Paljastava vaatetus

The organisation that has the camps I work on is called Luonto-Liitto (Nature League).
Happened on a camp… //
”Hello!” ”Hi.” (She must be a camp leader from some other camp…) //
”Is your camp going to sauna today at six?” ”Yeah, we are.” ”Well, we’re going at eight.” //
”So could you leave the sauna warm for us, please?” ”Sure. I’ll tell the others to add some more wood into the ovens when we leave.” //
”Thant’s great, thanks! Bye bye!” ”No problem, bye!” (How did she know I’m a camp leader and not, foe example, working in the kitchen?) //
”Oh yes… Wearing Nature League’s ”uniform” just might be the giveaway clue…”


(In the library) ”Oh no, not again!” //
”This one Tex Willer album is not in the bookshelf even though it should be.” ”Weird, it should be there all right.” //
”I wonder where it is, then.” ”Probably stole. Someone’s been stealing them for a long time – half of last year’s issues are missing, too!” //
”Stealing from a library is so mean because then nobody else can read those comics!” ”Indeed!” //
”I’d like to write a note saying,’Hey you who like Tex so much that you steal the albums from the library – think what your hero would do to you if he’d catch you from stealing them!'” //
”C’mon Tex, don’t waist your time on little lowlife scum like that!” ”You just enjoy the show, old owl! This won’t take long…”

Tex Willer (and Kit Carson) created by Gianluigi Bonelli and Galep.

Puoli vuosisataa käymättömillä korpimailla


Space, the final frontier… These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It’s five-year mission… has now lasted for five decades!

Päivälleen 50 vuotta sitten, syyskuun kahdeksantena 1966, Yhdysvalloissa esitettiin alkuperäisen Star Trek -sarjan ensimmäinen jakso The Man Trap (joo, Where No Man Has Gone Before on oikeastaan ensimmäinen jakso, ja sitä ennen oli alkuperäinen pilotti The Cage, mutta The Man Trap oli ensimmäinen julkaistu jakso!). Juhlikaamme siis suuren scifi-saagan viittä vuosikymmentä! Ennen kuin illalla katson tuon ensimmäisen episodin, on aika virittäytyä tunnelmaan…
Exactly 50 years ago, on September 8th 1966, the first episode of the original Star Trek series The Man Trap was aired in the States (yes, Where No Man Has Gone Before is technically speaking the first one, and before that there was the original pilot The Cage, but The Man Trap was the first one aired!) . Let’s celebrate the five decades of the great science fiction saga! Before I watch the first episode in the evening it’s time to tune up…
Näihin juhliin on helppo valita oikea asu…
It’s easy to pick a costume for this party…
Juhlimassa kanssani herra Spock sekä Herbert-tribble. Juhlajuomat nautitaan tietenkin asiaankuuluvasta astiasta.
Celebrating with me are mr. Spock and Herbert the Tribble. Mug goes with the theme, of course.
Ei juhlia ilman kakkua!
No party without cake!
Juhlakakku vaatii hiukan työtä…
A proper cake takes a little work…
Onnea 50-vuotiaalle Star Trekille!
Congratulations to 50 years old Star Trek!

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry