Helppoa kuin letunpaisto


”…on a frying pan. Use mild heat, about the same as if you were making pancakes.” //
”Well, here’s how I make pancakes.” //
Off – mild – medium – hot – really hot – hell’s gridiron

Paras sekoitus koskaan


”…sank.” ”There could be sharks involved.” //
”You mean the Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg but a shark?” ”For example.” //
”Maybe the she ship, after it sunk, was sucked into a huge hurricane.” ”Like… Sharknado?” ”Yeah!” //
”And then the Titanic – and all its surviving passengers – have been spinning in the hurricane for a hundred years!” //
”Yes, and the only way for them to live is to catch sharks flying by in the middle of the hurricane! With a fishing rod!” //
”This would make such a great movie.” ”Totally.” ”I’d watch it.” ”Which producer shall we call?”

Tiedän muuten, että pyörremyrskyn keskellä on tyyntä. Mutta se ei liene suurin ongelma tässä hurrikaanissa…
By the way, I know it’s still in the middle of a tornado. But I don’t think it’s the biggest problem with this hurricane…

written by Peter Benchley, the movie directed by Steven Spielberg
Titanic directed by James Cameron
Sharknado directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

Lapsissa on tulevaisuus jne jne


”This is a wisent horn. What substance do you think it is?” ”Bone?” ”Wood?” ”Stone?” ”Heart?” ”Brain?” //
”Bears sleep throughout the winter. Do you know why?” ”Because it’s cold then!” //
”That is one of the reasons, yes, but not the most important one. Can you come up with others?” ”’Cause it’s cold in the winter!” //
”Yes, cold is indeed one reason, what about the others?” //
”The bear might get cold!” ”Do you listen to each other at all?!” //
”What was the thing that stayed in your mind the most from this tour?” ”Giraffe*.” ”Dinosaur**.” (*There are no giraffes in the zoo. **Nor dinosaurs.)

Toivoisin valehtelevani, mutta tämä kaikki tapahtui tunnin sisällä.
I wish I was lying but all of this happened within an hour.

Sieniä, sieniä!


”To find mushrooms you must see the world like a mushrooms sees it.” //
”You must think like a mushroom.” //
”You must become a mushroom.” //
”You must be… a mushroom…” //
”I’d rather not.” ”Sssh! Mushrooms don’t talk.”

Testausta, testausta


Ostin uutta vesiväripaperia Inktoberia varten. Tässä pari testiuonnosta.
I bought some new watercolor paper for Inktober. Here are a couple of test sketches.

Pidän tästä pienestä omakuvasta, koska siitä tulevat mieleen Quentin Blaken kuvitukset Roald Dahlin kirjoissa.
I like this small self portrait because I makes me think of Quentin Blake’s illustrations in Roald Dahl’s novels.

Vielä yksi aarnikotka.
And one griffin.

Väärin leikitty


”I guess I could have practiced using an ironing board… In kindergarten… You could play house under the stairs there… Though…” //
”Hey Kati and Reeta! Come and play house with us!” ”We don’t have the time at the moment!” //
”And we’re not Reeta and Kati but ponies…” ”…Goldenslipper and Yellowslipper! And right now we have to run away from the bad guys that want to throw us in jail!” //
”Those were the days…!” //
”I don’t regret my life decisions!”

Reetan nimi ei oikeasti ollut Reeta, mutta hänen poninimensä oli Keltatossu. Minä olin Kultatossu, koska minulla oli hienot kullanväriset tossut.
Reeta’s name was not actually Reeta but her pony name was Yellowslipper. I was Goldenslipper because I had fancy golden slippers.