”We’d still need some energy conservation tips for this quiz.” ”There are some here already.” ”This water question still lacks one.” //
”Hmm, yes, something about saving water.” ”Along the lines of, ’take a shorter shower’?” //
”Or in a more positive way… ’Limit your shower to be as long as your favorite piece of music’?” //
”Well. My favorite piece of music is Bach’s St Matthew Passion. It’s three and a half hours.”

Liikun pyörällä ja julkisilla, vältän lentämistä ja uusien asioiden turhaa ostamista ja olen kasvissyöjä, mutta ai että tykkään lämpimistä suihkuista.
I move around by bike and public transport, avoid flying and buying unnecessary stuff and am vegetarian, but I really like hot showers.



Piirsin kokouksessa muistiinpanojen kulmaan hassun pienen linnun, joka oli ilmettä lukuun ottamatta samanlainen sekä oikein päin että ylösalaisin. Tämä on viimeistellympi ja väritetty kuva aiheesta, ja digitaalisesti myös käänsin linnun ylösalaisin ja peilikuvaksi, jotta kuva toimisi hauskemmin. Oikeanpuoleinen lintu on alkuperäinen.
In a meeting I drew a funny little bird that was the same upside-down as it was the right way up, with the exception the facial expression. This is a more finished and colored version of it, and I digitally turned the bird upside-down and into a mirror image too, so that the picture would be more fun. The bird on the right is the original one.

Käytin tämän kuvan värittämiseen huonompia vesiväreijäni, joiden koostumuksesta en pidä (ne ovat selvästi halvempaa tavaraa kuin tavallisesti käyttämäni). En myöskään oikeastaan yleensä pidä niiden väreistä, mutta tähän värit olivat juuri täydelliset.
To color this picture, I used my worse set of water colors. I don’t like their texture (they’re clearly cheaper stuff than the ones I normally use), and I’m not usually a fan of their colors either, but for this picture they were perfect.

Koskaan ei voi olla liian väsynyt luokittelemaan oikein


”I just have no energy to do anything today.” //
”Like, seriously. If I was a fish today, I’d totally be a jellyfish.” //
”Jellyfish aren’t fish.” //
”Okay, fine. If I was a cephalopod, I’d be a jellyfish.” //
”Jellyfish aren’t cephalopods, either.” ”…” //
”Well then, pray tell, WHAT are jellyfish?” //
”Jellyfish are cnidarians.” //
”Soooo, if I was a cnidarian today, I’d totally be a jellyfish.” ”Oh, yes, I know the feeling.”

Valitsen sinut, Tursamon!


”I’m reading a book about octopuses.” //
”It says there that an octopus has been seen carrying…” //
…a coconut shell as it was ’walking’ along the sea bottom. //
And it didn’t have just one half, but two compatible ones… //
…that it used to build itself a shelter when a danger appeared! //
”I mean, this octopus was
planning ahead and carrying with it a shelter it could assemble when needed! This is the only animal, alongside human, that can do such a thing!” //
”It’s like a Pokémon that caught itself in a ball!” ”It’s the BEST Pokémon!” //

Lukemani kirja on Peter Godfrey-Smithin Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life. Kiintoisa videonpätkä erään tursaan kookospähkinäkodista löytyy täältä.
The book I was reading was Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith. An interesting video of an octopus’ coconut home can be found here.



”…and when you click there you’ll find the customer groups. Yes, there. That’s it.” //
”If the group isn’t in the system just scream at the top of your lungs and I’ll come to help you.” ”Okay!” //

The group is not in the system – OK //



The Adventures of MacGyver and Kati! //
”Awesome, we got out of the shed! Let’s quickly escape to the woods before the baddies notice us!” //
”Let’s sabotage their car first so they can’t come after us.” ”How are you going to that?” //
”I’ve got a POTATO! I’ll stuff it into the exhaust pipe!” ”Uhm, Mac…” //
”…this is an electric car. It doesn’t have an exhaust pipe.” ”!” //
”Indeed… Are these people such bad guys after all? They drive an electric car which is better for the environment…” ”They STOLE that car! And they locked us into that shed AND they’re currently plotting a murder!” //
”So could you please just go back into the shed to see if there’s something there we could use to break the tyres, the old-fashioned way?” ”Oh, yeah, good point.” //
”But I’m keeping the potato.” ”Great, we can eat it later.”

Kämppikseni oli jo sitä mieltä, että tämä sarjakuva herättää niin paljon kysymyksiä siitä, kuka aikoo murhata ja kenet, että minun pitäisi tehdä tälle jatko-osa.
My flatmate already said that this comic raises so many questions concerning who is going to murder and whom that I should make a sequel.

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff

Forth, Eorlingas!

”It’s nice to watch The Lord of the Rings again.” ”Indeed, they are such good movies.” //
”…and here come the Riders of Rohan charging!” ”Go Rohirrim!” //
”They did well until the Haradrim joined the battle with their olifants.” ”Yeah, they’re pretty nasty enemies.” //
”On the other hand, this is a pretty cool mounted troops vs mounted troops battle.” ”Except that Haradrim would be like…” //
”You call that mounted troops? We’ve got mounted troops!” //
”We’ve got a mount — that can carry all our troops!”

The Lord of the Rings written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the movies directed by Peter Jackson