Star Wared

Tämä sarjis on luultavasti mielekkäämpi, jos olet nähnyt Clone Warsin jakson Landing at Point Rain. Jos et ole, voit katsoa olennaisen pätkän täältä, lähinnä viimeinen minuutti on tarpeen. Jesse ei ole katsonut kyseistä pätkää, ja siksi hän ei tiedä, mitä oikein tapahtuu.
This comic probably makes more sense if you’ve seen the Clone Wars episode Landing at Point Rain. If you haven’t, you can watch the essential parts here, mainly the last minute or so is important. Jesse hasn’t watched that clip so he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

”So there, that was my Star Wars May! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had drawing it.” //
”Ahem, excuse me.” //
”Yes, Mr Spock?” ”It would be nothing but logical to make a Star Trek Month as well.” //
”And a ninja turtle month.” ”Hey, us too!” ”What birds are we?” ”I want my own appreciation month!” ”Same here!” ”We wouldn’t be opposed to one either!” //
”Right. Aramis, you’d so be a shelduck.” //
”And MacGyver, my whole life is practically your appreciation month!”

Niin, ja sitten tulin luvanneeksi Lumihevoselle oman sarjiksen paidattomista klooneista (saavat muutkin sen lukea). Tämä tapahtuu Clone Warsin jakson The Deserter aikana.
Yeah, and I happened to promise Snowhorse a comic about shirtless clones (others may read this, too). This happens during the Clone Wars episode The Deserter.

”This is going great again. I was shot in the chest…” //
”…my brothers left me to heal in some random dude’s barn…” //
”…and now some damn space cow is licking my face!” //
”I guess it wouldn’t be embarrassing for a soldier to cry for his mother in a situation like this.” //
”…if I had a mother, that is.”

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Näkökulmailun tärkeydestä


”Today it’s been 45 years since the premiere of the very first Star Wars movie!” //
”And to celebrate it I will over-analyze one line from that movie. You will find my over-analysis below.”

’A New Hope’: ”I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father.” //
”He was the best star pilot in the galaxy. And a cunning warrior.” //
”And he was a good friend.” //
’The Empire Strikes Back’: ”He told me you killed him!” //
”No. I am your father.” //
’Return of the Jedi’:”He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed. So what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.” //
”And… let’s stop here.” //
”Why did Obi-Wan tell the truth ’from a certain point of view’? The easy answer is that originally ’Vader killed Anakin’ WAS the truth. Star Wars was supposed to be just one movie, and Vader wasn’t Luke’s father.” //
”But in-story reasons are more interesting.”

”Obi-Wan knew that Anakin became Vader. So he was certain-point-of-viewing on purpose.” //
”Obi-Wan was also a smart guy and anticipated that Vader couldn’t be defeated in battle. So there had to be another way.” //
Had Obi-Wan said: ”Yeah, your father is Darth Vader, the worst guy in the galaxy. Killed children and your mother.” //
This would have happened: ”You’re evil!” ”Yep. Come to the Dark Side.” ”Well okay.” To put it simply, that is. //
But because Obi-Wan had told what a good person Anakin had once been: ”Maybe there’s still good in my father, he can be saved!” //
And this made all the difference! ”Come to the Dark Side.” ”No. You come back to the Light!” //
Luke never won Vader in battle but by believing Anakin was still there… ”Eek!” //
”And without Obi-Wan’s certain-point-of-viewing Luke wouldn’t have had anything to believe in!”

”Also, what Obi-Wan says about Anakin is really nicely said in general and one of my favorite scenes, too – especially since Obi-Wan knows what Anakin became.” //
”I’ve also been thinking about the name of the movie. Originally, it was just ’Star Wars’ but after it got sequels it was renamed ’A New Hope’.” //
What happened in the movie – destroying the Death Star and so on – brought new hope to the whole galaxy. //
And Luke is, of course, the new hope for the destroyed Jedi Order. //
”But there’s one more who got some new hope in ’A New Hope’. And that is Anakin Skywalker. What Obi-Wan said sent Luke on a path that – in the end – led him to bring Anakin back to the Light Side. And I find that a nice thought.” //
”And thus ends my over-analysis on what Obi-Wan said about Anakin in ’A New Hope’.”
”Now I shall celebrate and watch that movie!”

Star Wars created by George Lucas



”After 400 meters turn right.” //
”That navigator is pretty boring all right…” ”Yeah, it could be…” //
”After 400 meters, turn right you must!” //
”Hahaha! Or it could say…” //
”Raah! Rwhaa roaaahh!” //
”I wonder where we’d end up following those instructions?” ”I depends on how well you speak wookiee.” //
”And when we come to the highway…” //
”…we jump to hyper spaceeeeeeeee!!!”

Ja vielä teille, jotka ajattelitte, että Yodagaattori on Yoda + alligaattori eikä Yoda + navigaattori.
And here’s to everyone who thought that Yodagator is Yoda + alligator instead of Yoda + navigator.

Star Wars created by George Lucas

The name’s Kati but you’ll call me Captain or Sir

Eli ”Se suojaa varmaan hyvin myös hyttysiltä”
A.k.a ”I guess it’s pretty good against mosquitoes, too”

”I’d want a Clone Trooper armor.” //
”So that you could paint it in some cool way?” ”No, but to actually use it.” //
”You see, Clone Troopers wear the same armor on almost any planet. Only when it’s really, really cold the clones have some special gear. But they can even go to space in that armor!” //
”And since the armor itself probably isn’t that warm, the clones must have the best underwear in the galaxy!” ”Well… that is true!” //
”And I mean, I want the whole armor because it would be so handy on camps.” //
”Welcome to the camp. I’m Kati, your camp leader.”

The title of this post is a quote from The Clone Wars episode ”Rookies” where Captain Rex introduces himself to Hevy, Fives, and Echo by saying, ”The name’s Rex but you’ll call me Captain or Sir”. Later on at least Echo calls him just Rex.

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Kenobin loppu


”There’s a new series called Obi-Wan Kenobi coming on May 27th.” //
It tells about what happens to Obi-Wan between ”The Revenge of the Sith” and ”A New Hope”. //
”Of course I don’t know what’s going to happen in the series but… maybe it could end the way I’ve drawn it in this comic below.”

Mitä sarjassa tapahtuukaan on tapahtunut. Vuodet ovat vierineet. //
”Obi-Wan.” ”Mestari Qui-Gon? Mitä opetat minulle tänään?” //
”Minä en enää opeta sinua, Obi-Wan.” ”Mutta – miksi?” //
”Sinun matkasi on jatkuttava ilman minua.” ”En ole valmis!” //
”Sinä olet valmis koska sinun on oltava valmis.” ”En – en ymmärrä.” //
”Hyvästi, Obi-Wan. Olkoon Voima kanssasi.” ”Mestari Qui-Gon…?”

”Hetkinen. Mitä tuo meteli on?” //
”Varmaan Hiekkaväki taas. Ovat varmaan jälleen käyneet jonkun kimppuun.” //
”Huokaus. Pitänee käydä katsomassa.”

”Jep, hehän siellä. Ei liene vaikeaa häätää heitä pois.” //
”Roar!” //
”Raah!” ”Iik!” //
”Toivottavasti poika on kunnossa…”
”Tervehdys.” (Loppu… ja alku.)

”This is not my prediction of how the Kenobi series will end. I mean, that depends on the series itself.” //
”And I’m not saying this is how I think it should end. Or that I’d want it to end this way.” //
”But if I were to decide, I might end it like this.” //
”And I know, it’s really cheesy and totan fan service…” //
”But think about it. We now know all of Obi-Wan’s story. This is probably the last time we’ll ever see him in live-action.” //
”And by ending where we first saw him in A New Hope (back then it was just Star Wars) we would have made a full circle.” //
George Lucas himself has said about things like these, ”It’s like poetry, it rhymes.” //
”Anyway, I think it was fun to draw this. What do each of you think?” ”I think you’re a nutcase but no-one’s asking me.”

”A quick note here. Some people always take issue on how Obi-Wan says about R2 that he ”doesn’t remember ever owning a droid”. //
”Which is true, Obi-Wan never owned R2. This doesn’t mean he does not remember who R2 is. I think Obi-Wan remembers R2 and 3PO very well.” //
”Obi-Wan knows those droids and also who Luke is. But he doesn’t know why they’re all here in the desert and who has sent them.” //
”And Obi-Wan knows very well not to show his cards too early. So yeah.”

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Paa paita päälles ennen kuin joltakulta puhkee silmä


”You know that I like Star Wars… and Wookiees… and now in The Book of Boba Fett there’s this Wookiee warrior Black Krrsantan…” //
”Grrr!” //
”Your type of a man, eh?” ”Tall, dark and hairy…” ”And doesn’t wear a shirt!”

Sarjiksen otsikko on sitaatti hienosta animaatioelokuvasta ”Sinbad – seitsemän meren sankari”. Siteeraan tätä aina kun voin.
The title of this comic is a quote from a great animated movie called ”Sinbad – Legend of the Seven Seas”. I quote this every time I can.

Star Wars created by George Lucas

May the birds be with you

”About a year ago Snowhorse and I tried to think what birds different Star Wars characters would be. And there were so many characters!” //
”And now I drew some of them for you!” //
”We did have reasoning for why each character was that specific bird, but I’m not going to explain them here. You can ask in the comments if you’re interested.” //
”Some of these characters are of course bad guys bad no bird is evil. The birds we chose are based more in concepts and coloration, for instance.” //
”Anyways, here are Star Wars characters as birds.”

Luke = sparrow
Leia = swift
Chewbacca = emu
Lando = great crested grebe
Han = magpie
C-3PO = pheasant
R2-D2 = (a smart as heck) little penguin

Obi-Wan = red kite
Anakin = peregrin falcon
Ahsoka = red-footed falcon
Yoda = kiwi
Windu = great black woodpecker
Qui-Gon = Ural owl

Rex = great black-backed gull
Cody = golden eagle
Fives = raven
Hardcase = fieldfare
Jesse = hooded crow
Kix = Siberian jay
99 = kakapo

Hunter = osprey
Omega = robin
Echo = common gull
Crosshair = secretary bird
Tech = jackdaw (to be precise, the jackdaw I once saved from a trash bin)
Wrecker = greylag goose

Palpatine = black swan
Dooku = great cormorant
Grievous = vulture
Pong Krell = frogmouth
Ventress = great grey shrike
Maul = black grouse
Savage = western capercaillie

Kanan = spotted nutcracker
Hera = barnacle goose
Ezra = jay
Sabine = wren
Zeb = great bustard
Chopper = pygmy owl

Padmé = Starling
Satine = crane
Jar Jar Binks = flamingo
Dexter Jettster = pelican
Jabba the Hutt = over-bred fat turkey

Darth Vader = Tyrannosaurus rex
Kylo Ren = two-headed eagle ”This way!” ”No, that way!”
Rey = phoenix
Ewoks = those stuffed toy birds with bird-song voice boxes
Clankers = rubber chicken

”So there, that was most of the birds Snowhorse and I had chosen.” //
If I were to add one, I’d say that Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a crested cassowary. Both are blue and scary as heck! //
”What were your favorites? Or do you disagree with something? Or did we miss someone on our list?” //
”Happy May the Fourth everyone!”

No joo okei, vielä Rex merilokkina:
Well okay, one Rex as a great black-backed gull:

Star Wars created by George Lucas

Star Wars -tuokokuu


”It’s May! And it’s awesome!” //
”In May, there’s all sorts of interesting stuff going on in the nature but there are other important things as well.” //
”You see, it’s Star Wars day in May. And a new show is coming. And there’s an anniversary, too…” //
”So I thought that May could be a Star Wars month with all my posts having a Star Wars theme.” //
”I’ll still be uploading that regular twice a week. Though the days may vary according to important dates.” //
”How strongly my posts have anything to do with Star Wars may also vary. May or may not include shirtless aliens. And clones.”

Star Wars created by George Lucas