Vuosikatsaus 2019


”Another year is over, and a lot happened. Even though I was academically unemployed for quite a big part of the year I’ve still done many things I’ve been payed for.” //
”Here are some of those things…” //
Cooking on a camp. ”I hate those kids.” ”Same.” //
Teaching new camp instructors. ”…talk about home sickness…” //
Miscellaneous paper work. //
Fighting with geese. //
Fighting for geese. //
Teaching at the nature school. //
Leading a camp. //
Feeding a kestrel.

Carrying a goat around. //
Presenting cockroaches. //
Knitting gloves. //
Teaching Finnish to middle school kids. ”Today we’ll be reading Asterix.” //
Supervising a biology exam. ”These kids don’t understand a thing about biology.” //
Teaching sports. ”I’m supposed to be holding this ball which way up?” //
Teaching arts. ”Art!” //
Walking a dog. //
Making a comic. //
”So that was that for the past year. Happy new decade for everyone!”

Hyvää joulua!


A note to my non-Finnish readers: in Finnish, the word for northern lights is ”revontulet” which means ”fox fires”. According to an old belief, the northern lights were caused by a fox that light the fires with its tail.

Joulujakso 2019


Niille jotka tietää.
For those in the know.

Eli ”Olisi sittenkin varmaan pitänyt kääntyä vasemmalle sen varastokomeron jälkeen”.
Or, ”I guess I should have turned left after that storage room after all”.

Doctor Who by BBC
Fantastic Beasts by J.K.Rowling



Eläinyhdistelmähaasteet jatkuvat! Edellisen eläinyhdistelmän, pekarileikerin jälkimainingeissa nimimerkki Nasuhorn ehdotti Lumihevosen blogissa, että seuraavat yhdisteltävät eläimet voisivat olla panda, mammutti ja bulldoggi. Kuten ennenkin, Lumihevonen ja minä teimme omat tulkintamme aiheesta. Lumpparin eläinyhdistelmä löytyy täältä.
Animal mash-up challenges continue! After the previous animal mash-up, the peccaryliger, the username Nasuhorn suggested in Snowhorse’s blog that the next animals to mash up could be panda, mammoth and bulldog. Like before, Snowhorse and I made our own interpretations of this animal. Snowy’s animal can be found here.

Tuumasta toimeen siis! Aloitin tapani mukaan tutustumalla kuhunkin eläimeen erikseen ja etsimällä niiden piirteistä niitä, jotka halusin tuoda lopulliseen otukseen.
Straight to business! I started off as usual by getting to know each animal and looking for the characteristics I wanted to take into my final creature.

Sitten tein muutamia suunnitelmia yhdistellystä olennosta. Alun perin siinä oli enimmäkseen bulldoggia, ja panda ja mammutti olivat lähinnä mausteina. Prosessin aikana panda alkoi kuitenkin dominoida suunnittelua, joten otuksesta tuli lopulta enemmän panda kuin bulldoggi.
After that I made some sketches for the mashed-up animal. At first it was mostly a bulldog with panda and mammoth merely spicing it up. During the process, however, the panda started to dominate my plans so in the end the creature is more panda than bulldog.

Ja tällainen siitä lopulta tuli! Otuksesta tuli lopulta bulldigginpäinen, syöksyhampainen ja pitkäturkkinen panda. Milestäni aika symppis otus. Tämä oli myös huomattavasti kiinnostavampi ja hauskempi otus suunnitella kuin pekarileikeri – kiitos siis ehdottajalle tästä eläinkombosta!
And this is how it turned out. In the end this creature is a bulldog-headed, tusked and long-furred panda. I find it rather sympathetic. This was also much more interesting and fun animal to create than the peccaryliger – so thanks for suggesting this animal combo!

Mitä seuraavaksi? Jätä ehdotuksesi sekoitettaviksi eläimiksi (kolme eläintä) kommentteihin! Minä ja Lumihevonen teemme mieluusti lisää tulkintoja! 🙂
What next? Leave your suggesrtion of three animals to mix in the comments! Snowhorse and I’d be happy to take this challenge again! 🙂

Fantasiaa kääntäen


Eräillä erittäin hyvillä synttärijuhlilla aloimme jutella ”käänteiskentaureista” – siis siitä, miltä näyttäisi otus, joka olisi kuin kentauri, mutta sen ihmisosat olisivat hevosen ja hevososat ihmisen. Ja se sitten johti tähän.
On a really good birthday party we started to talk about ”reversed centaurs” – what would a creature look like if it was like a centaur but its human parts were horse’s and horse parts human’s. And then it led to this.

Varoitus: tissejä. (Joo, varoitus on vasta lopuksi. Miksi? Koska mielestäni piirretyistä tisseistä ei pidä provosoitua.)
Trigger warning: boobs. (Yes, the warning is in the end. Why? Because I don’t find drawn boobs to be anything to warn about.)

Osaan sen yhä


”Teacherteacherteacher – hahahaha! -teacherteacherteacher!” ”What’s wrong?” //
”I hit – hahaha – my toe. Can I – hehehehe – quit playing this game?” ”No.” //
”Why not? Haha! Can I please go? Hihihihi! Gimme some slack – heh?” ”The Oscar for best faked injury is what I’ll give you.” //
”Please please please hehehe please?” ”No.” //
”But did you know that your tongue is connected to your toe muscles? That means the more you talk the more your toe will hurt.” //
”???? Really?” ”No.” //
”See, I know how to bullshit as well.”



”Hei Kati, can you come and teach PE for middle-school kids for a day?” ”Well… uh… okay.” //
(Instructions) You can play volleyball, or you may use your own skills when planning the PE class. //
”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” //
”My skills aren’t really in the sports at all…” //

Character sheet:
Character name: Kati
Species: Human (?)
Looks: Brown eyes, curly dark hair
Skills: Biology +8, Literature +6, Music -2, Drawing +7, Sports -14, Nerding +5, Teaching +4, Cooking +2
Equipment: Swiss army knife, hat, woolen socks, pen case, library card, good jacket, striped shirt //
”Today, younglins…I’m going to teach you to play quidditch.”

Ja sitten todella opetin seiskaluokkalaiset pelaamaan huispausta. Kiitos Wiivulle ideasta!
And then I actually taught 7th graders to play quidditch. Thanks to Wiivu for the idea!

…ja mammutit vielä kulkivat maan päällä


”Hey Kati, we need a substitute teacher for fifth graders for a day, can you come?” ”Okay.” //
(Instructions) ”Hmm.” //
”Now, you’d need to write a 200-word text about agriculture in your notebooks.” //
”There’s good info about the topic in your science book chapter 9.” //
”?!?” //
”Wha-wha-what are you doing?” ”Searching for information.” ”With our phones.” ”Online.” //
”When I was in school, we had to go to the library… and BORROW A BOOK.” ”What’s that?”

Ajat muuttuvat


”Hi Kati, we need a substitute teacher to teach ninth graders Finnish today, can you come?” ”Well… uh… okay.” //
”Instructions: students will work on computers, teacher has sent them questions in advance.” //
”Well well… This is my old school. I wonder where the computer classroom is nowadays…” //
”There is no computer classroom! There are laptops and pads in all classrooms.” ”Oh.” //
”You just need to give the students the instructions, they’ll know what to do.” ”…okay.” //
”When I was young there was only one computer classroom in the school… and the computers themselves were big cubes…!”