Vuosikatsaus 2020


”Well then. I think this year is pretty much done.” //
”It seems it’s time to talk about the past year a bit.” //
”So, uh… There was this little pandemic that pretty effectively messed up the world. Luckily, it didn’t affect my personal life all that much. Except all my role playing games had to be played online.” //
”At least I’ve learned that the world and your plans can totally change very quickly.” //
”But there are other things I’ve learned this year, too. Here are some of those things.”
1. Communication is important. ”I’m not going to go into this more. But the importance of communication has reminded of itself very often this year.” //
”If my life was a TV show with every year being one season, the theme of this season would be communication.”

2. If you feel like you should react to something rightnowthisinstantimmediately it’s probably better to sleep overnight first. ”Same notes as for the previous one. This doesn’t apply to situations where you should call an ambulance.” //
3. I learned to feed swift chicks that have fallen out of nest. ”Open your mouth little bird!” ”No!” //
4. I learned to make live videos online. ”It was a little unnerving at first but in the end really much fun.” //
5. I learned to drive a small electric car. //
6. I learned that it’s really nice to take a tent and go to the woods for a weekend. //
7. I learned that apple and rhubarb jam is good. //
”I hope I don’t have to learn pandemic related things next year… Happy new year 2021 to everyone!”



Summer camp’s hut trip in 2017. ”Put your pajamas on, kids, it’s time to go to sleep.” //
”Don’t you have pajama pants, Kati?” //
”I do, but my sleeping bag is so warm I don’t need them. But my pajama pants are the best.” //
”Are they like – like white with white unicorns – ” //
” – that have rainbow-colored manes and pink horns and they fly with their sparkling wings?!?” //
”…no… But they’re pink with pictures of Darth Vader.” //
”But what you just described would be pretty awesome as well.”

Joulujakso 2020


Tänä vuonna en ole katsonut varmaan ollenkaan Doctor Whota, mutta haluan pitää kiinni perinteistä 😀 Tämä on ikivanha idea, joten saatte nyt tyytyä tähän.
I don’t think I’ve watched any Doctor Who this year but I want to keep to the tradition. 😀 This is a really old idea but it’ll have to do now.

Doctor Who by BBC

Värikkäitä eläimiä


My friend Julia has a theory. ”The world used to be black and white. You can see it from old photographs.” ”Huh?” //
”And then someone invented colors. And so the world turned colorful. That’s when you started getting color photos too.” //
”And?” ”Way back then all the animals were also black and white, as you can see in old pictures.” //
”Afterwards most animals have of course developed colors. But some are still on their way to the world of colors. Like zebras, magpies and badgers.” //
”I’m sure they’ll develop colors eventually, but it might take time. But you’re a biologist. I’m sure you’d have some educated guesses as of what these animals might end up looking like!” //
”Hmm…” //
”Very well, I’ll do my best and turn black and white animals more colorful. But since I am a biologist, these new colorations must make sense for the animals. So I’m going to explain WHY these animals would look the way they do. After all, coloration has great importance in nature!”

Seeprojen raidoitus muuttuu kuivan ruohon väriseksi ja täten paremmaksi suojaväriksi leijonia vastaan.
Isopanda maastoutuu myös paremmin ruskeansävyisenä.
Skunkki muuttuu värimonimuotoiseksi lajiksi, eli eri yksilöt ovat erivärisiä. Aikaisemmin musta-valkoinen väritys varoitti skunkin pahasta hajusta, ja yhtä lailla varoituksena toimii musta-keltainen tai musta-punainen väritys.
Zebras’ stripes turn to the color of dry grass and are thus a better camouflage against lions.
Giant pandas are also better at hiding when they’re brown-ish.
Skunks become a color polymorphic species which means that individuals are differently colored. The black and white coloration used to warn others about skunk’s smell, and black and red as well as black and yellow coloration also works as warning.

Harakasta tulee pohjolan papukaija.
Pingviineistä tulee myös värikkäitä. Tämä kehityshän jo näkyy keisari- ja kuningaspingviineissä. Eteläisen jäämeren papukaijoja!
Valkoposkihanhet muuttuvat enemmänkin ruskeiksi kuin harmaiksi (olen nähnyt leukistisen valkoposkihanhikoiraan, joka näytti koko lailla tältä).
Magpies become the parrots of the north.
Penguins also turn colorful. We can already see this development in emperor penguins and king penguins. Parrots of the Southern Ocean!
Barnacle geese turn into brown instead of grey (I’ve actually seen a leucistic male barnacle goose that looked pretty much like this).

Jääkarhut joutuvat pulaan, kun ilmastonmuutos sulattaa jäätiköt. Selviytyjät muuttavat asumaan kivikkoisille rannoille, joilla harmaan ja ruskean täplikäs väritys on sopiva.
Tunturipöllöt joutuvat myös sopeutumaan muuttuvaan ilmastoon, eikä valkoinen väritys ole enää yhtä hyödyllinen kuin ruskea.
Miekkavalaat kehittävät mereisen suojavärin.
Polar bears are in trouble when climate change melts polar ice. The survivors move to live on rocky shores where a brown and grey spotted coloration fits nicely.
Snowy owls also have to adapt to changing climate, and white coloration is no more as useful as brown.
Killer whales develop an oceanic crypsis.

Rengashäntämakit (kissamakit) ovat monet jo nyt hiukan ruskehtavia, joten myöhemmin niistä tulee kokonaan kanelinruskeita. Musta-valkoinen häntä on kuitenkin niin komea, ettei siitä luovuta.
Mäyrät muuttuvat aurinkomäyriksi, koska miksei.
Naakat päättävät tehneensä osansa maailman värikkyyden eteen, kun muuttivat silmänsä sinisiksi, joten ne eivät enää muutu värikkäämmiksi kuin jo ovat.
Ring-tailed lemurs are already somewhat brownish so later they become all cinnamon-brown. The black and white tail is so cool, though, that they’ll keep it.
Badgers become sun badgers because why not.
Jackdaws decide they’ve done their share to make the world more colorful by turning their eyes blue so they won’t become more colorful than they already are.


Olen viime aikoina katsonut Clone Warsia. Rex on mahtava hahmo. Tosin noille hänen olkasuojusjutuilleen en ole keksinyt muuta selitystä kuin sen, että niillä saadaan hänelle helposti erottuva siluetti. Ja no, siinä ne kyllä onnistuvatkin.
I’ve been watching The Clone Wars lately. Rex is an awesome character. Though I haven’t come up with any reason for those shoulder plate things of his other than that they give him an easy-to-recognize silhouette. And well, they work for that.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Lucasfilm

Vasemmalla kädellä


Piirsin tämän koiran vasemmalla kädelläni. Ihan hyvä siitä tuli, kun ottaa huomioon, että olen oikeakätinen. Se ei ole kovin hyvä jos ottaa huomioon, että yritin alun perin piirtää hevosen.
I drew this dog using my left hand. It’s pretty good considering I’m right-handed. But not very good if you consider I was originally trying to draw a horse.

Teijo 4: Polun kosto


”Do you know, Kati, why the river is flooding and the path is unusable?” ”Probably because it rained so much last night.” //
”No, it’s your fault.” ”How come?” //
”Yesterday you complained that the terrain was too easy to travel.” ”Karma, you see.” ”Really?” //
”On the other hand… At least travelling is interesting enough now.”

Teijo 3: Maailmanloppu


”Morning, friends, it’s seven o’clock.” ”Unnghh…” //
”It’s so dark outside.” //
”Maybe the rest of the world has disappeared and we’re the only ones left.” //
”~~~~~~~~~~~~~” ”~~~~~~~~” //
”Judging from the sounds the guys sleeping in the lean-on still exist.” //
”Neh. That was just echoes from the end of the universe.”

Teijo 2: Suomalainen mielentila


”Hey, there are some people coming.” //
”Good afternoon! There’s room for you in the lean-to, do come in.” //
”Yeah, we have a tent so you can have the lean-to all for yourselves for the night.” //
”Maybe we… could go to the southern lean-to to see if there’s anyone there…” ”Yes…” //
”Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally if you decide to stay there for the night…” //
”…you see, we already went to the lean-to a mile up north but there were people there so we came back here!” ”Hah!” ”Haha!”