Vuosikatsaus 2022


”Well then. The year 2022 it pretty much wrapped up.” //
”In this blog I have told about many things I’ve been doing, but here are some things that I didn’t draw into comics.” //
I taught Mr Brony to knit. //
We saw a wild goat in Scotland. ”He smelled like a goat.” //
I drew some coloring pictures that were commisioned from me. ”But I won’t post them here.” //
I organised some bird-watching trips. We saw a northern pintail <3 //
I went to ride Islandic horses with some friends. //
I slept. Occasionally. //
I got a job. ”I’ll tell more about it next year. //
”Happy 2023 to everyone!

Interrail-sarja jatkuu heti ensi postauksessa!
The Interrail series will continue in the next post!

Interrail 8: Sveitsi


En suoraan sanoen tykännyt Roomasta, joten matkasin seuraavaksi Zürichiin, missä viihdyin paljon paremmin.
To be honest, I didn’t like Rome, so next I traveled to Zürich which I liked much better.

North of the plains towered rugged mountains whose snow-covered peaks glittered in the sun whenever they were not hidden away by clouds. //
Between the great, steep hillsides slept deep lakes, reflecting the blue of the sky. //
Fall had painted scarlet and golden the woodlands that covered the mountain slopes — //
— where, in the springtime hawks, eagles and smaller birds nested on the branches of graceful trees. //
The air was sweet and fresh there. //
It was a land where a Freebooter was happy to walk, where her steps were light to take and her soul was light as well! //
”…I’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings way too much!”

Olin kuullut paljon hyvää Zürichin eläintarhasta, joten kävin sielläkin (nämä ovat Interrail-sarjisten viimeiset eläintarhapiirokset, lupaan sen!). Se oli tosi hieno paikka.
I had head great things about Zürich Zoo so I visited it, too (these are the last zoo drawings in the Interrail series, I promise!). It was a really awesome place.

Oikeasti pidin Zürichistä todella paljon, mutta sieltä ei ole tämän enempää materiaalia.
I really did like Zürich quite a lot but I don’t have any more material from there.

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Joulujakso 2022


Koko blogini historian ajan olen postannut jouluaattona jotakin Doctor Who -teemaista. Miksi luopua perinteistä? Joskin tänä vuonna katsomani uudet jaksot olivatkin lähinnä huonoja, ja niistä syntyisi vain sellaista sarjakuvaa jossa valitan niiden huonoudesta. Siksi palataan ajassa takaisin neljännen Tohtorin aikaan!
Throughout the history of my blog I have posted something Doctor Who themes on Christmas Eve. Why give up the tradition? Even though the new episodes I’ve watched this year have been mainly bad and they’d only make comics of me complaining about their quality. So let’s travel back in time to the days of the fourth Doctor!

Kuvassa näkyvät sanat ovat sitaatti Bruce Springsteenin kappaleesta Two Hearts, ja jos harrastaisin fanivideoiden tekemistä, olisin jo aikaa sitten tehnyt videon Tohtorista ja hänen matkakumppaneistaan tämän biisin tahtiin. Tykkään erityisesti kohdasta ”grow up to dream again” – ehkä se kuvaa vähän sitä, miksi uudet jaksot eivät oikein iske minuun: niissä yritetään olla niin kovin syvällisiä ja vakavia, että unohdetaan unelmoida ja seikkailla ja pitää hauskaa. Vähän niin kuin teininä, kun koitti olla kovin vakava ja aikuinen, kunnes kasvoi vähän isommaksi ja tajusi, että välillä saa ja kannattaa hullutella. Niin kuin kuvassa esiintyvä neljäs Tohtori sanoi: ”Ei ole järkeä olla aikuinen, jos ei joskus saa olla lapsellinen!”
The quote in this picture is from Bruce Springsteen’s song Two Hearts, and if I were into making fan videos I would have already made one to this song about the Doctor and his companions. I especially like the part ”grow up to dream again” – maybe it’s kinda why I’m not a huge fan of the new episodes: they try so hard to be deep and serious that they forget to dream and go on adventures and have fun. A bit like when, as a teenager, you tried so hard to be very serious and adult until you grew up and realized that it’s okay and good to fool around sometimes. Like the fourth Doctor, pictured here, once said, ”There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes!”

Hyvää joulua kaikille!
Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

PS. Niille, joille vitsi ei aukea: Doctor Whon Tohtori ei ulkonäöstään huolimatta ole ihminen vaan Ajan Herra, ja heillä on kaksi sydäntä. Mutta ehkä kolme on vielä parempi?
PS. For those who didn’t get the joke: the Doctor in Doctor Who is, despite his appearances, not a human but a Time Lord, and they have two hearts. But maybe three is even better?

Doctor Who by BBC

Interrail 7: Kaikki tiet vievät Roomaan


I ended up in Rome for a few days. Colosseum was easy to find. Though I only admired it from the outside, didn’t go in.

”Heeeeey, come to a tour in Colosseum!” //
”Hiya, I like your shoes!” //
”Do you speak English? Spanish? German?” //
”Where are you from, hey?” //
”I want to give you a gift!” //
”Leave me ALONE!!!” //
”Thank you.”

Kävin Rooman eläintarhassa piirtämässä.
I visoted Rome Zoo and drew a little.

Vatican museums: ”Well, that was a lot of museum!” //
”The map hall was cool. And Botticelli’s ’comics’ in the walls of the Sistine Chapel.” //
”But why is there The Creation of Adam in all these souvenirs? It’s not here, is it?” //
”Is it?” //
”…” //
”Well it’s in the CEILING of the Sistine Chapel!” //
”And I was just watching the walls! Back we go!”

”Hey, boss, what should I do with this marble head?” ”Never mind, just put it somewhere.” //

Oikeasti. (Valitettavasti en pannut merkille kuka tämän oli tehnyt ja ketä se esittää.)
Seriously. (Unfortunately I didn’t write down who made this and who this head is.)

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 6: Sukuloimassa


Matkani jatkui Itävaltaan sukulaisia tapaamaan. Luonnollisestikaan ei kommelluksitta.
My journey continued to Austria to meet some relatives. Naturally, not everything went as planned.

”If you at some point end up in a situation where your train is cancelled and you have to spend five hours on a Saturday night at the train station in Cologne, you better prepare for people coming to talk to you. If you don’t want to talk, there are some ways to get rid of them.” //
Method 1: ”Hiya, where are you headed?” //
”I don’t think that’s any of your business.” ”Ok.” //
Method 2: ”Hi, where are you from?” ”…” //
”Are you from around here?” ”…no.” //
”Are you from Britain?” ”…no.” ”America?” ”…no.” ”Where are you from, then?” //
”…Finland.” ”Understandable, have a good night.”

Herbersteinin eläintarhasta:
From Herberstein Zoo:

”Tea!” //
”Tea!” //
”Tea!” //
”Tea!” //
”Tea!” //
”You really drink a lot of tea!” ”Tea!” ”They must have made a mistake in Ireland back in the day and baptize you with tea.”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Interrail 5: Lontoo


”One thing that I don’t understand about the architecture in London or generally in Britain…” //
…are these pits between sidewalks and and house walls. //
”You can’t grow plants there because they’re too dark.” //
”And from the downstairs windows you have this breathtaking (dim-lit) view to the opposite wall. Or maybe trash cans.” //
”And all you get in this pit protected by a fence is rain water, fallen leaves and candy wrappers! Yuck.” //
”What is the point of this pit and why are they everywhere in Britain? If someone can explain, I’d actually really appreciate it.”

Kävin Lontoon eläintarhassa. Piirsin siellä eläimiä.
I visited London Zoo. I drew animals there.

”Everyone thinks we’re some sort of ninja dinosaurs. Not cool, bro!” ”Well, at least it’s not frogs anymore! But I’m not surprised that long-necked turtles weren’t the inspiration for TMNT…”

Lumihevonen innostui pitkäkaulaisesta kilpikonnasta ja piirsi hienomman ninjakilpikonnan.
Snowhorse got excited about the long-necked turtle and drew a better ninja turtle.

”In an earlier comic I wondered why there’s so often this pit between the sidewalk and the building in Britain.” //
I asked Mudkip who is a Londoner. ”They weren’t originally built that way.” //
”Initially, the buildings had windowless basements. Later on, they were turned into apartments, and people wanted them to have windows.” //
”Fences were made so that people wouldn’t fall into the pits.” //
”…but it’s still a dark pit that collects rain water and trash, right?” ”Yep.” //
”And here in the center the rents are crazy.” ”I wouldn’t pay to be able to see a pit from the window.”

If you’re planning to sleep in a hostel room with other people at some point… //
…make sure you wake up when your alarm rings. //
If you don’t tend to wake from your alarm… //
…change it to something that will wake you up. //
Because if you don’t… //
…you might be woken up by something else completely.

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

TMNT by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird

Interrail 4: Oxford

Getting to Oxford is difficult
Fort William: leaving for London by train in the morning
Glasgow: Rail road workers are on strike. There’s one train to London.
”Dear passengers, due to a broken signalling system this train cannot go further south than Crewe.”
Preston: Half an hour stop for some reason.
Crewe: Fire alarm on station, train couldn’t get to the station. Changing trains.
Stafford: Train stops for half an hour to re-start engines. Waltz on the platform.
Birmingham: I decide to go directly to Oxford instead going via London.
Northampton: The train my friends are in breaks down AGAIN and they have to change trains AGAIN.
Oxford: I reach my destination.
London: Others reach their destination.

I went to Oxford to meet Whale. ”Hiiii, so good to see you!” ”It’s been so long!” //
Oxford actually does look the way it does in television.

”Heh, such a cute card with a frog on it.” //
”I could send this to my flatmate who likes frogs.” //
”I wonder what their address is?” //
”…” //
”…” //
”…probably the same as mine…” //
”Sounds like something that could happen to me, too. Sometimes I wonder how I survive.”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 3: Vapaasaapastelijat, osa 2/2


”This is Rannoch Moor!” ”It’s what?” //
”The place where Scrooge McDuck is from!” ”Ah!” //
”If you come to the castle grounds you’ll have to pay a fine, you #@$*!!!” (Despite of our efforts, we didn’t find the McDuck castle.)

The next comic doesn’t translate, unfortunately. We’re coming up with Finnish translations for the Devil’s Staircase, a steep uphill on the West Highland Way that wasn’t as difficult to climb as the legends had told.

”Those were really pretty waterfalls.” ”Yes, totally worth the visit.” ”Our backpacks have waited here patiently.” //
”So, you’re gonna hop on again?” //
”’Cause you sure don’t look like you’re gonna walk anywhere on your own.” //
”Hahaha! ’You gonna hop on again?’ Hahahaha!” //
”Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…” //
”I guess I broke Aragorn…” ”…hahahahaha…”

”My new favorite piece of hiking gear is this space blanket. It’s foil on one side and tarpaulin on the other.” //
You can do so many things with it! If the ground is wet, you can sit on it. //
You can use it to make a shelter. //
You can wrap yourself in it to protect yourself from wind, rain and cold. //
You can place it at the bottom of a tent to protect a sleeper from the cold ground. //
”If you could dry yourself in it, it would be as useful as a towel!”

Vaelluksemme loppui Fort Williamiin, missä menimme pizzalle The Black Isle (Musta Saari) -nimiseen pubiin (tämä ei ole maksettu mainos, mutta oli kiva paikka). Ensin tosin kuulin pubin nimen väärin ja luulin sen olevan The Black Owl (Musta Pöllö). Ajattelin, että siinä olisi hieno nimi pubille tai majatalolle. Jos Musta Pöllö olisi majatalo, sillä voisi olla tällainen kyltti, jossa valkoiset osat ovat siis mustaan puulevyyn leikattuja reikiä.
Our hike ended in Fort William where we had pizza in a pub called The Black Isle (this is not sponsored but it was a nice place). At first I misheard the name as The Black Owl. I thought it would be a great name for a pub or an inn. If there was a Black Owl Inn it would have a sign like this, with the white parts being holes cut into a black wooden board.

”Sitä joko elää elämänsä niin kuin se tapahtuu, tarttuu sitä kuin härkää sarvista ja peittoaa sen, tai sille kääntää selkänsä ja alkaa kuihtua pois…” (Dr Boyce, Star Trek: The Cage)

Jatkuu… // To be continued…

Interrail 2: Vapaasaapastelijat, osa 1/2


Aragornilla oli mukana vaelluksella West Highland Wayn opaskirja, jossa kerrottiin siitä, kuinka Skotlannin metsiä poltettiin, jotta niissä majailevat roistot ja ryövärit jäisivät vaille turvapaikkaa. Kyseisistä roistoista käytettiin englanniksi nimitystä ”freebooters”, joka oli meidän mielestämme hirveän hauska sana. Suomensimme sen ”vapaasaapastelijoiksi” ja käytimme itsestämme sitä nimeä lopun reissua.
Aragorn had a West Highland Way guidebook in which it was told how the Scottish forests were burned down to drive out all sorts of robbers and criminals who lived in the woods. Those criminals were referred to as ”freebooters” which was a word we found funny and started calling our hiking group freebooters as well.

First day of hiking: all day raining, a heavy backpack, three poorly slept nights, a broken hiking pole handle, a path that has turned into a creek, wet boots, steep uphill //
”Tomorrow should be easier in every way!” ”I hope so…”

”We have to go through that tunnel.” ”It looks pretty low.” //
”It is. Be careful.” //
”Are you stuck?” ”Yes. Help!!!”

”Kati, look what’s ahead! A tunnel!” //
”Oh dear, it looks rather low.” //
”We have to go through it before you so we can take pictures when you get stuck again!” ”Yeah!” //
”One of you should stay behind me so that you can take a video from both sides…” //
”Oh, yes, this is gonna be viral!” ”’A Finnish woman gets stuck in a low tunnel in Scotland’, a hit to be sure.” (The tunnel wasn’t that low.)

”!” //
”What did you find?” ”A rock.” //
”A very pretty rock.” //
”Maybe it’s a dragon’s egg?” //
”You mean like a small and grey one?” ”With a white stripe.” //
”Ooh, I’d like that!”

”…and then over that ridge, and then the rest will be fast kilometers.” ”You know…” //
”…that ’fast kilometers’ sounds like something you could say as a farewell to a fellow hiker.” //
”Like, ’good journey, fast kilometers’.” //
”Sunny days.” ”Favorable winds.” //
”May your tent always stand on even ground.” //
”May your boots never hurt your feet.” ”May your bra always be dry.” ”May your favorite book never be turned into a bad movie!”

Jatkuu… // To be continued…