Kauden viimeinen hanhitehtävä


”Goose team, do you hear?” //
”Kati hears.” ”A customer informed us that a goose chick has gotten stuck into the fence of the gazelle enclosure.” //
”I’m on my way!” //
”Over there.” ”I see.” //
”You’re a bit too big to go through the fence any longer, buddy…” //
”Luckily you don’t appear to have hurt yourself.”

”But now we’re over here… and your family is in the gazelle enclosure on the other side of a high fence!” //
”Could the gazelle keeper let me into the enclosure so that I can take a goose there, please…?” ”Yep.” //
Approximately 1.38 seconds later… ”Hi!” ”What’s up?” //
”Thanks!” //
”Go to your family now.”

Hanhet liittyvät


”I’ll go and see how to geese on the cliffs are doing.” //
”They were very nicely there.” //
”Ow!” //
”Is this occupational accident of yours goose-related?” ”Well… in a way…”

En murtanut mitään.
I didn’t break any bones.



”A bad side of working with geese is that, well… some things become a bit too everyday.” //
”Yeah, I was also once attacked by a goose so that his wing hit me in the neck.” ”Once? Cute.”

Opi tuntemaan hanhet


”All barnacle geese look pretty much alike – at the first glimpse.” //
”But when you bother to observe them for a moment, you’ll see that you can identify individuals.” //
All barnacle geese have unique white face pattern, and also the size and shape of the black area between beak and eye varies between individuals. //
For example, if you wanted to study these geese you could easily identify different individuals! //
”At first it may also seem that males and females look exactly the same. But especially if they move in pairs you can quickly learn to tell the difference between the male and the female, and an experienced observer can tell the sex of even a single goose quite easily.”

Males are on average larger than females. A large female and a small male can be the same size but usually male is bigger. //
A female’s abdomen is rounder than male’s, especially before laying eggs. //
Males tend to walk more up straight, and females walk in a more ”waddly” way. //
When in comes to the white face mask, males tend to have sharper and cleaner line between black and white. Females often have brown-ish hue in their white face mask. //
”During breeding time it is easy to tell a male and a female apert. The female incubates the eggs and the male guard the nest, and that’s it!”

Vastauksia 6: Vapaa-aikaa


”Whale lähettää terveisiä Bielefeldistä…” //
”Moi vaan!” //
”…ja kysyy myös: ’Mistä nautit viettäessäsi aikaa yksin?'” //
”Vaikka pidänkin ystävistäni, tarvitsen myös jonkin verran omaa aikaa.” //
Yksi asia, jota mielelläni teen yksin, on että menen pitkälle kävelylle ja vain katselen lintuja ja puita… ja kuuntelen omia ajatuksiani. //
Lukeminen on myös sellainen juttu, mistä todella nautin… //
…kuten myös piirtämisestä tai maalaamisesta, kun samalla kuuntelen jotain hyvää musiikkia tai podcastiä. ”Tämä sarjis on aika meta, koska tuota minä teen piirtäessäni tätä sarjista!”

Goose Mama

Monet sarjakuvistani ovat vähän liioiteltuja. Tämä ei ole.
Many of my comics are a bit exaggerated. This one is not.

”Hey goose, do you have to stand in the middle of the road?” ”Come on, move.” ”Shoo, shoo.” //
”No can do, he won’t move.” //
”Buddy, you should go to the lawn now.” //
”Quack.” //
”Ho-ho-how did you do that?” ”This is why my pin says ’Goose Mama’ and yours don’t.”

Vastauksia 5: Maanpako


Note to my non-Finnish readers: in this comic I’m talking about a Finnish book that, to my knowledge, has never been translated to English. Hence the translations are my own.

”Mr Brony asks: ’If you’d need to go to exile from this universe and live in the world of some book/movie/TV series, where would you go?'” //
”Ooh, there are so many possibilities, how can I even choose!” //
”There’s Redwall, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Harry Potter, The Three Musketeers, Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Donald Duck, Tex Willer, Ninja Turtles, Moomins, Farthing Wood, Spirou & Fantasio, Asterix, Doctor Who and so many others…” //
”No wait, there’s an extra rule: ’You cannot choose a lore that has previously been mentioned in this blog.'” //
”Oh.” //
”Well, actually the extra rule makes this easier now that I don’t have to choose between the ones I mentioned above. Instead, I’ll choose…” //
”Spice Land. It makes an appearance in Annina Holmberg’s novel Jorney to Spice Land. The novel has been illustrated by Hannu Lukkarinen.”

”Spice Land is the land of good flavors and sweet dreams. In here are refined and mixed in the perfect form all the flavors in the world, all those ingredients without which life would be bland and dull…” All the spirits of spices live in Spice Land – Pepper Princess, Mint Ogre, Clove Witch, Cinnamon Fairies, Nutmeg Gnome, Laurel Dragon and many others… It is an beautiful, exciting and kind land, and the book that tells about it is one of my childhood favorites (and I still like it very much!). //
Even though cardamom already has its own spirit, I could be Cardamom Centaur… //
…I’d live in a canyon and make cardamom cookies. (Because in Spice Land everything has alliteration!) //
”Hmm, I suddenly really want cardamom cookies…”

Sarjiksen luonnosteltuani menin ja tein kardemummakeksejä. Oikeasti.
After sketching this comic I made cardamom cookies. Really.

Matka Makuniaan by Annina Holmberg

Vastauksia 4: Hevosia ja kädenvääntöä


”Snowhorse asks: ’Who would win in arm wrestling, Dumbledore or Gandalf?'” //
”Well, Gandalf and Dumbledore of course won’t settle arguments with arm wrestling. Instead, they’ll join forces against enemies…” (Bearded gurus’ meet-up) //
Dumbles takes care of Balrog… ”Flames extinguish!” //
”Eep!” ”Hehe.” //
…and Gandalf deals with Voldemort. ”Avada kedavra!” ”Argh!” //
”I’ve come back – more powerful than before!” ”Oh nose!” //
”Hehe!” ”Eep!” //
”In all seriousness though, I’d say that in a fair, non-magical arm wrestling competition Gandalf would win. Just because Gandalf leads an outdoors life and whacks down orcs with Glamdring every other day.” ”Sorry, Dumbles.” ”Congratulations.”

”Snowhorse also asks: ’If you could have any kind of a horse now what kind of a horse would you get?'” //
”Well, of course a zoo-born Mongolian wild horse.” //
One with good genes and healthy hooves so that it could be taken into rewilding program. //
Then it could be released into the Mongolian steppe. //
”If we’re talking about a horse to ride, I’d like a big, easy-going and outdoors-y horse. Like a Clydesdale horse.”

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Vastauksia 3: Biologismeja


”Username Koira sent me a question about my career as a biologist. They want to know what I’ll do when I’m grown up. I don’t know when I’ll be ’grown up’.” //
”I can start by telling that I’ve always been really interested in animals, and becoming a biologist has always been a clear path to me.” //
I grew up watching sir David Attenborough’s nature documentaries. //
”Mom, how does one get to study animals like sir David?” ”Well, first you need to go to school. And then to high school. And then study biology in the university.” So that’s what I did!” //
”And from the very beginning I wanted to go to the rubber boot department. The opposite being the white-coat or lab biologist.” //
”Now I officially have rubber boots as I’m a master of ecology. Above all else I’d like to be a researcher. For that I’d probably need to have a PhD. I’d probably need to look for some information about things…” //
”Sure, I could carry on with owls… And I’ve gotten to know geese pretty well, too…” //
”Of course it would be so cool to work in some rewilding process. We’ll see where I end up.”

”At the moment I’m working in the zoo. It’s a freelance and seasonal job, not permanent.” //
”I’ve always said that if I got a penny every time I talked about animals, I’d be rich. And now I’m actually being payed for it!” //
”As of late, I have been talking about animals in the zoo’s videos – in a way I’m like sir David! It’s been really much fun though I never thought I’d end up as a social media star.” //
”Popularizing science is by the way also something I’m interested and could work on. After all, I drew my master’s thesis as a comic! //
”Working as a teacher is also something a biologist can do but I haven’t studied teaching. Working as a substitute teacher last winter taught me that I don’t want to work as a teacher all my life.” //
”Of course I have worked as a substitute teacher in nature school as well and it was fun. So I could do some environmental education stuff as well.” //
”At the moment I’m pretty happy with what I do but a PhD might be the next step. I also very much feel like these rubber boots are the right shoes for me. Let’s see where I’ll end up in these!”