Taas vuosi on mennyt…


”Oh, a new year is beginning. I think it’s time to look back to the old one.” //
”Here are some things that I could have made into comics this past year but didn’t. Not in any particular order.” //
”As a general note weird thing became normal. Which is weird.” //
I half-accidentally created a role-playing world. And my friends and I are still carrying on with it! //
i accidentally got married in out role-playing game. ”Bast, your ex-girlfriend is pregnant.” ”And the child is yours.” ”Oh.” And I got a child in that game, too!” //
My flatmate and I managed to lock ourselves in our own apartment. ”…Help?” //
I had to deal with a literal dumpster fire. ”The trash bin is burning.” ”Oh.” //
I was interviewed to at least to magazines and two TV-shows.

Four-year-olds told me things. ”Did you know that if you breathe fast enough you can give birth at home?” ”?” //
I picked a mushroom and 15 litres of its friends. //
My friends and I got out of a closed room. ”Yeeeeeee!” ”Ha!” //
I got really scared that the zoo otter had escaped. But it was a wild one! //
Mr Brony taught me music theory. ”?” //
Eevee and I found a message in a bottle. ”What does it say?” ”That it’s been written by a witch. Who is spying on the world!” //
”So that was this year. New stuff next year.” Happy New Year 2022 to everyone!

Herkkuhetki, osa 2


Osa yksi täällä. // Part one here.

”Could you draw me a calendar cover picture again?” ”It would be my pleasure. Any wishes?” ”Some cute animal on nerdy thing would be nice.” ”Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down? It could mean, say, a shirtless Kit Fisto…” ”Oh yeah.” ”Is that a permission?” ”It wasn’t a no.” //
”Here you go.” ”<3!!!" //
"But what if you get a proper job and have to take out your calendar and there's a shirtless alien in it?" "Then it is so. You can either get me with my nerdyness or not at all. There is no in-between."

Thanks to Snowhorse for the picture! <3
Star Wars created by George Lucas

Joulujakso 2021


”Hi, Mom!” ”Hi. Your brother has Covid. You can’t come home for Christmas.” //
”…Oh.” //
”Well, I’ll just sit here and watch TV then, I guess.” //
”Too bad I already got to my parents’, otherwise we could have done something together!” ”I’d invite you here but there’s simply not enough room.” //
”Me and my husband are going to my parents’ place for dinner on Christmas Eve, wanna come too?” ”<3!" //
"I heard you can't go home so would you like to come meet my parents with my girlfriend and I?" "Thank you for inviting me! Eevee was just a bit faster…" //
"Buuhuuuhuuu! Why is everyone so nice?!" "That's what you get for making friends…" Merry Christmas to all you lovely people!

Ja sitten se varsinainen joulujakso. Perinteisesti blogini joulupostaus on ollut Doctor Whoo -teemainen, ja niin halusin tänäkin vuonna. Tosin tänä vuonna en ole katsonut lainkaan Tohtoria. Siksi joulujakso on arkistoista kaivamani, noin vuodelle 2018 päiväytyvä luonnos siitä, millaiseksi sisustaisin TARDISin, jos minulta kysyttäisiin. Siihen on merkitty että siinä olisi messinkiä ja mahonkia, ”brittikartanoa ja steampunk-henkeä”.
And then the actual Christmas Episode. My blog’s Christmas article has traditionally been Doctor Who themed so I want to keep that up. Though I haven’t watched any Doctor this year. Therefore the Christmas Episode is from my archives, dating back to 2018, a plan of how I’d design the interior of the TARDIS if I was given the chance. It says there’s be brass and mahogany, ”British manor and steampunk”.

Doctor Who by BBC

Koiranvahti 4: Koirat on outoja


”Living with dogs is like a weird relationship…” //
Someone always needs something… ”You just ate.” //
…the concept of privacy becomes blurred… ”Seriously?” //
…there are odd fetishes… ”Kassu, stop that, it tickles!” //
…and weird ways of showing love… ”Coubi damn it!!!” //
…and then there are the good moments. Pretty often, actually… when you’re perfectly enough just the way you are.

Koiranvahti 3: Kirjallisuuden teoriaa


”Hi, Eevee!” ”Nice of you to join me and Kaspian for a walk!” //
”Hahaha, it’s so funny how Seline is the brain and Coubi is the muscle!” //
”What’s Kaspian, then?” ”Probably the heart.” //
”Hey! We’re like a Fife Man Band!” ”Hah! True!” //
Leader / Lancer / Big Guy / Smart Guy / Heart ”A great team!”

Jaa mikä Fife Man Band? Sivistä itseäsi täällä.
What’s a Fife Man Band? Educate yourself here.

Koiranvahti 1: Periaatteita


”Thank you for taking care of Seline and Coubi for a couple of days!” ”No problem!” //
”You two can sleep in the living room so you won’t keep me up all night.” //
”Whine, whine, whine!” ”…” //
”Very well, but you don’t get to sleep in my bed.” //
”Okay fine, Seline can sleep next to me… but Coubi, you big beast, you’ll sleep on the floor like you do at home.”

Mutkia matkassa


”I think that’s the end of the line.” //
”First off… I’m the one here who decides where we go.” ”…” //
”And secondly… stairs are just a suggestion.”

Liian tyhmä elämään


”I made you guys characters for this Halloween game. Yours is this mutant raven.” ”Cool!” //
”And your animal companion is this bear-sized beast. He’s really dumb.” ”I’ll name him Doofus.” //
”You have to hide! Roll a d20 to see if you find a hiding place.” ”For Doofus… 1.” //
”Okay, roll again to check if Doofus can get to his lousy hiding place.” ”Uhm… one again.” //
”Uh, you can use a will point. Roll again.” ”Oh for… one AGAIN.” //
”…Doofus is found and POOF! He is no more. Sorry.” ”Nooooooo!!!” //
”Oh well. If you roll three ones that’s the best you deserve.” //
”So you seriously just rolled three consecutive ones on a d20.” ”What are even the odds to that?!?” ”1 in 8000, exactly.” ”Destroy that die.” ”Maybe today isn’t your day to try lottery…”