Mitä kummaa?

”We start by placing a large cauldron on fire.” //
”First, bring three liters to boil and season with black pepper, rosemary, ginger and cardamom.” //
”And then we add…” //
”One hat and some feathers. Preferably a cowboy hat and owl feathers, but other kinds will do as well.” //
”One and half libraries of books…” //
”A couple of bottles of ink and some water colors.” //
”One pocket knife and tent ropes to taste…” //
”A large bucketful of science fiction and a house plant. Or two.” //
”Lastly, a pair of binoculars and some griffin tail hair.”
”Let simmer for a quarter of a century and stir every now and then.” //
”And – TA-DAH!”

”What is this book, anyway? ’How to make your own comic blogger’? Yeah, nice…” //
”Well, good work! I guess…” //
”So, anyways, hello! I’m Kati, a biologist, student, nerd, camp leader and the person writing this blog.” //
”I started my blog ’Gaiverruksia’ in the autumn of 2015 as I went to study in Scotland for a year, and now I’m keeping it just for fun.” //
”English translations for my non-Finnish friends!” //
”Luckily, I’m not alone in this world or in this blog. Here are some people who have appeared in this blog…”

Mother: Likes carrots and her balcony.
Big Brother: Plays tennis and bakes buns.
Dad: Calls me every now and then, cooks often.
Snowhorse: An artist and my mental twin.
Mr. Brony: A birdwatcher and my camp leader partner.
Wiivu: One of the reasons I like scifi.
Julia: A camp friend and one of the reasons for me to star this blog.
Romeo: Dragged to the woods by Julia. Also, a fellow nerd.
Julia’s big brother: Camp master. Not actually related to Julia.
Knitter: Often found climbing walls.