Joulujakso 2018


Se on hauska, kun tietää, että Tohtori todella sanoi näin jaksossa The Woman Who Fell to Earth.
It’s funny when you know that the Doctor really said that in the episode The Woman Who Fell to Earth.

MacGyver meets Doctor Who + Kati is there for some reason, too //
”We have to get out of this locked-up shed!” ”Anyone got ideas?” //
”I could use this.” ”Ooh!” ”What is it?” //
”It is my sonic screwdriver.” //
”Well I say screwdriver but it’s a bit more multipurpose than that. Scanner. Diagnostics. Tin opener.” ”Hey!” ”More of a… sonic Swiss Army knife.” ”We’ve got – ” //
”Only without the knife. Only idiots carry knives.” MERRY CHRISTMAS!

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff
Doctor Who by BBC


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