Star Trekkin’

Jimothy ja minä, suuria Star Trek -faneja kun ollaan, jaettiin pikku kaveriporukallemme roolit Star Trek -maailmasta:
Minä olen kapteeni (tämä oli ”miehistöni” ilmoittama asia)
Mudkip on försti ja tiedeupseeri
Jimothy on yli-insinööri (ja kissavastaava)
Ezra on lääkintäupseeri
Rikku on kommunikaatioupseeri.
Aluksen nimi on tietysti USS Andrews, tosin pohdinnassa olivat myös USS Espanjan Inkvisitio ja USS Licked to Death by Cows.

Jimothy and me, great Star Trak fans as we are, gave our friends roles in the world of Star Trek:
I’m the captain (my ”crew” decided this)
Mudkip is the first officer and science officer
Jimothy is the chief engineer (and the cat officer)
Ezra is the chief medical officer
Rikku is the communications officer
Our ship is obviously called USS Andrews though we also considered USS Spanish Inquisition and USS Licked to Death by Cows.

Gaiverruksia star trek_n
Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry



Ezra piirsi minulle jäähyväiskortin.
Ezra drew me a farewell card.
Featuring our group of friends: me, Ezra, Rikku, Mudkip and Jimothy 🙂
There was also a Doctor Who quote:
”Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

Thank you, Ezra!


”Blah blah blah…” ”Blah blah…” ”Have you ever noticed that when talking with Mudkip, certain topics come up again and again?” ”Yes… Like puns.” //
”And even worse puns.” ”Politics.” ”True. And Pokémon.” ”And other video games.” ”Scifi.” //
”Kevin Spacey. And House of Cards on general.” ”And talking ’bout houses – architecture.” ”Especially bad architecture.” //
”We should make this into a game. Get three in a row and you’ll win something!” ”Hmm…”//
Pun – Architecture – Kevin Spacey – Pokémon – Politics – Terrible pun – Video games – Worse pun – Scifi

Paras Tohtori-jakso


Huomautan alkuun, että pidän Peter Capaldista Tohtorina. Steven Moffatista käsikirjoittajana en niinkään…
I’d like to point out that I do like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Steven Moffat as the screenwriter, not so much…
”You can run, Doctor, but you can’t hide!” //
”Our destroyer robot…” //
”…will hunt you through space and time to the end of the world… And it will never get tired or give up – EVER!”
(This is SO exiting!)
”I need a… distraction!”

(This has GOT to be the best Capaldi episode ever! Better than anything Moffat has written!)
”I had to sacrifice the TARDIS… to escape myself…”

(Now the Doctor will surely make those destroyer robots fight each other… and then he’ll fix the TARDIS and save the world! OH YES!) //
”Huh? Oh damn it.” //
”…so apparently my brain just couldn’t come up with a way for the Doctor to survive the trouble he was in!” ”OR maybe it was a two-parter! Like, ’to be continued next night’!” //
”I hope so!”

En vieläkään tiedä, miten Tohtorille tällä kertaa kävi, vaikka unesta on jo kuukausi…
I still don’t know what happened to the Doctor even though it’s been more than a month since a had this dream…

Doctor Who (R) BBC


”Hmm… Should I just throw away these old jeans and not take them back to Finland with me?” //
”After all, I’ve patched them a couple of times already.” //
”Oh, well…” //
”I can still use them when I rumble in the woods.” //
”Well, I guess this settles it…”

Kohtaamisia suomalaisten kanssa

Hall cafeteria:
”Are you staying here for Christmas?” ”No, I’m going home.” //
”And where’s your home?” ”In Finland.” ”Go Finland!” //
Sports center:
”Hi, I’d like to — !” //
(The most Finnish name in the world. Like, ever.) //
”I guess you’re Finnish, then.” ”Yes.” //
In a restaurant with my mother:
”And today’s specials are…” //
”What did she say?” ”She just told today’s specials.” ”Oh, I can tell them in Finnish, too!”

Sarjakuvassa esiintyvä nimi on muutettu.

Tärkeitä suunnitelmia

”In case of a zombie invasion…” ”Huh?” //
”What would you do?” //
”Hmm.. I’d probably escape in the wilderness somewhere.” ”There’s plenty of that in the Highlands.” //
”What about weapons? We’d need weapons, too.” //
”That’s easy! There’s an army base on the other side of the estuary. They even have small fighter planes there.” ”Good!” //
”And we could always use golf clubs!” //
”At least those are easy to find in this town!” ”True! Scotland is the best place to be if there’s going to be a zombie invasion!”

Jos ette tienneet, St Andrewsissa on maailman vanhin golfkenttä. Ja suunnilleen miljoonaa golfkauppaa.
In case you didn’t know, the oldest golf course of the world is in St Andrews. And there are about a million golf shops here, too.


Okay, this comic doesn’t really tell very much about what Jimothy is really like as a person. For example, he has never tried to stab Mudkip with a fork. Normally he just uses the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Kivoja ihmisiä

Aikido logo_n
Harrastin siis aikidoa yliopiston seurassa, ja oli hauskaa 😀 Mutta nyt on treenit loppu, ja tulee ikävä kivoja ihmisiä… Piirsin aikido-seuralle vaakunan, jonka tunnuslause tulee siitä, että yksi opettajistamme tekniikkaa näyttäessään sanoi: ”Nyt voisimme lyödä tähän tai potkaista tähän… mutta emme tee niin, koska me olemme kivoja ihmisiä täällä.” Ja sitten me kaikki muut aloimme hokea sitä.
I trained aikido in St Andrews University Aikido Club and it was fun 😀 But now the training is over, and I’ll miss all those nice people. The motto in the coat of arms I drew comes from something one of our teachers said when demonstrating a technique: ”Now we could hit here or kick here… but we won’t do it because we are nice people in here.” And then the rest of us started to say it all the time.