Zeb <3 Loth-beasts

Katsoin Star Wars Rebels -animaatiosarjan loppuun, ja piirsin pienen kuvan Zebistä torkuilla Lothalin suden ja kissojen kanssa. Tätä kohtausta ei ollut sarjassa, mutta Zeb on sellainen kärttyilijä, josta eläimet tuntuvat pitävän, että tämä voisi tapahtua. Ainakin minusta se olisi mukavaa.
I finished watching the animated show Star Wars Rebels and drew a little picture of Zeb taking a nap with a Loth-wolf and some Loth-cats. This isn’t a canon scene but since Zeb is a grumpy dude whom the animals seem to like, this just could take place. At least I think it would be cute.

Tämän kuvan toinen nimi on ”Kun ’piirrän ihan nopeasti jotakin ja menen sitten ajoissa nukkumaan’ epäonnistuu loisteliaalla tavalla”.
The other name for this drawing is ”When ’I just draw something quickly and then go to sleep early’ fails gloriously”.

Star Wars by Lucasfilm

Viisaita sanoja


”My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is!” //
”Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us… and binds us.” //
”Sooo… the Force is like duct tape, right?” ”?” ”Who are you?” //
”Duct tape is the best and most powerful ally in the world, and it binds everything together. And it, too, has a dark side and a light side!” //
”Out. Get.” ”But… we are outside.” //
”Out of this planet, meant I.” ”Oh… okay.” ”Wait a second… Can you fix a hyperdrive with this ’duct tape’?”

Star Wars created by George Lucas



Okay, let’s go through this one more time. //
When I was eight years old, I was bitten by a squirrel. ”Ow!” //
”It wasn’t radioactive, so I didn’t turn into the amazing Squirrel-Girl. Since then, I’ve also been bitten by…” //
…a horse… ”Ouch!” //
…a tick… ”…” //
…a dragonfly… ”Ow!” //
…a gerbil… ”Ouch.”
…a barnacle goose… ”There, there.” //
…an oystercatcher… ”Easy now…” //
…a goat… ”Hey.” //
…and a classmate’s grass-snake. ”Could you please let go?” //
”None of them was radioactive, so I didn’t turn into a superhero.” //
But I did become a biologist.

Kiitos Lumihevoselle termin ”origin story” suomennoksen pohtimisesta! (Ja ennen kaikkea siitä, ettet edes kysynyt, miksi pyysin mielipidettä asiasta <3)

Nämä ei olleet kivoja yksisarvisia


Pelasimme kavereiden kanssa pitkästä aikaa Sankariakatemia-roolipeliä. Hahmolleni Thranonille sattui muutamia hienoja hetkiä.
My friends and I played our Hero Academy RPG again. My character Thranon had some quite awesome moments.

”All right, you can roll two dice.” //
… //
”Well, look at that.”

Muutamia nopeita kuvia samasta pelistä: Thranonin ja hänen kaverinsa Terryn jäähyväishalaus ennen kesälomaa, sekä Thranonin ja Onnin yläfemmat.
Some quick illustrations from the same game: Thranon and her friend Terry’s good-bye hug before summer holidays, and Thranon and Onni sharing a high-five.

”See you in the autumn, Thranon.” ”Take care of yourself, Terry.”

Jos Thranonin pitää mennä sankaroimaan jonnekin, missä hänen erikoinen ulkomuotonsa herättäisi liikaa huomiota, hänet voidaan myös muuttaa kissaksi:
If Thranon has to go be a hero somewhere where her appearance would be too weird, she can be turned into a cat:

Monien tarpeet…


”Katiiiiiii! Time for morning tea!” ”Coming!” //
”Let me take some water from there, will you?” ”Wait a little, I’m washing the coffee pot.” //
”But we need water for tea.” ”And there are two of us and only one of you.” //
”Indeed! ’The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the needs of the one!” ”Seriously?” ”Exactly!” //
”You do know that you totally misused my line, don’t you?” ”Yes, Mr Spock.” ”But I need my morning coffee!” ”And I my tea!”

(Viimeistä ruutua lukuun ottamatta tämä keskustelu oikeasti käytiin.)
(With the exception of the last panel, this conversation actually happened.)

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

Toukokuun neljännen Star Wars -päivitys


7th grade: ”Do you like Star Wars?” ”Yes!” //
Summer of 8th grade: ”We should have a Star Wars marathon!” ”Are we gonna watch ALL of Star Wars?” ”Of course, all the six movies!” //
9th grade: ”What color should this character’s lightsaber be?” ”Blue? What will these guys say here?” //
As adults: ”Everything sucks.” ”Wanna watch Revenge of the Sith?” ”Sure.” //
In my 30th birthday party: ”I made you a High Ground cake!” ”Best!” //
The other night: ”I wonder why Echo’s CT-number was changed?” ”Don’t know but just imagine Rex and Jesse trying to sort it out!” ”Haha, yeah 😀 ” //
”Our friendship is old enough to go to a bar but our conversation topics haven’t really changed.” ”Yep.”

Ihan vain mainitakseni, että olen huomannut bathan huoneessa: mulla on ristiriitainen suhde uudempaan, Disney-kauden Star Warsiin. Osa siitä on täyttä rautaa ja beskaria (Clone Warsin 7-kausi ja Bad Batch esimerkiksi), osa taas pettymys (Obi-Wan Kenobi), ja jatko-osaleffat oli täysi huti mun kohdilta. Mutta mikään ei muuta sitä, miten hyvää alkuperäinen Star Wars on (ja etko-osatkin, jos jättää huomiotta dialogin, ja Clone Wars -sarja), eikä mikään voi pilata minulta niitä – tai sitä, kuinka mun ja Lumpparin ystävyys kirjaimellisesti alkoi Star Warsista ja edelleen jatkuu samoissa merkeissä <3
Just to address the bantha in the room: I have very mixed feelings about the newer, Disney-era Star Wars stuff. Some of it has been diamond and beskar (season 7 of Clone Wars and Bad Batch, for example), some have been a let-down (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and the sequel movies totally missed the mark with me. But nothing can change how good the original Star Wars movies are (and the prequels too if you skip the dialoque, and the Clone Wars series as well), and nothing can take those away from me – or the fact that Snowhorse and I literally became friends because of Star Wars and is still continuing in the same way <3

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Kaapissa, kaapista, kaappiin


”Question.” ”Yes?” //
”If someone suffers from claustrophobia, can they really be in the closet about it?” ”Hmm.” //
”Counter question.” ”Yes?” //
”If someone suffers from agoraphobia, can they come out of the closet about it?” ”Hmm.” //
”Maybe, if they come out from the back, going to Narnia.” ”Well.” //
”Narnia is a pretty big place.” ”It’s still all inside that wardrobe.” //
”Hmm.” ”Hmm.”

Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

Ei voi aallokko lyödä jos tuuleton on taivas


”It’s awesome to watch Spirit again!” ”Yeah, proper childhood nostalgia! Here we go!” //
30 seconds later… ”Boo-hoo!” ”There, there, cry all you want…” //
”– And it is this manner of small thinking that would say this horse could never be broken.” //
”Discipline, time, and patience –” //
”– are the three great levelers.” ”Shut up, Colonel!” //
”Spirit’s gonna show you where you can shove your discipline, time and patience!” ”Right! Because Spirit is not patient, he’s undisciplined and he’s timeless!”

Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron by DreamWorks

Valitsen sinut, Tursamon!


”I’m reading a book about octopuses.” //
”It says there that an octopus has been seen carrying…” //
…a coconut shell as it was ’walking’ along the sea bottom. //
And it didn’t have just one half, but two compatible ones… //
…that it used to build itself a shelter when a danger appeared! //
”I mean, this octopus was
planning ahead and carrying with it a shelter it could assemble when needed! This is the only animal, alongside human, that can do such a thing!” //
”It’s like a Pokémon that caught itself in a ball!” ”It’s the BEST Pokémon!” //

Lukemani kirja on Peter Godfrey-Smithin Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life. Kiintoisa videonpätkä erään tursaan kookospähkinäkodista löytyy täältä.
The book I was reading was Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith. An interesting video of an octopus’ coconut home can be found here.



The Adventures of MacGyver and Kati! //
”Awesome, we got out of the shed! Let’s quickly escape to the woods before the baddies notice us!” //
”Let’s sabotage their car first so they can’t come after us.” ”How are you going to that?” //
”I’ve got a POTATO! I’ll stuff it into the exhaust pipe!” ”Uhm, Mac…” //
”…this is an electric car. It doesn’t have an exhaust pipe.” ”!” //
”Indeed… Are these people such bad guys after all? They drive an electric car which is better for the environment…” ”They STOLE that car! And they locked us into that shed AND they’re currently plotting a murder!” //
”So could you please just go back into the shed to see if there’s something there we could use to break the tyres, the old-fashioned way?” ”Oh, yeah, good point.” //
”But I’m keeping the potato.” ”Great, we can eat it later.”

Kämppikseni oli jo sitä mieltä, että tämä sarjakuva herättää niin paljon kysymyksiä siitä, kuka aikoo murhata ja kenet, että minun pitäisi tehdä tälle jatko-osa.
My flatmate already said that this comic raises so many questions concerning who is going to murder and whom that I should make a sequel.

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff