2017 – Seitsemäntoista parasta palaa

”Another year over and a new one just begun…” //
”To celebrate that… Seventeen good moments of my year 2017! (Mostly those that haven’t yet ended up in my comics.)” //
1. Night watch in the wilderness of Litokaira. //
2. Month of Heroes. ”Others had great lists, too!” //
3. Mr Brony and I were the chefs on winter camp. ”…and half a meter of ginger.” ”You don’t say?” (#Ginger) //
4. My thesis supervisors didn’t hate me when I destroyed some owl blood samples. ”Oops.” //
5. I watched bad Turtles-movies with Snowhorse. ”These are so terrible!” ”Yes they are!” //
6. This moment once I was cooking on a course: ”We have creamy soup? How nice!” //
7. A Scottish train conductor. //
8. Role playing games! Three different kinds.

9. Going to Hangö by bike with Snowhorse, Mr Brony and Romeo… //
10: …and sleeping outside the church of Snappertuna (= the graveyard). //
11. ”It was easier to get the cart to the boat than the boat on the cart.” //
12. I ”looked after” some teenagers in an adventure park. (Or rather, the other way.) //
13. I found a badger’s skull. ”It smelled bad.” //
14. Water wrestling with the camp crew. //
15. We dyed yarn on the autumn camp. ”Fascinating yellow mushrooms…” ”Do you think we could dye yarn with them?” ”Let’s try!” //
16. Dancing Macarena with some exchange students in the middle of the night. //
17. The cuties of the zoo <3 //
"Towards new adventures, then! Happy new year!"

Kysykää multa kysymyksiä!

”What’s your favorite Doctor Who episode?” ”Why are you always wearing a striped shirt?” ”Who’s the hottest guy in Star Wars?” ”How do we stop the global warming?” ”What’s the worst grade you’ve ever gotten from a maths test?” //
”Now, my dear readers, it is your turn to ask me the questions on your mind. You may ask whatever you want!” //
”And I’ll answer your questions in comic form!” //
”I’d like to point out that I don’t PROMISE to answer any and all questions and that I’ll decide myself which questions I’ll answer and how. So there.” //
”Please leave your questions in the comments of this article. You can do this by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of this article.”

Joulujakso 2017


Pahoitteluni niille, jotja eivät ymmärrä englantia tai sarjakuvan vitsiä (joka ei muuten käänny).
My apologies to those who don’t understand the joke (which doesn’t translate, hence it’s in English).
Ilmeisesti äitini ja Yksitoista ovat jotenkin jouluinen yhdistelmä.
Apparently my mother and Eleven are somehow a christmassy duo.

Doctor Who by BBC

Jossakin on aina ruoka-aika

”…and the tigers will be fed tomorrow.” //
”If I went into the tiger cage, would he eat me?” //
”Yes, he might. Zoo tigers are no house kitties.” //
”Would he eat me all at once or would he leave half for tomorrow?” ”Well, you just might be too big to be eaten all in one go.” //
”Wouldn’t it be terrible to come to the zoo and there’d be a half-eaten human in the tiger cage!” ”Where do kids come up with these things?!”

Nörtin kosto

”Hey, I got a letter! How nice!” //
”It seems to be from Romeo.” //
”?!? What on Earth does it say?!” //
Akkadian – Constructed languages – Artistic languages – Mordor //
”Hmm… It is the elf alphabet of Tengwar, made by J. R. R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings.” //
… = greetings from Romeo. //
”Hmm.. I think I need to write him back. But two can play this game!”
Klingon alphabet – Search

Suomi 100

”Finland has been independent for 100 years now. What does this mean to you?” //
”Uh… That I missed the first 75 years of it?” //
”No but seriously… Happy birthday!”