”The first taste of this sea-buckthorn jelly is a bit like that of orange marmalade.” //
”Yes, maybe sea-buckthorn belongs to the same category of flavors as orange and rowan berry.” //
”Yeah, in the category of ’orange flavors’.” //
”Pffffftt!” ”Hehehehe…”

Herra Bronya harmitti, kun hänen huono vitsinsä ei saanut minua nauramaan ihan niin paljon, että tee olisi tullut nenästäni ulos. Minua tämä ei harmittanut lainkaan.
Mr Brony was disappointed as his bad joke didn’t make me laugh so much that my tea would have come out of my nose. I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

Talviretki 3: Todellisia sankareita


Social Media Hill = the closest place to the hut where you can access telephone network. ”Argh, no one’s answering!” //
”I guess I need to call the taxi driver. He told me to call if we run into trouble, after all.” //
”Hello?” ”Hi, it’s Kati. The road is still blocked by snow…” //
”…and the youngsters can’t walk all the way back… and I can’t contact anyone else right now… so would you happen to know whom I should call to get help?” //
”Can you make it to that parking lot? I’ll take a snowmobile along and come get you from there.” ”Really? Awesome! Thank you so much!” //
”We might be the Avengers but this taxi driver is a real hero!”

”What a nice sunset.” //
Crack! ”!” ”!” //
”We’re like wild animals, startled by every noise.” ”Yep.”

”A year ago I went to the winter trip wearing hiking shoes. It was a mistake.” //
My fell were constantly freezing so badly that it just hurt. ”Moaaaaannn!” //
”This time I willingly took skiing boots.” //
”They’ve got felt lining and three pairs of woolen socks inside.” //
”And I wasn’t cold at any point!”

”For years I wore an anorak on winter trips because of the front pocket where I could keep all things necessary at hand. Like my belt knife.” //
”But now my anorak is getting a bit old and worn out.” //
”So I bought this old satchel from a second hand store and modified it a bit.” //
Now I can wear it around my waist and put all those important little things in there.” //
”Belt knife, matches, headlamp, water bottle, snacks, map and compass… everything nicely at hand, even when carrying my backpack! This was the most useful equipment on this trip!”

”Woo-hoo!” ”The taxi driver comes with his snowmobile!” ”We’ll be saved!” //
”Hey, at least try to play it cool.” //
”I can’t take you all in one go but those who’ll have to wait can make a fire from this wood.” ”Yay!” //
”Well, this was a sort of an adventure again!” (The end.)

Talviretki 2: Kaikki kokoon!


”So, this is going to be a hike. We could be the Fellowship of the Ring!” ”Eh, there’s just six of us, it’s too few.” //
”But — we can be the Avengers!” //
”Who’s gonna be who, then?” ”We’ll find that out over time.” //
”Kati is carrying all the heavy stuff, Kati is the Hulk!” //
”Snowhorse has all the orienteering technology, she can be Iron Man!” //
”Ha, I found the wood shed!” ”You have keen eyes, you get to be Hawkeye.”

”I can come and make the path again.” ”That’s brave! You’re like Captain America!” //
”I can carry your backpack up.” ”You’re strong, too, you can be Thor!” //
”Who am I, now?” ”Black Widow, not bad either.” //
”And there we go, everyone has a role.”
Avengers assemble!!!

”My inner DJ would like to play The Uralic Rowan (and old folk song) right about now.” ”Well, we can sing it now that we’re cooking.” //
(Singing the song) //
”This image suddenly popped into my head where Hulk and Iron Man are singing The Uralic Rowan in a wilderness hut.” //
(Singing the song)
”He he he.” ”Ha ha ha.”

”So, today we shall continue to that hut we rented. In daylight.” //
”This is pretty much just as hard like this, too!” //
Thump! ”You okay?” ”Yeah.” //
”We should sing an uplifting song now.” ”What would you suggest?” //
”Well, for example…” (Starts singing the Finnish national anthem) //
(Singing the ending of the Finnish national anthem) //
”That was surprisingly uplifting!” ”Hehe!” ”Haha!”

”How do we get out of here, with 16 kilometers of uncleared snowy road on our way?” //
”I think I can help.” ”Hulk?!” //
BLAF! //
”Ta-dah!” ”Wow! Thanks, Hulk!” //
”Too bad that was just a dream.” ”Yeah. We still have those 16 kilometers of snowy road there…”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

The Avengers by Marvel

Talviretki 1: Matkalla pohjoiseen


”Well. It seems to be the time to start organizing the traditional New Year’s trip to Lapland. This time we could go the Urho Kekkonen National Park.” (Up there!) //
”I need to do a lot of stuff for it.” Book a hut / Book snow shoes / Plan the foods / Check bus time tables / Call a taxi. ”I’ve done almost everything, but still missing one…” //
”Urgh. It’s somehow always so dull to CALL to places. Especially since I need to ask about the keys and luggage and payment methods…” //
”Luckily, nowadays you can almost always send an e-mail.” //
”Can you drive us?” ”Yes.” ”Great.” //
”Ta-dah!” Book a hut / Book snow shoes / Plan the foods / Check bus time tables / ORDER a taxi

”I already collected everything I need for the trip so it’ll be easy to pack them.” //
”So now I can just relax during Christmas.” //
”Even though I did this dumb thing and just piled everything up on my bed…” //
…and left my backpack at the very bottom! //
”But then it’ll be easy for you to pack everything on top.” //
”…” //
”This joke just never gets old, does it?” ”No, it never will.”

Camelate: verb; to carry a big load like a camel.
Stuff to be given to others / My own stuff / Four pairs of snow shoes / Three pairs of ski poles / Two more pairs of snow shoes //
”At least now no one will try to sell me anything.”

23.47: ”I wonder if I get any sleep at all sitting here in this train?” //
3.30. ”Do we still have beer?”

(Ylläoleva on viittaus Juice Leskisen biisiin 3.30, jossa lauletaan kaikista aamuyöllä mieleen tulevista asioista, ja loppukaneettina on ”Vieläkö meillä on kaljaa?”)
(The comic above is a reference to the famous Finnish songwriter Juice Leskinen’s song 3.30, which, as far as I know, hasn’t been translated to English. Anyway, it’s a song about all kinds of stuff one thinks during the small hours, the last line being, ”Do we still have beer?”)

”It’s 2,5 kilometers to the hut from the parking lot.” ”Good.” //
”The road hasn’t been cleared of snow. I’ll leave you 12 kilometers away.” ”Oh.” //
”I’m tired!” ”I can’t!” ”Are we there yet?” ”I’m cold!” //
”Let’s stay and rest here in the previous hut.” //
”Thanks a lot for not clearing the road. I want to punch someone. Not sure whom, though…”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…


Pelasin aikanaan yhdessä larpissa muinaisen Kreikan jumalten sanansaattajaa Hermestä. Hahmo oli niin hauska pelata, että jäi mainiosti mieleen. Siksi piirsin hänet yhtenä iltana viime syksynä, en ihan sellaisena kuin pelasin häntä vaan siten, kuin ajattelisin hänen olevan.
Once I played Hermes, the messenger of ancient Greek gods, in a LARP. He was such a fun character to play that I still remember him fondly. Therefore, I drew him one night last autumn, not quite the way I played him but the way I’d imagine him to be.

Pelissä minulla todella oli sulilla koristellut sandaalit, mutta ne eivät tietenkään oikeasti sallineet minun lentää. Mutta olin kiinnittänyt niihin kulkusia, jolloin kuului pieni helinä aina, kun kuljin ympäriinsä, ja se oli minusta hirveän hauska yksityiskohta. Pelipaikalla ollut kissa oli myös hirveän kiinnostunut Hermeksen kengistä.
In the LARP, I really was wearing sandals decorated with feathers but of course they didn’t actually allow me to fly. But I had attached jingle bells to them so there was this little jingling sound whenever I was walking, and I think it was a really fun detail. The cat who lived there also found Hermes’s shoes very interesting.



Introvertism is when you go to a store to look for a specific product… //
…spend 15 minutes trying to find it yourself… //
…finally brace yourself and ask a seller for help… //
…the seller finds the product… //
…and even though the product is not exactly what you were looking for but just something very similar… //
…you thank the seller anyway and don¨t say that this is not what you were looking for… //
…and when the seller doesn’t see you return the product they found to the shelf… //
…and spend another 15 minutes looking for the right product.


Kalenterin kansikuva Lumihevoselle: Clone Warsin/Bad Batchin kloonisotilas Echo Bad Batchin ensimmäisen tuotantokauden asusteissaan.
A calendar cove picture for Snowhorse: Clone Trooper Echo from the Clone Wars/Bad Batch, in his Bad Batch armor from season 1.

Star Wars by Lucasfilm

Interrail 10: Kotiinpaluu


”I admit, I’m sometimes really dumb.” //
I had to spend several hours in the middle of the night between trains in Paris… //
”…so I thought that I’ll just spend that time at the railway station!” //
They CLOSE the stations for the night! (We open at 5.) //
”Well, had to live with that, then. I walked up and down Boulevard de Magenta for some three hours. No one came to harrass me but it was really boring!” //
”Next time I’ll go to a hostel. I’m not that poor.” //

”Moaaaan!” //
”I’ve been sitting in this train for two hours already and there’s still two more hours to go! I can’t do this anymore!” //
Meanwhile, in Middle Earth: ”Uruk-hai kidnapped our friends!” ”We’ve been running after them for three days now!” ”We can still do this!” //
”…” //
”It would be cool to be part of the dúnedain… but I’m too much of a wimp for it.”

Paris: ”Still 32 hours ’til I get to the ship and breafast buffet.” //
Karlsruhe: ”22 more hours to go ’til the breakfast buffet.” //
Copenhagen: ”10 more hours.” //
Stockholm: ”Two hours.” //
”This I’ve been waiting for!”

”And then I returned home.” //
My interrail trip took six weeks and took me to eleven countries. //
Hiking in Scotland was so much fun! //
And I met same family after a really long time. //
I didn’t really like Rome at all… //
…but Zürich was really nice!

”And of course it was awesome to meet Whale, Mudkip and Jimothy again!” //
”I drew a lot of comics already during the trip.” //
”I almost filled this sketchbook. Often I drew in the hostel beds in the evenings.” //
”It was a good idea to draw already while traveling so I didn’t have to work so hard when I got back home.” //
”And, as you probably already guessed, I had the Lord of the Rings as travel reading.” //
Though I only finished reading the appendices in the metro on my way back home!
The end of the Interrail comics.

Interrail 9: Paluu Lontooseen


I returned to London, this time to meet Jimothy. ”Nice to see you again!” ”Hello there! (So you have a beard now.)” //
”Are you hungry? Want to go eat somewhere? We can of course just get sandwiches if you’d prefer.” //
”I’d actually like to eat some proper food. I’ve been living on nothing but sandwiches again.” //
”I haven’t had a proper meal in…” //
”…1…2…3…” //
”…in several days.” ”If you need to count, it’s way too long from a proper meal!”

Jimothy and I visited several museums. //
Like the Natural History Museum. ”Hey, I know that fossil!” ”You get excited over weird things.” //
And the Royal Maritime Museum. ”These Brits are somewhat enthusiastic about this Nelson fellow.” //
Try shooting a cannon! ”A little more up!” ”Now! Fire!” //
”This game is made for children, you know.” ”Yes.” //
”But that’s no reason not to play!” ”Indeed!”

We met Mudkip and some of Jimothy’s and Mudkip’s friends. //
We went for pizza. //
”Uhm… how are you eating that pizza?” //
”From outside to the inside. Like a spiral.” //
”I mean, I start from the crust, that is the most boring bit, and then move the the centre, which is the best part.” //
”I have never seen anyone eat a pizza like that before.” ”I don’t know anyone else who’d do it like this, either.”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…