”I put my mindfulness coloring book into the book shelf. You can color it if you want to.” //
”Okay, so I colored a mandala. For the first time in my life.” //
”It was pretty fun, and it doesn’t look bad either.” //
”But I don’t think I’ll be doing this often. To me, the most important part of drawing is the creative, building and experimenting part…” //
”…whereas coloring, especially coloring in something someone else had drawn, is more of a ’necessary evil’ as a part of the finishing of the picture. But it was fun though, and I do understand why many really like these coloring books.” //
”So yeah.”


”I organized a winter camping trip after New Year. There were eight of us crazy people on that trip. This time the destination was Salla.” We went there! //
”Did you order a minibus taxi?” ”With this amount of stuff I sure did.” //
”That is definitely not a minibus.” ”Oh for #@*%!!!” //
”If we miss our train now our trip will end before it started!” //
”Hey, I got us a minibus taxi from another taxi company!” //
”Phew, luckily we made it here in time.” ”I’m gonna send some feedback to a couple of taxi companies now…”

Sock / Pants / Leg warmers / Trousers and shoes / Second layer of trousers / Swiss Army leg warmers //
”Now my legs won’t be cold!” ”But we toes are absolutely freezing…”

”My toes are so freezing.” //
”And I don’t have another pair of socks here in the tent.” //
”Hey! I do have my woolen leg warmers here.” //
If I tie the hems… I can put them in my feet upside down and use them as socks! //
”Much better!” This method is 100% MacGyver approved!

”Ahh. The silence of the wilderness.” //
”Wouwouwouwouwouwouwouwou…” //
Saw saw saw saw… //
Wroooom! //
Tlack! //
”Katiiii! When are we going?” //

”Hmph. A wood-chopping stand this low is totally useless.” //
”But I don’t have to settle on it…” //
”Ha! This works!” This method is 100% MacGyver approved!

”…did you just take a picture by poking your phone with your nose?” //
”Of course not. There is a physical button for taking a picture.” //
”However… I do change the settings with my nose.”

”Guys. We have a little problem with the toilet.” //
”It hasn’t been emptied in ages so we are soon facing the danger of a so-called butt-touch.” //
”We can use the toilet on the other side of the pond.” ”True. But it’s pretty far away.” //
”Or we can take this stick to the toilet. And after doing their business everyone can use the stick to move their business to the side to prevent a mountain from forming.” //
”That is also true.” ”It’d probably work.” //
This method is 100% MacGyver approved! ”Why do your readers need to know this?” ”Because it works!” ”It’s also literally a shit innovation.”

”Hey Temmi, could you sweep the tent heater please?” ”Sure thing!” //
… //
”What?” //
”I’m trying to give you a thumbs-up but it really doesn’t work with these mittens!”

”Washing your hands in snow-covered woods isn’t easy. But it would be really nice to wash your hands every now and then.” //
”You can make your own hand-washing ”tap” using drinking water…” //
”…but don’t swallow it!” //
”Ta-dah!” //
This method is 90% MacGyver approved! ”What, only 90%?” ”Well it works but, I mean, it is a bit disgusting.”

”Here you are.” ”Eek! Put off your light, please!” //
”Okay.” //
”It’s nice to be in the dark.” ”Yes, it is.” //
Flash! //
”Aaaah!” ”Who the devil invented ski track lights?!” //
”Run! Escape!” ”Yes! Back to the darkness of the forest!”

”I’m terribly thirsty! And I don’t have a water bottle in the tent!” //
”Wait a minute. I’m surrounded by millions of liters of water!” /
”Nomnomnom, good snow!” //
”Oh no! I am not MacGyver approving this!”

”Some people ask me why I do this. Go to the woods, I mean. I think it’s a good question.” //
”Because it’s sometimes quite terrible to be at nature’s mercy. You’re cold and hungry and tired and pissed.” //
”And sometimes there are stars, northern lights, sunsets and Siberian jays. On the other hand, though…” //
In the city your life depends too much on whether or not some bureau stamps your document or not. //
In the wilderness you can do something yourself to the fact that you’re cold. You need no stamps – just get up and do it! //
”Yes. Problems are tangible and you can decide how to solve them. Of course you can choose to stay crying in the snow…” //
…or you can choose to make pizza in the tent, like Julia’s Big Brother did. I mean, that was pretty awesome.

”Kujkujkuj!” ”Hello to you too, friend!”

”I haven’t washed my hair in a week and I’ve been wearing a beanie all that time.” //
”Much better!”

Mainintana: tämä on toistaiseksi pisin sarjispostaukseni! Tavaraahan tässä olisi ollut useampaankin postaukseen, mutta menköön nyt näin.
Note: this is my longest comic post so far! Here’s obviously enough stuff for more than one post but let’s go with just one now.

MacGyver created by Lee David Zlotoff

Tall Jedi

Kerran kauan sitten olin Lumihevosen luona saunassa ja aloimme puhua Star Warsista (vaihteen vuoksi). Lopulta juttu meni siihen, että mietimme, millaisia jedejä haluaisimme itse olla, ja se sitten johti tähän:
A long time ago I was in sauna with Snowhorse and we started talking about Star Wars (for a change). In the end we thought about what kind of Jedi we’d like to be, so here we are:

Lumihevosen jedihahmo on kaminolainen nimeltään Taan Tuan. Hän on, kuten kaminolaiset yleensä, hyvin rauhallinen ja harkitsevainen, ja ylipäätään oikein viisas ja kunnollinen nuori jedi (Taanista voimme päätellä, että nämä jedit elivät kauan ennen Kloonien hyökkäyksen aikaa, jolloin kaminolaisista ei kukaan tinnyt mitään).
Minun hahmoni on nuori wookie nimeltään Valrroak (kavereiden kesken Val). Hän on verbaalisesti erittäin lahjakas, taitava kirjoittaja ja rakastaa runoutta, mutta wookiena hän ei osaa puhua yleiskieltä. Siksi monet eivät ymmärrä Valia tai erehtyvät pitämään häntä sivistymättömänä moukkana, mikä ärsyttää Valia suuresti. Onneksi Taan on opetellut ymmärtämään wookien kieltä ja ansainnut näin Valin ystävyyden.
Snowhorses’s Jedi character is a Kaminoan named Taan Tuan. She is, like Kaminoans tend to be, very calm and thoughtful, and all in all a wise and good young Jedi (we can determine that these two Jedi lived long before the happenings in The Attack of the Clones when no one knew anything about the Kaminoans anymore).
My character is a young Wookie called Valrroak (Val to her friends). She is verbally very talented, a good writer and loves poetry but as a Wookie she is unable to speak the galactic common. Therefore, many don’t understand Val or mistake her for a uncivilized animal which greatly annoys Val. Luckily Taan has learned to understand the Wookie’s language and thus earned Val’s friendship.

Molemmat näistä hahmoista ovat todella pitkiä, kuten kaminolaiset ja wookiet ovat, siksi nimi Tall Jedi. Lumihevosen jedit täällä.
Both of these characters are very tall, like Kaminoans and Wookies are, hence the name Tall Jedi. Snowhorse’s Jedi täällä.

Star Wars created by George Lucas
Taan Tuan by Snowhorse

Kylmä on pukeutumiskysymys


…varsinkin saarella sijaitsevassa eläintarhassa.
…especially in a zoo located on an island.

”Oh, it’s cold today.” //
”I need to dress up warmly.”

”…” //
”This is good!”

”Hm, someone’s dropped a map.” //

”!” //

Banana business

”I’m so tired.” ”Same here.” ”Like, today I explained to a customer how ’bananas don’t actually eat monkeys’.” //
”It’s true, though.” ”But how can you be sure?” ”Yeah! Bananas are sneaky creatures.” //
”Bananas don’t even have mouths.” ”It wouldn’t stop them. They may have already eaten countless people…” ”I think this is how it happens…” //
Roar! / Glomp! / !!! //
”That… I don’t know what to say to that.” ”Mmmph!!!”

Valtion kauppa


”I don’t know how to go to a grocery store anymore. Seriously. If I want to buy, say, potatoes…” //
”…there’s, like, 20 different types of potatoes for different uses, and I don’t know how to choose. And bread is even worse!” //
”For real, there could be a sort of state-owned store. So when you’d want potatoes, there’d be one type.” //
”And one sort of bread and everything else, too. It wouldn’t be so hard to choose.” //
”Or — they could just give everyone the same stuff so you wouldn’t have to think about it yourself.” //
”Food ration cards back to use! Bring the good old times back!!!” ”Indeed.” ”Agreed.” ”Yes yes.”

Hotin mieheni muistolle


I met Manuel years ago in a Scottish hardware store. //
It was love at first sight. We ended up in bed that very same night… //
”We had six wonderful years together. Those were the times.” //
”But now Manuel is broken. So badly there’s no fixing him.” //
”Oh, how will I survive now?” //
”Oh well. Manuel would want me to move on… and get a new hot friend.” (Hardware store)

Lumihevonen melkein putosi metron penkiltä kun aikoinaan kerroin hänelle, että olin ostanut kuumavesipullon ja antanut sille nimeksi Manuel. Viittailin myös Manueliin yleensä ”hottina miehenäni”.
Snowhorse almost fell out of the Metro bench back when I told her I had bought a hot water bottle and named it Manuel. I mostly referred to Manuel as ”my hot man”.