My Snoke theory sucks

Note: I don’t like the new Star Wars movies, and I really don’t like this thing about disliking people’s theory of Snoke’s origins. However, my Snoke theory here is so extremely bad that I actually encourage you to dislike it.

The death stick seller’s name is by the way Elan Sleazebaggano, full Wookiepedia article on him here. It takes more time to read the article than to watch all the scenes he actually has on screen. Which is just one scene of approximately 14 seconds.

Star Wars created by George Lucas



”And now, let’s have a… hare relief!”

Jaa mikä jäniskevennys? 2000-luvun alulla esitetyssä urheiluvisailuohjelmassa Se on siinä esitettiin silloin tällöin jäniskevennykseksi kutsuttu pätkä, jossa jänis juoksee ladulla perässään joukko ampumahiihtäjiä. Kyseisen rainan näkee täältä.

What is a hare relief? In the early 2000’s there was a Finnish sports quiz show where they sometimes showed a short video where a hare runs away from biathlon skiers. You can see the clip here.

Ergonominen nukkumisasento


Note: the Finnish expression ”one could sleep on a fence pole” means pretty much the same as the English version ”one could sleep on the head of a pin”.

”Ouch, my back hurts.” ”That’s always the case after you’ve slept in a tent.” //
”True. But I always get used to it after a couple of nights.” ”Yes.” //
”And on a camp I’m usually so tired that I could sleep on a fence pole.” ”How do you picture people sleeping on a fence pole?” //
”Honestly, I’ve never thought of that.” ”I’d imagine it’s something like this…” //
”That looks extremely uncomfortable.”

Haihtuus hiutaleet!


”I participated a Harry Potter themed LARP where we were stranded in an inn during a magical snowstorm. My character was an environmentalist and a griffin activist Fern Marlowe. She was asked some weird questions.” //
”How much age difference do you and your sister have?” //
”Could you keep this invisibility cloak for us?” //
”Are you a werewolf?” //
”What is your opinion on house elves?” //
”Can I see your coat?” //
”What do you have in that suitcase you guard so closely?” ”Nothing!”

”Actually I was smuggling an orphaned griffin egg. No one found it. Which was unfortunate, in a way.” //
”It’s going to hatch soon. If the chick is a boy, I’ll name him Billy. If it is a girl, she’s gonna be Billie.” //
”I don’t think I thought this through.” ”Hungry! HUNGRY! HUNGRY!

Harry Potter created by J. K. Rowling
All LARP characters by their players. Many thanks to game organizers!

Luistelun perusteet


”This is how you can get some speed… Push with the spikes in the front, like this.” //
”Yes, that’s it! With the spikes!” ”No, not with the spikes…” //
”Uh… what was the thing about the dark side again?” ”Quicker it is, easier, more seductive.” ”And it inevitably leads to suffering when you hit your jaw in the ice.”

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Persikat ja mansikat


Klikkaa isommaksi! / Click to see the picture bigger!

Vedin nuorille syysleirillä pöytäroolipelin, johon ihan kaikki leirillä olleet halusivat osallistua. Porukka piti siksi jakaa kahteen ryhmään, jotka nimesivät itsensä Ryhmä Mansikaksi ja Ryhmä Persikaksi. Yllä on minun tulkintani seikkailun hahmoista, vasemmalla Persikat ja oikealla Mansikat. Kaikki hahmot ovat pelaajiensa itse luomia, ja nämä ovat tosiaan minun tulkintojani, jotka perustuvat pelaajien kuvauksiin ja piirustuksiin hahmoistaan sekä omiin muistikuviini pelistä. Keksin paljon yksityiskohtia kuvaan itse ja osa niistä on varmasti väärin, mutta pelaajat tunnistanevat hahmonsa. Olen edelleen hämmästynyt siitä, kuinka hienoja ja erilaisia hahmoja pelaajat kehittivät, ja oli muuten todella hauska peli. Koska otetaan uusiksi?

On the autumn camp I led a table top role playing game for the youngsters and every single person on the camp wanted to participate. Therefore we had to divide the participants in two groups who named themselves Team Strawberry and Team Peach. Above you can see my interpretation of the characters, Peaches on the left and Strawberries on the right. All characters were created by their players, and these are indeed my interpretations based on descriptions and drawings by the players and my own memories of the game. I came up with many details in the picture and some of them are surely wrong but I think players can identify their characters. I’m still amazed by the awesome and diverse characters the players created, and the game was really much fun. When are we gonna play the second round?

All characters (c) their players

Kaikkien aikojen kolmas episodi


On a camp in 2011 //
”Hi… You’ve still got fever?” ”Yeah…” //
”How are the campers?” ”I talked about Star Wars with this one girl.” //
”Or rather about the numbers of the movies. Whether the original movies should be called Episodes I, II and III…” //
”…or IV, V and VI since there’s the prequel trilogy, too. And officially those are Episodes I, II and III.” //
”In the end we decided that it’s best to talk about the movies by their names than their numbers. It’s better to say that ’Yoda dies in The Empire Strikes Back’…” //
”…than ’Yoda dies in Episode V’.” ”I agree…” //
”…except Yoda dies in The Return of the Jedi.”

Star Wars created by George Lucas.

Kriittinen massa


Kaikki kunnia tästä sarjiksesta (piirtämistä lukuun ottamatta) menee herra Bronylle.
All the credit from this comic (though not the drawing) goes to Mr Brony.

”Wine was too sweet to be served with this food. Plot was poorly advanced in the new movie. Grammar and especially usage of punctuation marks should be rehearsed. I don’t like the color of your socks.”