Biologisia termejä


An animal that kills other animals to eat them is called a predator. //
A creature that causes another creature harm and benefits itself is a parasite. ”What a lovely gut to live in!” //
An animal that eats a part of another organism without killing it is a grazer. ”Usually when talking about grazers you think about large herbivorous mammals.” //
”But human can be a grazer as well, for example when eating an apple.” //
A mosquito is also a grazer because it eats part of another organism (blood) but doesn’t kill it.” //
”From this we can of course deduce the fact that vampires are also grazers.”



Piirsin eläintarhassa eläimiä elävästä mallista. Nämä riikinkukot tein vesiväreillä ehkä viidessä minuutissa. Vasemmanpuoleisessa on lyijykynäluonnos alla, oikeanpuoleisessa ei.
I went to the zoo to draw animals from live model. I painted these peacocks with water colors in maybe five minutes. The one on the left was sketched with pencil, the one on the right wasn’t.



”Hey camp instructor, I can’t find my tooth brush.” //
”Here’s a free tip: look better.” //
”Hey camp instructor, I did as you said and looked better!” //
”That was the best tip ever! I’m always gonna use it from now on.”


I spent New Year in a hut near Salamajärvi national park with Snowhorse and Temmi. Over there! //
There was a hiking path going past our hut. //
”Some hiker just passed by our hut. They were very polite. Didn’t say anything to me.” #onlyfinnishthings

”I wonder if these are wolverine tracks?” ”Probably.” //
”Hmm.” //
Sniff //
Lick lick //
”Yeah, they’re wolverine tracks.” //
”Dude.” ”A biologist uses all their senses!”

”I’ll be back.” ”My horse is gettin’ tired.” //
”Come with me if you want to live.” //
”Get to the chopeeeerrr!!!” //
”Talk to the hand.” ”Hasta la vista, baby.” //
”Why are we standing naked in the sauna dressing room in the middle of a forest yelling Schwazenegger one liners?” ”I don’t know. But I wouldn’t change a minute of it to anything.”

”Look!” ”A winter spider!” //
”Long-tailed tits!” ”Adorable!” //
”Whee, a crested tit!” //
”Now there’s someone in the river.” //
”It’s an otter!” <3 <3 <3



”Booooo!” ”Aaaa!” ”Eeeeek!” //
”Boo-hoo!” ”I’m scared!” //
”C’mon guys. That’s just a white cloth on a spring.” //
”See for yourselves.” //
”Booooooo!” ”Aaaaaahh!” //
”Boo?” ”Help, I’m scared!” //
”So… on the first time I wasn’t scared at all… but on the second time when I already KNEW what’s in that box I’m totally terrified?” ”Yeah.” ”These dice are stupid.”

The characters of Minuel and Onni belong to their players 😀