2017 – Seitsemäntoista parasta palaa

”Another year over and a new one just begun…” //
”To celebrate that… Seventeen good moments of my year 2017! (Mostly those that haven’t yet ended up in my comics.)” //
1. Night watch in the wilderness of Litokaira. //
2. Month of Heroes. ”Others had great lists, too!” //
3. Mr Brony and I were the chefs on winter camp. ”…and half a meter of ginger.” ”You don’t say?” (#Ginger) //
4. My thesis supervisors didn’t hate me when I destroyed some owl blood samples. ”Oops.” //
5. I watched bad Turtles-movies with Snowhorse. ”These are so terrible!” ”Yes they are!” //
6. This moment once I was cooking on a course: ”We have creamy soup? How nice!” //
7. A Scottish train conductor. //
8. Role playing games! Three different kinds.

9. Going to Hangö by bike with Snowhorse, Mr Brony and Romeo… //
10: …and sleeping outside the church of Snappertuna (= the graveyard). //
11. ”It was easier to get the cart to the boat than the boat on the cart.” //
12. I ”looked after” some teenagers in an adventure park. (Or rather, the other way.) //
13. I found a badger’s skull. ”It smelled bad.” //
14. Water wrestling with the camp crew. //
15. We dyed yarn on the autumn camp. ”Fascinating yellow mushrooms…” ”Do you think we could dye yarn with them?” ”Let’s try!” //
16. Dancing Macarena with some exchange students in the middle of the night. //
17. The cuties of the zoo <3 //
"Towards new adventures, then! Happy new year!"

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