Vastauksia 2: Tyttö/poikaystävän ominaisuuksia


”Viiwu asks… ”Why would you be a good girlfriend?”” //
”For those who don’t know: Viiwu has been trying to find me a man for a couple of years so that she could become a godmother. So this is your job! You can’t make me work on this one! But anyways…” //
”I’m generally speaking a pretty nice and kind person.” //
I don’t like fighting, and if and when I occasionally lash out, it doesn’t last for very long.” //
I don’t have to be taken into expensive night clubs or ever wait for me to be done with make-up. ”Your beard is fine, can we go already?” //
”Of course if you want a girlfriend who uses a lot of make-up and with whom you can go to expensive night clubs, I may not be the optimal partner. But I would very much like a peaceful movie night at home.” //
I like all sorts of animals so I welcome even more unusual family members (I won’t kiss a spider, they can stay in their terrariums). //
You can go to a romantic camping trip with me. //
”And also I make really good ginger cookies.Also vegan and gluten free. But you can have them without being my boyfriend.”

”Viiwu also wants to know ten things that need to be for me to live with a man for 20 years. These are in no particular order.” //
1. He does his share of homework. //
2. Has some sense of humor. //
3. Doesn’t think violence or such stuff is great (watching action movies is fine). //
4. Thinks that environmental issues are important. //
5. Realizes that I also need some time to be alone. //
6. Doesn’t touch my art stuff without permission. //
7. Accepts the fact that I’m a bit weird nerd. ”New comics.” ”Okay.” //
8. Understands that we both can have other things in our lives. ”Have fun! ”See you in the evening!” //
9. Is not totally helpless (Warming a pizza doesn’t count as cooking). //
10. (If we get children) Agrees that it’s good to send kind on a nature camp. //
”I hope that’s not too much to ask!”

Vastauksia 1: Hura hura häitä


”Mother Viper asks…” //
(An old Finnish children’s game where you first sing a song and then have to choose between two things.) //
Bilberry or strawberry: ”I do like both a lot. But bilberries are my favorite berries.” //
Cat or dog: ” Cat. And dog. And otter and goat and raven and horse shoe crab and giant squid and okapi and goose and sloth…” //
”At the moment I’d rather take a cat as a pet because my life is so irregular that I couldn’t properly take care of a dog.” //
Mountains or coast: ”Both are awesome but maybe coast. Especially if there’s horizon, tides and fulmars.” //
Blue or red: ”Blue.” //
William or Harry: ”I guess this refers to those British princes… And I honestly don’t care. But let’s say William, I like that name more.” //

The Lord of the Rings or The Narnia Chronicles: ”Narnia as a book, LOTR as a movie. If I had to pick just one, I’d say Lord of the Rings.” //
Star Trek or Star Wars: ”Noooooo! You can’t force me to choose!” //
”But right now I think I’d rather watch Star Wars. Clone Wars season three. I may feel differently tomorrow.” //
Stomachache or headache: ”Neither is fun. But I have headache so often that I know how to deal with it, so maybe I’d rather take that.” //
Flood or drought: ”Uhh… let’s say flood.” //
War or pandemic: ”Pandemic. Obviously. I mean, pandemic isn’t fun either but war is always something that divides humanity and causes crutches. Pandemic, on the other hand, can unite humanity to do something good and help each other during and after the pandemic.” //
Putin or Trump: ”So, idiot or nutcase? I don’t know, Putin disgusts me less somehow.” //
”So: bilberry, cat, coast, blue, William, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, headache, flood, pandemic, Putin. Sounds like some weird password. Which would you pick?”

Kysykää minulta taas kysymyksiä!


”Hello everyone! A couple of years ago I asked you readers to ask me questions which I the answered in comic form. I thought that was fun so I’m gonna do that again! //
”You can leave a question in the comments by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner of this post.” //
”However, I may not answer every question if you ask something I don’t want to tell about, and I’ll also answer in the way I like.” //
”I already wait here, ready to answer, so do send me those questions!”

Näitä kysyttiin viimeksi, älkää kysykö samoja:
These were asked last time, please don’t ask the same questions again:
Star Trekin kapteenit / Star Trek captains
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Sanaleikkejä / Puns
Luurankoetsivä / Skeleton detective
Laatikko ja hullu mies / The Box and the Madman
Maailmankaikkeus / The universe
Tohtori / A doctor

Hanhipaimen ja tiikeri


”Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind. Flying? There were times I believed I could.”

”Wanna race?” //
”Was that enough? Tomorrow again?”

Yhdysvalloissa on enemmän tiikereitä ”lemmikkeinä” kuin maailmassa villeinä. Yksityisten huvin ja bisneksen vuoksi kasvattamilla tiikereillä (tai muilla villieläimillä) ei yleensä ole arvoa suojelun kannalta, koska eläimet saattavat olla sisäsiittoisia tai eri alalajien risteymiä. Älkää siis tukeko vastuuttomia eläintenkasvattajia tai sellaisia, jotka esimerkiksi antavat silittää isoja kissoja rahasta. Tukekaa ennemmin niitä tahoja, jotka osallistuvat suojelu- ja luontoonpalautusohjelmiin ja kasvattavat eläimiä kantakirjaohjelmien puitteissa.

There are more ”pet” tigers in the US than there are wild tigers in the whole world. The tigers (and other wild animals) private people raise for fun and profit rarely have any conservation value as the animals may be inbred or hybrids of different subspecies. Please do not support irresponsible animal raising or people who for example let you pet big cats for money. Rather, support instances that take part in conservation and reintroduction projects and raise animals using studbooks.

The quote above from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron



Ihmisaivojen kyky täydentää kuvaa on hämmästyttävä. Tai oikeastaan ehkä kyvyttömyys olla täydentämättä.
Human brain has an amazing ability to complete a picture. Or maybe an amazing inability not to complete a picture.

Suuren mestarin muistolle


”I am going to conquer Gaul.” //
”Yeah right. We’re gonna fight back!” ”Yep!” //
”I shall mobilize my entire army!” //
”We’ll come and meet you for the fight!” //
”One at a time!” //
”You first, Julius.” ”Alea iacta est.”
(RIP Albert Uderzo 1927-2020)

Minä kirjaimellisesti kasvoin lukien Asterixia, ja Asterix oli luultavasti ensimmäinen lukemani sarjakuva – muistan selanneeni meillä kotona olleita albumeita ennen kuin edes ymmärsin, että ne olivat saksaksi… Kuudenkymmenen vuoden jälkeenkin Asterix-sarjakuvat uppoavat edelleen sekä lapsiin että aikuisiin, ja syynä on varmasti yhtä lailla käsikirjoittaja René Goscinnyn tarinat kuin Albert Uderzon taidekin. Molempia ihailen suuresti. Uderzon piirroksia tarkemmin katsoessa huomaa, että hän tajusi ihmiskehon anatomian täydellisesti ja saattoi juuri siksi venyttää sitä niin paljon. Ja ne taustatkin! Tämä maaliskuussa edesmenneen piirtäjämestari Uderzon muistoksi tekemäni pikku sarjakuva tarjosi myös hyvän tilaisuuden pieneen historia- ja nörttiaiheiseen tarinaan.

I literally grew up reading Asterix, and Asterix was probably the first comic I ever read – I remember leafing through some issues we had at home before even understanding they were in German… Even after sixty years Asterix comics are read by children and adults alike, surely due to both the stories written by René Goscinny and the art by Albert Uderzo. I greatly admire both of these. When looking at Uderzo’s drawings closely you can see that he really understood human anatomy which is why he could stretch it so much. And the backgrounds, too! This little comic I drew in the memory of the great drawer master Uderzo who passed away in March was also a good opportunity to make a small history/nerdy story.

Asterix by Goscinny & Uderzo