yes, I was.” “Me too!” “Cool!” //
During my first week in high school I also got to know Mr Brony (who, at the time, had short hair). //
“You’ll pay for that!” “I know this guy. He means what he says.” “Oops.” //
So, I let him push me into the lake. //
“Mr Brony still claims that the threw me off the dock as a revenge, but believe me when I say this: I LET him do it!” //

“The most unbelievable meeting happened in the summer of 2011 in a workshop where we made owl dolls. I started talking with the person next to me…” //
“What was the next step again…?” “I think you need to glue that…” //
“Have you seen many owls in the nature?” “No, just a couple of tawny owls.” “I’ve seen an eagle owl once.” //
“But maybe I’ll see more of them soon as I begin studying biology at the university.” “What? You’re starting in biology at the university this autumn?” “Yes, how so?” //
“Because I’m a biology fresher, too!” “No way! Awesome!” //
“That really was the craziest occurrence ever – and that we started to talk about out studies! A couple of years later I went to St Andrews as an exchange student, and I really didn’t know anyone.” //
On the first night… “They said there’d be free pizza here…” //
“Hi, I’m Rikku. Who are you?” “Huh? I’m Kati, an exchange student from Finland.”

“Cool! This is Ezra, we just met each other, too.” “Hello.” “Hi. (All I wanted was to get some pizza and then go to bed…)” //
“Luckily though, I met Rikku and Ezra again later on when I wasn’t quite so tired…” //
On the second night… “The word is there are free hamburgers on the backyard today.” //
“Should I try and get to know people? I don’t really know anyone yet, and I’ve forgotten the names of the people I met yesterday…” //
“These people behind me look like they don’t really know each other… Maybe…” //
“Hi, I’m Kati, an exchange student from Finland and I don’t know anyone.” “Awesome! We’re exchange students too. I’m Sunshine, from USA.” “And I’m Whale, from Germany. We just met each other.” //
“We talked and went to see stars together – there is a comic from autumn 2015 about that in this blog.” //
I met Mudkip a couple a days later when my corridor had a kitchen meeting. “Hi, I’m Topi.” “I’m Mary.” “My name is Mudkip.” “I am Kati.” //

Nothing very special happened there – maybe the fact that we both were nerdy biologists just drew us together. “This guy has a nerdy aura…” “Do you like sci-fi?” //
“And then there was Jimothy. I think he was a friend of Mudkip’s first, they had started talking on some lecture or something…” //
We had been sitting in the same table over meals for weeks without really paying attention to each other until one day… //
“Thanks to whoever said the magic words! If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that a friendship can begin almost anywhere…” //
“To all my friends, both those who appeared in this comic and those I can’t remember how we met… Happy friend’s day! And THANK YOU for being my friends. Without you there’d be something very, very, very important missing from my life.”