Katit yössä 2


”You want food, don’t you?”
”Yawn!” //
”But… your bowl is still full of food!” //
Poke poke //
”Here you go, ”fresh” food for your hairiness.” //
”Silly creature.”

Branta aliensis

Eli ”Eläintarhaoppaan paluu” tai ”Tämän takia minulla on ekologian maisterin tutkinto ja taiteen peruskoulutus”.
Aka. ”The return of the zoo guide” or ”This is why I’m a Master of Ecology and have basic education in arts”.

”So what aliens are you fighting again?” ”Actually, I’m marking safety zones around a goose nest. And trying not to inhale the toxic fumes.”




Nuorisojärjestöt saivat kenkää Pauligin huvilalta, missä Luonto-Liiton Uudenmaan piiri oli pitänyt päämajaansa 28 vuotta. Jäämme kaipaamaan kertsiämme.
Youth organisations were kicked out of Villa Paulig where Nature League of Uusimaa had its head quarters for 28 years. We’ll miss our club room.

”I guess it would have been easier to break the shelf in pieces already in the basement…” ”I guess so, yeah…”

Vartti kuuluisuudessa


A note for my non-Finnish readers: if you feel like this comic makes no sense it’s because my mom and I are making fun of Finnish politics here.

”…and that’s what Andy Warhol said, too: everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame.” ”It doesn’t work like that. I mean, there are 94 quarters of an hour in 24 hours and there are so many people in the world…” //
”…that there’s no way everyone is going to get their own fifteen minutes.” ”Hmm…” //
”Of course no one gets their own private fifteen minutes but there’d be several famous people for every given quarter.” ”I don’t want to share my fifteen minutes!” //
”It could be regional. Let’s divide the world into sections, and on each section there’s one famous person for every fifteen minutes.” ”We-ell…” //
”We could divide Finland into eighteen fame districts, too!” //
”But I think people should have the right to decide which area they spend their fame quarter on despite of where they live.” //
”So you mean like a freedom of choice law?” ””Hmm.” ”Hmmmm.”



”All my readers probably know that I like reading books. Along the years I’ve used many things to mark where I’m going in the book…” / An actual bookmark //
A library receipt / Candy wrapper / 10 pound bill //
Piece of yarn / My address / A mug //
Tube of mustard / A desk / Another book (very handy if you’re reading two books at the same time!)