”I think I can defuse this bomb.” ”That’s great, Mac! Can I help?” //
”Yes. I need a hair pin.” ”I don’t have a hair pin.” //
”Excuse me? What do you mean you don’t have a hair pin?” ”Not all women always have a hair pin.” //
”Maybe they did in the eighties but not anymore.” ”The eighties were good ’ties!” //
”Woops.” //
”How do you keep your hair in control if you don’t have a hair pin?” ”Does this look like it’s been kept ’in control’?!”

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff

Sauronin kätyrit


”Someone used my ring. Go and find it.” ”Yes, lord Sauron.” //
”To the horses, fellows.” //
”Uhm… Why would you take horses when there are faster ways to travel?” ”Point…” //
Later… ”We found your ring, lord Sauron.” ”Excellent. Who had it?” ”Dunno. Some dead guy.”

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Aktiiviset lapset


Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen: Good guys – temperament and working life.
”An active child — never walks if they can run, jumps, climbs, falls, is everywhere at once –.”
”They get into more accidents than calmer age-mates.”
”An active child is noisy and bustling. They already cause commotion by entering the room –.” //
”Oh. Now I see.”



”…that person just drives me nuts!” //
”Uh, just take a deep breath and think about chocolate muffins.” //
”I don’t really feel like chocolate muffins.” ”Oh…” //
”Well, vanilla ice cream and strawberries, then.” ”I don’t actually want anything sweet at the moment.” //
”What would you like, then?” ”Uh… Quorn in curry sauce.” //
”I don’t like quorn.” ”You don’t?” //
”Well, then there’s more for me.” ”In that case, can I have all the vanilla ice cream and strawberries?” //
”Of course.” ”Great.”

Inktober 2018, 29-31

The last ones!

Inktober oli hauska piirustushaaste toteuttaa, ja ylpeänä voin sanoa, että piirsin joka päivä, vaikka olin kolmanneksen kuusta leireillä ja muutoin poissa kotoa. Samalla tuli tajuttua ja opittua muutamia uusia asioita tussaamisen tekniikasta ja esimerkiksi varjostuksesta. Suosittelen kokeilemaan! Vinkatkaa toki, jos törmäätte muihin kivoihin piirustushaasteisiin – kokeilisin mielelläni taas jotain uutta!
Inktober was a fun drawing challenge to work with, and I can proudly say that I drew every day even though I was on camps and otherwise away from home for a third of the month. While working on these I realized and learned some new things about inking techniques and shading, for instance. I suggest you try it! And please tell me if you find other nice drawing challenges – I’d be happy to try something new again!

#Inktober #Inktober2018