Kun te luette tätä…

”I’m going to Scotland!” //
”Only for a couple of days this time, not for a whole year… Still…” //
”…it’s so nice to get to walk those old familiar streets and meet my friends whom I’ve missed a lot over the past year.” //


”I’m going to Scotland, which is super nice of course, but I have to travel with hand luggage only (because I don’t want to pay 30 euros extra…)…” //
”…so I can’t take my Swiss Army Knife with me!” //
”How do you think I’ll survive my adventures without my faithful weapon?!” //
”’A warrior’s most important weapon is not his sword but his mind.'” //
”MacGyver! What are you doing here?” ”Nothing. This is all just your imagination.” //
”I don’t recall you ever saying any wise things like that, either.” ”Like I said, your imagination.” //
”Fascinating…” ”Hey! That’s my line!” //
”And why wasn’t I invited to solve this crisis?” ”This was kind of a… pocket knife thing.” ”Fair enough.”

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff
Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

Jediarkistojen kätköistä


On ollut viime aikoina aika haipakkaa, niin saatte tyytyä joskus yläasteelle taiteilemaani sarjakuvaan ”Darth X ja jäinen kanankoipi”.
I’ve been rather busy lately so you’ll have to settle for this little ”Darth X and the Frozen Chicken” comic I made back in middle school.
Darth X_n
Meillä oli yläasteella Lumihevosen kanssa tällainen ”Inspiraatio-vihko”, johon piirtelimme kolmen vuoden ajan kaikkea randomia. Niin paljon hevosia… Oikeastaan kyseisiä vihkoja kertyi lopulta vuosien varrella viisi, mutta loput niiden sisältämästä taiteesta saavat jäädä pöytälaatikkooni.
During middle school, Snowhorse and I had this ”Inspiration notebook” in which we drew all sorts of random stuff. And so many horses. In the end we had five of those notebooks over the years but the rest of the art in them will remain in my drawer.

Star Wars created by George Lucas.

Pöllöilyä 1: Tänään – näätä!


Teen graduani lehtopöllöistä, minkä takia osallistun myös kenttätöihin.
I work on my thesis about tawny owls and take part in the field work because of that.
”So, now we’ll catch the female and set a trap for the male.” ”We’ll come back tomorrow morning to catch him.” //
”So there are chicks in this nest?” ”Yes, we checked it last week.” ”I think there were four chicks here.” //
”Hold the net tight so that the female can’t escape.” ”Right!” //
”Why doesn’t she fly already…” //
”Guess what? I pine marten has visited this nest and eaten all the chicks.” ”That’s the third or fourth sign of pine martens today.” ”Should we just change study species?”