Abandon ship!

”Hmph, everything’s cancelled due to corona…” //
”Julia is organizing a LARP suitable for corona times – it is played via video calls! There are people in a destroyed star ship’s evacuation pods.” ”Cool!” //
”We can play here in boiler room.” ”It works well for our mechanic characters.” //
FSS ALNAIR: engineering section
Ren Bunaar: a mechanic whose face is always grease-stained
Terren Adena: a coder whose face is only sometimes grease-stained
Assi: the ship’s (Snowhorse’s) old dog

”Captain, is your shuttle’s model A113 or A118?” //
The engine activation code is ctrlx_engines-on//override419zw… //
”Yes, we can build a subspace beacon but we’ll need to use this shuttle’s subspace transponder for it so we won’t have subspace communications anymore…” //
”If the scanner overheats you HAVE TO cool it down! PEE on it if you must!” ”LOL!” //
”Well, the pod can be turned using code as well… write ctrlx-caps_mov…” ”Ok.” //
”Start scanning!” ”Don’s scan!” ”Scan!” ”Do as you’re told!” ”Belay that order!” ”Maybe we just wait until the bosses are done fighting…” //
”Subspace beacon is ready!” ”Next you’ll need to open the magnetic screws…” //
”We were pretty good mechanics!” ”Two hours of improvised technobabble! I didn’t understand a word I said but it was awesome!”

Valon tuojat


Christmas holiday in the zoo: ”It is very dark in there. You guides should wear these fairy lights so that people can see you better.” //
”My child asked if it’s Jesus coming from there!” ”Well, no, just a zoo guide!” //
”Some kids called us light fairies.” ”I think my title outranks even that!”

Hiiriä siellä, hiiriä täällä


”Oh, there’s no mouse in the zoo guides’ computer.” //
”Hi, can I get a mouse for the guides, please?” ”Sure, no problem.” //
The next day… ”What the…?” //
”Yeah, I didn’t need a live mouse…” ”Okay.” //
The next day… ”C’mon now seriously.” //
”I meant I need a computer mouse.” ”You should have said so.” //
”You gotta be careful with what you say in the zoo… Well, at least you got a snack, dear wolverine.” Note: only panel one actually happened.

Darth Maikka


My grandfather’s memorial service was held on the ship Swan of Finland in Turku. The best thing was to run around the ship with my cousins and one of their’s 6-year-old son. //
”There’s some sort of a classroom here!” ”Yes, this is an old school ship.” //
”Let’s play school! You can be pupils… and Darth Vader and I will be teachers.” //
”You must kill my son.” ”Yes, professor Vader.”



Lumihevonen piirsi minulle lehvämerihevosen kalenterin kansikuvaksi. Kun kerroin tästä herra Bronylle, hän kuuli minun sanovan ”lehväverihevonen”. Sitten aloimme pohtia, millainen eläin se olisi.
Snowhorse drew me a leafy sea dragon for my calendar cover picture. When I told Mr Brony about this, he heard me say ”leafy blood horse” (it’s just one letter difference in Finnish). Then we started to wonder what kind of an animal it would be.

Lehväverihevonen on hevoselta näyttävä petoeläin, joka väijyy matkalaisia teiden varsilla naamioituneena syksyiseksi lehtikasaksi. Harva näkee sen useammin kuin kerran, minkä takia siitä liikkuu hurjia huhuja. Lienee jotain sukua kelpille. (Alla myös punasävyiseksi väritetty lehvämerihevonen.)
Leafy blood horse is a horse-looking predator that lurks travelers by roads camouflaged as a pile of fallen leaved. Few see it more than once which is why there are wild rumors about it. Probably related to kelpies. (Below it a leafy sea dragon colored in red hues.)