Polkuja lumessa


”In Finland you sometimes have to wade in snow in the winter.” //
”Paths will be formed in the snow, but sometimes you meet someone on the path.” //
”Usually I give way and get off the path.” //
”But really often the other person also leaves the path…” //
”…and goes around the place I just moved away from…” //
”…before returning to the path once more.” //
”It is no longer polite to give way after the other one had already done so. It would be better to just carry on on the path. Now we both have wet feet.”

Hyvä opas, paha opas


”How many school kids will there be again?” ”Two classes, so maybe 40-ish.” //
”I guess we should go through the rules with them, as they’re pretty young.” ”True.” //
”How do you want to do it? Should we both do it with our own group?” ”Maybe it wold be easier if we did it together with everyone so we can help each other with it.” //
”We can play good guide and bad guide.” //
”You mean like ’good cop bad cop’ style?” ”Exactly.” //
”And please remember that the zoo is the home to these animals so let’s just all act calmly.” ”And if you fool around I will feed you to the tigers!”



Bast: Hit points 6 //
Bast: Hit points 5 //
Bast: Hit points 3 //
Bast: Hit points 1 //
Bast: Hit points 1 ”Phew.” ”?” //
”You want coffee?” //
”…” //
”Sure why not.” ”He’s fine!”



Other people: ”I got a new bullet journal for my notes.” //
”There’s an opening for every week. I have color coded them. And I put stickers there.” //
”This is my archive of notes from past years.” //
Me: ”Well, basically… A couple of years ago when I was working as a substitute teacher I had to copy some home economics papers.” //
”Whoops, I messed it up. 25 copies gone wrong…” //
”I kept them as doodling paper because I didn’t want anyone to see my printing mistake.” //
”This is half of one of those failed copies. I’ve made notes on it for the past couple of weeks.” //
”There’s… at least some birds I’ve seen… uh, comic ideas from the winter trip… hmm. Some movie quotes.” //
”When it’s full, I throw it away.”



”I could make some tea. But I don’t want this much right now.” //
”Well, luckily I have a smaller teapot too.” //
”…” //
”You could just fill the bigger pot half-way, you know.” ”Really?”

Hieman nolottaa myöntää, mutta en oikeasti ensin tullut ajatelleeksi, että teekannua ei ole pakko täyttää kokonaan…
I’m a little embarrassed to admit but at first I honestly didn’t realize that I don’t have to fill a teapot all the way…



Eli ”Ehkä kaikkein käyttökelpoisin esine”.
Or ”About the most massively useful thing”.

”What gear will your characters take along?” ”A crossbow.” ”A towel.” //
”My character has been getting to know Earth’s classic literature.” ”Hahahahahaha!” //
”Oh, the buddy fell asleep. He can use my towel as a placket.” //
”My flaming sideburns are attracting insects!” ”Wrap your head in the towel.” //
”Uhh, this plant is spitting acid!” ”Protect yourself with the towel!” //
”Okay so you killed a unicorn pig. Now what?” ”I shall fillet it and the wrap the fillet in my towel.” //
”A towel really IS the most important thing in the universe! I shall never again go adventuring without one!”

Artikkelin otsikko tulee luonnollisesti Douglas Adamsin kirjoittamasta Linnunradan käsikirjasta liftareille (suomentanut Pekka Markkula), jossa pyyhkeiden hyödyllisyydestä kertovan osan lopussa todetaan, että:
Tästä on peräisin sanonta joka esiintyy peukalokyytiläisten slangissa muodossa: ”Hei, diggaas tota rajuu Ford Prefektii!! Siinä vasta repa joka tietää missä sen pyyhe lepää!” (Digata = tiedostaa, tavata, tuntea sukupuolista vetovoimaa; raju = hyvin hommansa hallitseva kaveri; repa = ällistyttävän hyvin hommansa hallitseva kaveri.)

The name of this article of course comes from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where, at the end of the section that tells about how useful towels are, it says:
Hence a phrase that has passed into hitchhiking slang, as in ”Hey, you sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.” (Sass: know, be aware of, meet, have sex with; hoopy: really together guy; frood: really amazingly together guy.)

Oli myös äärimmäisen mahtavaa heittää nörttiä läppää huoneessa, jossa oli kuusi muutakin ihmistä, ja KAIKKI nauroivat sille läpälle.
It was also really awesome to make a nerdy joke in a room with six other people and EVERYONE laughed at the joke.

21,0 × 29,7

So you’re in a tunnel… ”We’ll go forwards!” //
After a while the tunnel opens up into a cave. ”Cool! What’s in there?” //
The cave is very large and high. There’s a little river in the middle of it. The river comes from your left side and… //
”…or wait, I’ll draw it.” //
”So the river comes from here and goes here. The cave is here…” //
”And, weirdly enough, the cave is just the shape to fit onto an A4 sized paper!” ”Caves shaped like that are surprisingly common in role playing games.”



”Hello!” ”Hi!” //
”My parents brought us some house plants. I hope that’s okay.” //
”Of course. There’s plenty of room in our jungle.” //
”That’s what I thought. Basically, my parents didn’t want to keep these anymore so they brought them here.” //
”I mean, I’d say we can adopt all homeless house plants here.” ”That should be said in our door!”

If you are a house plant that nobody wants, behind this door is your home.