I went for a skiing trip to Litokaira with some other people for a week. //
Underwear: Undershirt (silk wool), underpants (silk wool), three pairs of woolen socks //
In between: Scarf (silk wool), woolly sweater, trousers, woolen lining of boots //
Overwear: beanie, anorak, mittens, trousers, skiing boots //
Pause clothes: a second beanie, quilted jacket, quilted trousers of the British army //’
The British army trousers have zippers on both sides – they can be put on and taken off without removing yous skis! //
+ a backpack or a sledge

Ski 10 kilometers in -20 degrees on forest skis and with a backpack. //
If you fall over, getting up is difficult… because you’re under level zero! ”Help!” //
In the evening shovel off 40 cm of snow… so that you can put up a tent. //
If you still have extra energy, you can always make some more firewood. //

”It’s half past five and I could already go to sleep.” ”It’s this darkness that falls at four that makes us all tired.” //
”When we go home everyone will ask, ’what did you do all those long dark evenings?’ And we’ll say, ’waited for snow to melt so that we’d have something to drink!'” ”Ha ha ha!” //
”Shall we make food now? Tofu?” ”Sure!” //
”But guess what?” ”What?” ”Or tofu is frozen solid.” //
”There it is now, a tofu in a warm bath.” ”Lucky tofu.”

”It’s nice to sleep in a tent again… Even though…” //
”…there’s no room for me to straighten my legs!” //
”Not good.” ”Nope.” //
”If I could get my feet ON THE TOP of other peoples feet…” //
”Aah.” //
”Hey you need to move your feet, they’re too close to the stove.” //

(I’m sorry, this doesn’t translate.)
On that day we made a snow unicorn.
On the last day we had to ski 15 kilometers to the bus stop. We woke up at four and got going at six. It was dark. //
Finally we were there. ”We were so fast that it’s still three hours till the bus comes!” ”So what now?” //
”Hey, who’s that guy with the quad bike?” //
”Probably the owner of that farm there.” //
”Are you waiting for the bus that comes at five?” ”Yes.” ”You’re going to get cold.” //
”Here, take some firewood and make a fire under that spruce there. It’ll be nicer to wait that way.” ”Thank you so much!” //
Thanks to everyone fo the great week!