Talviretki 3: Todellisia sankareita


Social Media Hill = the closest place to the hut where you can access telephone network. ”Argh, no one’s answering!” //
”I guess I need to call the taxi driver. He told me to call if we run into trouble, after all.” //
”Hello?” ”Hi, it’s Kati. The road is still blocked by snow…” //
”…and the youngsters can’t walk all the way back… and I can’t contact anyone else right now… so would you happen to know whom I should call to get help?” //
”Can you make it to that parking lot? I’ll take a snowmobile along and come get you from there.” ”Really? Awesome! Thank you so much!” //
”We might be the Avengers but this taxi driver is a real hero!”

”What a nice sunset.” //
Crack! ”!” ”!” //
”We’re like wild animals, startled by every noise.” ”Yep.”

”A year ago I went to the winter trip wearing hiking shoes. It was a mistake.” //
My fell were constantly freezing so badly that it just hurt. ”Moaaaaannn!” //
”This time I willingly took skiing boots.” //
”They’ve got felt lining and three pairs of woolen socks inside.” //
”And I wasn’t cold at any point!”

”For years I wore an anorak on winter trips because of the front pocket where I could keep all things necessary at hand. Like my belt knife.” //
”But now my anorak is getting a bit old and worn out.” //
”So I bought this old satchel from a second hand store and modified it a bit.” //
Now I can wear it around my waist and put all those important little things in there.” //
”Belt knife, matches, headlamp, water bottle, snacks, map and compass… everything nicely at hand, even when carrying my backpack! This was the most useful equipment on this trip!”

”Woo-hoo!” ”The taxi driver comes with his snowmobile!” ”We’ll be saved!” //
”Hey, at least try to play it cool.” //
”I can’t take you all in one go but those who’ll have to wait can make a fire from this wood.” ”Yay!” //
”Well, this was a sort of an adventure again!” (The end.)

Talviretki 2: Kaikki kokoon!


”So, this is going to be a hike. We could be the Fellowship of the Ring!” ”Eh, there’s just six of us, it’s too few.” //
”But — we can be the Avengers!” //
”Who’s gonna be who, then?” ”We’ll find that out over time.” //
”Kati is carrying all the heavy stuff, Kati is the Hulk!” //
”Snowhorse has all the orienteering technology, she can be Iron Man!” //
”Ha, I found the wood shed!” ”You have keen eyes, you get to be Hawkeye.”

”I can come and make the path again.” ”That’s brave! You’re like Captain America!” //
”I can carry your backpack up.” ”You’re strong, too, you can be Thor!” //
”Who am I, now?” ”Black Widow, not bad either.” //
”And there we go, everyone has a role.”
Avengers assemble!!!

”My inner DJ would like to play The Uralic Rowan (and old folk song) right about now.” ”Well, we can sing it now that we’re cooking.” //
(Singing the song) //
”This image suddenly popped into my head where Hulk and Iron Man are singing The Uralic Rowan in a wilderness hut.” //
(Singing the song)
”He he he.” ”Ha ha ha.”

”So, today we shall continue to that hut we rented. In daylight.” //
”This is pretty much just as hard like this, too!” //
Thump! ”You okay?” ”Yeah.” //
”We should sing an uplifting song now.” ”What would you suggest?” //
”Well, for example…” (Starts singing the Finnish national anthem) //
(Singing the ending of the Finnish national anthem) //
”That was surprisingly uplifting!” ”Hehe!” ”Haha!”

”How do we get out of here, with 16 kilometers of uncleared snowy road on our way?” //
”I think I can help.” ”Hulk?!” //
BLAF! //
”Ta-dah!” ”Wow! Thanks, Hulk!” //
”Too bad that was just a dream.” ”Yeah. We still have those 16 kilometers of snowy road there…”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

The Avengers by Marvel

Talviretki 1: Matkalla pohjoiseen


”Well. It seems to be the time to start organizing the traditional New Year’s trip to Lapland. This time we could go the Urho Kekkonen National Park.” (Up there!) //
”I need to do a lot of stuff for it.” Book a hut / Book snow shoes / Plan the foods / Check bus time tables / Call a taxi. ”I’ve done almost everything, but still missing one…” //
”Urgh. It’s somehow always so dull to CALL to places. Especially since I need to ask about the keys and luggage and payment methods…” //
”Luckily, nowadays you can almost always send an e-mail.” //
”Can you drive us?” ”Yes.” ”Great.” //
”Ta-dah!” Book a hut / Book snow shoes / Plan the foods / Check bus time tables / ORDER a taxi

”I already collected everything I need for the trip so it’ll be easy to pack them.” //
”So now I can just relax during Christmas.” //
”Even though I did this dumb thing and just piled everything up on my bed…” //
…and left my backpack at the very bottom! //
”But then it’ll be easy for you to pack everything on top.” //
”…” //
”This joke just never gets old, does it?” ”No, it never will.”

Camelate: verb; to carry a big load like a camel.
Stuff to be given to others / My own stuff / Four pairs of snow shoes / Three pairs of ski poles / Two more pairs of snow shoes //
”At least now no one will try to sell me anything.”

23.47: ”I wonder if I get any sleep at all sitting here in this train?” //
3.30. ”Do we still have beer?”

(Ylläoleva on viittaus Juice Leskisen biisiin 3.30, jossa lauletaan kaikista aamuyöllä mieleen tulevista asioista, ja loppukaneettina on ”Vieläkö meillä on kaljaa?”)
(The comic above is a reference to the famous Finnish songwriter Juice Leskinen’s song 3.30, which, as far as I know, hasn’t been translated to English. Anyway, it’s a song about all kinds of stuff one thinks during the small hours, the last line being, ”Do we still have beer?”)

”It’s 2,5 kilometers to the hut from the parking lot.” ”Good.” //
”The road hasn’t been cleared of snow. I’ll leave you 12 kilometers away.” ”Oh.” //
”I’m tired!” ”I can’t!” ”Are we there yet?” ”I’m cold!” //
”Let’s stay and rest here in the previous hut.” //
”Thanks a lot for not clearing the road. I want to punch someone. Not sure whom, though…”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 3: Vapaasaapastelijat, osa 2/2


”This is Rannoch Moor!” ”It’s what?” //
”The place where Scrooge McDuck is from!” ”Ah!” //
”If you come to the castle grounds you’ll have to pay a fine, you #@$*!!!” (Despite of our efforts, we didn’t find the McDuck castle.)

The next comic doesn’t translate, unfortunately. We’re coming up with Finnish translations for the Devil’s Staircase, a steep uphill on the West Highland Way that wasn’t as difficult to climb as the legends had told.

”Those were really pretty waterfalls.” ”Yes, totally worth the visit.” ”Our backpacks have waited here patiently.” //
”So, you’re gonna hop on again?” //
”’Cause you sure don’t look like you’re gonna walk anywhere on your own.” //
”Hahaha! ’You gonna hop on again?’ Hahahaha!” //
”Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…” //
”I guess I broke Aragorn…” ”…hahahahaha…”

”My new favorite piece of hiking gear is this space blanket. It’s foil on one side and tarpaulin on the other.” //
You can do so many things with it! If the ground is wet, you can sit on it. //
You can use it to make a shelter. //
You can wrap yourself in it to protect yourself from wind, rain and cold. //
You can place it at the bottom of a tent to protect a sleeper from the cold ground. //
”If you could dry yourself in it, it would be as useful as a towel!”

Vaelluksemme loppui Fort Williamiin, missä menimme pizzalle The Black Isle (Musta Saari) -nimiseen pubiin (tämä ei ole maksettu mainos, mutta oli kiva paikka). Ensin tosin kuulin pubin nimen väärin ja luulin sen olevan The Black Owl (Musta Pöllö). Ajattelin, että siinä olisi hieno nimi pubille tai majatalolle. Jos Musta Pöllö olisi majatalo, sillä voisi olla tällainen kyltti, jossa valkoiset osat ovat siis mustaan puulevyyn leikattuja reikiä.
Our hike ended in Fort William where we had pizza in a pub called The Black Isle (this is not sponsored but it was a nice place). At first I misheard the name as The Black Owl. I thought it would be a great name for a pub or an inn. If there was a Black Owl Inn it would have a sign like this, with the white parts being holes cut into a black wooden board.

”Sitä joko elää elämänsä niin kuin se tapahtuu, tarttuu sitä kuin härkää sarvista ja peittoaa sen, tai sille kääntää selkänsä ja alkaa kuihtua pois…” (Dr Boyce, Star Trek: The Cage)

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 2: Vapaasaapastelijat, osa 1/2


Aragornilla oli mukana vaelluksella West Highland Wayn opaskirja, jossa kerrottiin siitä, kuinka Skotlannin metsiä poltettiin, jotta niissä majailevat roistot ja ryövärit jäisivät vaille turvapaikkaa. Kyseisistä roistoista käytettiin englanniksi nimitystä ”freebooters”, joka oli meidän mielestämme hirveän hauska sana. Suomensimme sen ”vapaasaapastelijoiksi” ja käytimme itsestämme sitä nimeä lopun reissua.
Aragorn had a West Highland Way guidebook in which it was told how the Scottish forests were burned down to drive out all sorts of robbers and criminals who lived in the woods. Those criminals were referred to as ”freebooters” which was a word we found funny and started calling our hiking group freebooters as well.

First day of hiking: all day raining, a heavy backpack, three poorly slept nights, a broken hiking pole handle, a path that has turned into a creek, wet boots, steep uphill //
”Tomorrow should be easier in every way!” ”I hope so…”

”We have to go through that tunnel.” ”It looks pretty low.” //
”It is. Be careful.” //
”Are you stuck?” ”Yes. Help!!!”

”Kati, look what’s ahead! A tunnel!” //
”Oh dear, it looks rather low.” //
”We have to go through it before you so we can take pictures when you get stuck again!” ”Yeah!” //
”One of you should stay behind me so that you can take a video from both sides…” //
”Oh, yes, this is gonna be viral!” ”’A Finnish woman gets stuck in a low tunnel in Scotland’, a hit to be sure.” (The tunnel wasn’t that low.)

”!” //
”What did you find?” ”A rock.” //
”A very pretty rock.” //
”Maybe it’s a dragon’s egg?” //
”You mean like a small and grey one?” ”With a white stripe.” //
”Ooh, I’d like that!”

”…and then over that ridge, and then the rest will be fast kilometers.” ”You know…” //
”…that ’fast kilometers’ sounds like something you could say as a farewell to a fellow hiker.” //
”Like, ’good journey, fast kilometers’.” //
”Sunny days.” ”Favorable winds.” //
”May your tent always stand on even ground.” //
”May your boots never hurt your feet.” ”May your bra always be dry.” ”May your favorite book never be turned into a bad movie!”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 1: Matkaan taas kuljen nyt


”I’d like to organize a hike to Scotland, on the West Highland way!” ”Ooh! Sounds awesome!” ”I wanna come, too!” ”Hi!” ”Count us in!” //
”So four hikers and hike leader.” ”Or four Hobbits and their Aragorn!” ”You can call me Aragorn from now on!” ”I’ll just write it down here.” ”How do we get to Scotland?” //
”We’re an environmental NGO, therefore we don’t fly.” ”An Interrail ticket might be just the ticket.” //
”Hey, I could go meet my friends in Britain and relatives in Austria while I’m at it.” //
”I’ll take a couple of months of train holiday! Europe, here I come!”

I went to see Mother and Big Brother before I left. ”So, you’re going the day after tomorrow?” ”Yep.” //
”How’s your packing going?” ”I haven’t even started yet.” //
”Kati couldn’t have packet yet, she has to pack everything on top.” ”This is not going to go away anytime soon…”

We took a ferry from Turku to Stockholm. //
”We’ll be travelling to Copenhagen in the first class of the train.” ”I see.” ”The tickets included an on-board breakfast.” ”I wonder what it’ll be like?” //
”And here you go.” ”Thank you.” ”A fascinating box.” //
”There’s yogurt in here!” ”And a tiny little bag of granola!” //
”A bread roll!” ”And cheese and lettuce!” //
”Cherry marmalade!” ”I’ve got apricot marmalade!” //
”A boiled egg!” ”Apple juice!” ”We should have made this into an unboxing video.” ”I go get tea.”

”We’re finally here.” ”That was a long way alright.” ”Now that’s an interesting clock.” //
”Yeah, it’s lacking the hands!” ”I guess it’s nothing o’clock then.” //
”Maybe we’ve died and entered the great beyond.” ”Perhaps.” //
”Remember the Valhalla mist we saw from the bridge in Denmark?” ”?” //
”This is it. That’s where we’ve ended up.” ”Ah, indeed.”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

Poika kuin äitinsä


Me, age 30: ”Here you go.” Camp instructor, age 18: ”Thanks, mom.” //
”I am not your mother, even if that could be just possible.” //
”Like, biologically possible, not socially acceptable.” //
”Well, that’s just like me: biologically possible, not socially acceptable.”

Ruskaretki, osa 2/2


”It sure was windy and rainy last night.” ”The tent seems to have survived.” //
”Listen, fellows…” //
”…it wasn’t just raining last night.”

”Shall we continue?” ”Excuse me?” //
”Nothing, to Big Brother… I asked.” ”Okay.” //
”I mean, FROM Big Brother I asked. It’s so windy that I get prepositions mixed up!”

”There’s some sort of an orange cone in the hillside there.” ”What is it???” //
”Maybe it’s some kind of a weird tent?” ”Or some landmark?” ”A species of fungus new to science?” ”Could it be… an alien?” ”Or a spaceship?” ”Maybe it’s just a really big carrot?” //
What it actually is: A Kati wrapped inside a space blanket to shield herself from cold, wind and rain during a lunch break.

The first creek: ”Oh, what a beautiful creek!” //
”I want to immediately drink form it!” //
”I’ll take pictures!” //
”I love little fjeld creeks!” //
The 50th creek…

Ruskaretki, osa 1/2


”I’d want to organize an autumn hike in the Kilpisjärvi area. I wonder if anyone would like to come along?” //
Big Brother: ”I could come.” Miko: ”Me, too.” ”Just the three of us? Well, it’s quality over quantity then!” //
Snowhorse came to help me with packing. ”I’d need to fit all this stuff… into this backpack.” ”I always hate this state of packing.” //
”And which order shall I put in all?” //
”I’d want so many things so that I can easily get to them, like the first aid kit, raincoat, dry socks, some food, the map and other stuff, too…” //
”You can’t pack everything on top!” ”I know, but I’d like to!”

Päätin tällä reissulla piirtää osan sarjiksista jo maastossa retken aikana, siksi nämä loput ovat vähän erinäköisiä kuin yleensä. Olen myös piirtänyt ne suoraan tussilla tai kuulakärkikynällä ilman luonnoksia, joten niistä puuttuu se vähäinenkin huolittelu, josta tavallisesti blogini lukijat saavat nauttia.
This time I decided to draw some of these comics already during the hike and that’s why the rest of these comics look a little different than usual. I’ve also drawn them directly with a marker or a ball-point pen without sketches so they lack the usual minimal effort that my readers normally get to enjoy.

On Kilpisjärvi: ”Let the hike begin!” //
”I guess it’s this path.” //
45 minutes later… ”It wasn’t this path.” ”Whoops, the very first path we followed was a wrong one. This is slightly embarrassing.” ”You don’t say?” //
”The view is nice, though.” ”Yeah, 6/5 would watch again.”

”It would be so nice if I found a white willow grouse feather!” //
”Oh, a white willow grouse feather!” //
”Trallalallallaa!” //
”Oh no, I dropped it!” //
”Oh no, the creek swallowed it!” ”Burb!” //
”Well, maybe it is the sacrifice I have to make so that the creek doesn’t swallow Big Brother!”

Surullista tässä riekonsulkajutussa oli se, että se tapahtui suunnilleen ensimmäisen kahden vaellustunnin aikana juuri kuten tässä sarjiksessa on kuvattu – enkä sen jälkeen enää löytänyt toista valkoista riekonsulkaa!
What’s sad about this willow grouse feather story is that it happened during the first two hours of our hike pretty much exactly as I’ve drawn it here – and I didn’t find another white willow grouse feather afterwards!

”It’s very annoying to walk in this wet mud…” //
”It might be drier further up the slope.” //
”!” //
”It’s over, muddy path! I have the high ground!”

Muistiin laitettakoon: ei kannata piirtää punaisella kynällä ilta-aikaan kun muut ovat jo nukkumassa ja sen takia pitää käyttää punaista otsalampun valoa ettei herätä muita. Punaisessa valossa punainen väri näkyy äärimmäisen huonosti, ja piirtäminen on todella hankalaa.
Note to self: it’s not a great idea to draw with a red pen in the evening when others are already asleep and you need to use a red light so you don’t wake them up. In red light you really can’t see the color red very well and drawing is extremely difficult.

Tasa-arvon taskut


”I went to buy trousers for hiking.” //
”And now I’m angry.” //
”First off because on the women’s side the colors were yet AGAIN pink and purple. Men’s trousers had more natural colors.” //
Secondly: the side pockets in women’s trousers were made ”inside” the trousers, whereas men’s were outside: You can barely fit a phone here… but everything fits here! //
”And thirdly, the design itself. I have properly wide hips so you’d think that women’s trousers would be the right size for me and men’s trousers too slim.” //
But no. Women’s trousers are made to be ”well fitting” which means very slim and emphasizing the woman’s curves. //
I found a fitting pair from the men’s side. ”Because they are supposed to be a bit too big and comfortable. And you use a belt to tighten them so that they fit.” //
”I mean, seriously: every hiker needs trousers that are comfortable and that have good, big pockets. And one’s gender doesn’t tell if one wants to camouflage oneself in the moss or not. Equality to trousers!” //
I went to the hike wearing trousers I bought from the ”men’s side”.