Juuh elikkäs

”My shoulders are killing me…” ”I can give you a massage if you like.” //
”Why thank you, Mr Spock – ” //

Yksi kaverini totesi, että ketään ei tulisi pakottaa katsomaan Star Trekiä vastoin tahtoaan, sillä tämä rikkoo Federaation pääsääntöä vastaan. Joten jos et ymmärtänyt edellä olevaa, en aio selittää sitä, vaan odotan, että luonnollinen kulttuurievoluutiosi johtaa sinut Star Trekin äärelle.
A friend of mine pointed out that no-one should be forced to watch Star Trek against their will because it brakes the Federation prime directive. So if you didn’t understand what happened above, I will not explain it. Instead, I’ll wait until your natural cultural evolution leads you to Star Trek.

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry.


…leiripaikkamme katoksen portailta. Maalasin tämän jossain 10 minuutissa paperille, jonka pelastin polttoon menevistä paperiroskista…
…from the steps of our camping place shelter. I painted this in about ten minutes on a paper I saved from the thrash that was about to get burned…

Kuka seuraavaksi?

”Would you look at that!” //
”The next actor playing the part of the Doctor has been announced and it is…” //
”Jodie Whittaker! Not that I know anything about her as an actress…” //
”Anyways, after 54 years and thirteen male actors a woman takes over as the Doctor!” //
”It might be a slightly surprising decision after five decades… On the other hand, the Master turned into Missy – from man into woman – and it worked really well!” //
In the heart(s) of Doctor Who and the Doctor’s character is, after all, the idea of time’s passing and the inevitable change that comes with it… and times do change, not only in the show but also in the world it is made in! //
As long as this doesn’t happen… ”Oh look, I’m a woman now! How modern and EQUAL! Boob jokes! Stare at me and be amazed!” //
”I still want the same things from Doctor Who as I’ve always wanted: good characters and stories…” //
”…adventures…humor…and hope. It doesn’t matter whether it is a madman or a madwoman in that blue box!” //
”Waiting for the next season…”

Myös: Ensign Sue Must Die niin näki tämän olevan tulossa… jo vuonna 2014!
Also: Ensign Sue Must Die saw that this was coming… back in 2014!

Doctor Who by BBC

Miten tämän nyt selittäisi?

”In here live two otters, one of them is just swimming…” ”Is it a girl or a boy?” ”Cute!” //
”This one’s a boy.” ”How do you know if an otter is a girl or a boy?” ”Uhm…” //
”How am I going to explain this so that a four-year-old understands? I’m a biologist and a zoo guide, I can’t lie to her!” //
”Well, you know that human boys have willy and girls don’t, right?” ”Yes.” //
”Good, so, the same goes for otters: boy otters have a willy and girl otters don’t.” ”Okay.” //
”Nailed it!”

Keltainen auto

”Hey hey hey! Was that a nice thing to do now? Why did you hit your friend?” //
”Because I saw a yellow car!” ”Yeah, if you see a yellow car you can hit the others!” //
”First off, you mustn’t and shouldn’t hit your friends…” //
”…and second, you didn’t even see a yellow car!” ”I did!” //
”There’s one on the parking lot over there!” ”Oh.” //
”Well, just go for it, then.”

Doctor Who: Valkoinen kauhu


Leirisaarellamme Bengtsårissa kerrotaan legendaa valkoisesta tennissukasta, joka syö leiriläisiä… Mutta nyt sukka on kohdannut voittajansa – hullun miehen laatikossa!
Juhannuksenvietossa piirsimme Julian ja Romeon, Lumihevosen ja Julian isoveljen kanssa yhteistyösarjiksen Tohtorin seikkailuista. Kaikki tekijät myös esiintyvät sarjiksessa 😀 Ennen sarjiksen aloittamista piti tietty päättää, kuka Tohtoreista pääsi mukaan. Varoitus: sisältää David Tennantia!

There’s a legend on our camping island Bengtsår, a legend of a white tennis sock that eats campers… But now the sock has met its match – a mad man in a box!
During Midsummer I drew this comic of Doctor’s adwentures together with Julia and Romeo, Snowhorse and Julia’s Big Brother. We all also appear in the comic 😀 Before we started drawing we had to decide which Doctor got into this comic. Warning: includes David Tennant!

”I thought I stopped you already!” //
”Well, I’ve worked in worse places than this…” //
”Ha! The trail is still fresh!” //
”Who is that?” ”Why is he wearing a suit?” //
”Yes, uhm… Hello. Have you by any chance happened to see a… a white tennis sock?”

”RUN!” //
”No, no, no, no!” //
”Don’t you even dream about it!” //
”Aaaaarrggh!” ”Hang in there, weird suit dude!”

”Stop it! You’re not helping!” //
”Oh no!” ”Sorry!” ”What are we going to do now?” //
”I have a secret weapon!” (Super-clean washing powder)
”It only grew bigger!”

”Does it have ANY weaknesses?” ”Yes! It hates the smell of gasoline! (Like any other sentient being…)” //
”Anyone! We need gasoline here, quickly!” ”With or without oil?” //
”Doesn’t matter, just throw it here!” ”Okay!” //
”Take this!”

”There, problem solved for a while but – ” ”Hey, you’re bleeding! You need bandaging!” //
”Luckily, we’ve taken the first aid course!” ”Take off your shirt!” ”We have Minions plasters!” ”No, stop! Eh…” //
”Hey, would you like to come and make pancakes with us?” ”I just might have the time… Can I keep my shirt on?”

Doctor Who by BBC
The White Tennis Sock by Legendary Bengtsår Legends 😛

En vaan vois ymmärtää

”Hahaha! We’re so drunk! Hehehehee!” //
”We’ve been drinking so much! Hohohoo!” ”You can’t be drunk from drinking nothing but water, kids.” //
”It’s not water, it’s beer!” ”Yeah!” //
”Hey! You two have been ten-year old boys at some point. Could you tell me…” //
”…just what’s going on in those guys heads as they’re playing to be drunk half the day?” //
”Well… Pretty much nothing.” ”Yes.” ”That’s what I thought.”


Liseth Silvergull: ”Seal for breakfast?”

Pääsin taas roolipelaamaan, kun herra Brony otti minut mukaan heidän roolipeliporukkaansa. Hahmoni Liseth on kalastaja, jonka veneen nimi on Hopealokki. Hänen lemmikkinäätänsä Briel toimii Hopealokin ”laivakissana” ja Lisethin uskollisena seuralaisena. Oli hauska pelata, seuraavaa kertaa odotellessa 🙂
I got role playing again when Mr Brony took me to play with his friends. My character Liseth is a fisher who has a boat named Silvergull. Her pet pine marten Briel is Silvergull’s ”ship cat” and Liseth’s faithful companion. It was fun to play, I’m looking forward to the next time 🙂