Ahvis 1: Suunnitelma

”Oh, hi, Kalla!” ”Hello, Kati and Brony! Mind if I join you?” ”Not at all.” //
”So, what’s up with you?” //
”I’m trying to find myself a team for Ahvis.” ”Ahvis? What’s that?” //
”Åland’s bird watching competition.” ”Biology students have it every year.” //
”It’s in mid-April but I still don’t have a team.” ”Hmm…” //
”It sure sounds like fun. Can non-biology students attend, too?” ”Sure!” //
”I’ve always wanted to go Ahvis but there has always been something else… And now I’m about to graduate so this might be my last chance…” ”What do you say – would the three of us make a good Avis team?” ”Why not!”

”Brony has a telescope too, don’t you?” ”Yes, and I can borrow my dad’s tripod.” ”Awesome!” //
”But are we going to be a bike team or a car team? It’s easier to move around with a car but I don’t have one.” //
”Neither do I, and I wouldn’t want to drive, either.” //
”I don’t have a driver’s license.” //
”Bike team it is.” ”Hmph…” //
”I don’t want to ride a bike. I’m just not fit enough.” ”How about renting a tandem bike?” //
”I really don’t want to pedal!” ”What are we going to do then?” //
”Guys. I have an idea that will solve every problem we have. Alternatively, it will kill my legs. Maybe both.” TO BE CONTINUED…

Merkittäviä tapahtumia

Hannibal has crossed the Alps. //
The Eagle has landed. //
Kati has handed in her master’s thesis.

Ihan totta puhuen lähetin graduni proffalle sähköpostilla istuessani yöpukusillani keittiön pöydän ääressä. Enkä ole siis valmistunut vielä, mutta gradu on proffalla syynissä, joten sinne päin mennään…
To be quite honest, I sent my thesis to the professor by e-mail while sitting by my kitchen table in my pyjamas. I haven’t graduated yet, but the professor is grading my thesis, so getting there…

Suuret kiitokset mahtaville graduohjaajilleni!
A million thanks to my awesome thesis supervisors!

Toiveiden aika

”According to an old belief you can make a wish if you see the Sun, the Moon and two white horses at the same time.” //
”I wonder if the Sun, the Moon and one blackbird would do?”


”You know the stereotype that women can’t tell one car from another? Well, when it comes to me, this is actually true. Here are all the different types of cars I recognize.” //
Red car // Blue car // Volkswagen Bubble //
My thesis supervisor’s van (aka. the Owl Mobile) // Bus
Combine harvester // Millennium Falcon

Jaa, ilmeisesti ”Millenniumissa” on kaksi N-kirjainta. Enpä tiennytkään. Ja kuka muka väittää, ettei sarjakuvista voi oppia mitään?
Apparently there are two N’s in ”Millennium”. I never knew that. And who says you can’t learn things from comics?

Star Wars created by George Lucas