Paras työpäivä


”Hi Kati, can you come and teach arts for 8-graders for two hours?” ”Yes!” //
”Your teacher told me that today you should do some croquis drawing.” //
”That means that one at a time is the model and others draw a quick sketch of them. We’ll be using water colors.” //
”I can be the first model. You have five minutes to draw me. After that we’ll switch, and I’ll start drawing as well.” //
”An hour and a half of croquis drawing with actually nice teenagers! I’m almost embarrassed that I’m getting payed for this!”

Koska croquis-piiroksissa kasvospiirteet ovat kovasti toissijainen asia, piirroksistani lienee mahdotonta tunnistaa malleina olleita oppilaita, joten uskallan julkaista tuon kuvistunnin työni.
Because faces are really not that important in croquis drawings I think it’s impossible to recognize the students in these drawings, hence I guess I can publish them here.

Vuosikatsaus 2019


”Another year is over, and a lot happened. Even though I was academically unemployed for quite a big part of the year I’ve still done many things I’ve been payed for.” //
”Here are some of those things…” //
Cooking on a camp. ”I hate those kids.” ”Same.” //
Teaching new camp instructors. ”…talk about home sickness…” //
Miscellaneous paper work. //
Fighting with geese. //
Fighting for geese. //
Teaching at the nature school. //
Leading a camp. //
Feeding a kestrel.

Carrying a goat around. //
Presenting cockroaches. //
Knitting gloves. //
Teaching Finnish to middle school kids. ”Today we’ll be reading Asterix.” //
Supervising a biology exam. ”These kids don’t understand a thing about biology.” //
Teaching sports. ”I’m supposed to be holding this ball which way up?” //
Teaching arts. ”Art!” //
Walking a dog. //
Making a comic. //
”So that was that for the past year. Happy new decade for everyone!”

Osaan sen yhä


”Teacherteacherteacher – hahahaha! -teacherteacherteacher!” ”What’s wrong?” //
”I hit – hahaha – my toe. Can I – hehehehe – quit playing this game?” ”No.” //
”Why not? Haha! Can I please go? Hihihihi! Gimme some slack – heh?” ”The Oscar for best faked injury is what I’ll give you.” //
”Please please please hehehe please?” ”No.” //
”But did you know that your tongue is connected to your toe muscles? That means the more you talk the more your toe will hurt.” //
”???? Really?” ”No.” //
”See, I know how to bullshit as well.”



”Hei Kati, can you come and teach PE for middle-school kids for a day?” ”Well… uh… okay.” //
(Instructions) You can play volleyball, or you may use your own skills when planning the PE class. //
”Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” //
”My skills aren’t really in the sports at all…” //

Character sheet:
Character name: Kati
Species: Human (?)
Looks: Brown eyes, curly dark hair
Skills: Biology +8, Literature +6, Music -2, Drawing +7, Sports -14, Nerding +5, Teaching +4, Cooking +2
Equipment: Swiss army knife, hat, woolen socks, pen case, library card, good jacket, striped shirt //
”Today, younglins…I’m going to teach you to play quidditch.”

Ja sitten todella opetin seiskaluokkalaiset pelaamaan huispausta. Kiitos Wiivulle ideasta!
And then I actually taught 7th graders to play quidditch. Thanks to Wiivu for the idea!

…ja mammutit vielä kulkivat maan päällä


”Hey Kati, we need a substitute teacher for fifth graders for a day, can you come?” ”Okay.” //
(Instructions) ”Hmm.” //
”Now, you’d need to write a 200-word text about agriculture in your notebooks.” //
”There’s good info about the topic in your science book chapter 9.” //
”?!?” //
”Wha-wha-what are you doing?” ”Searching for information.” ”With our phones.” ”Online.” //
”When I was in school, we had to go to the library… and BORROW A BOOK.” ”What’s that?”

Ajat muuttuvat


”Hi Kati, we need a substitute teacher to teach ninth graders Finnish today, can you come?” ”Well… uh… okay.” //
”Instructions: students will work on computers, teacher has sent them questions in advance.” //
”Well well… This is my old school. I wonder where the computer classroom is nowadays…” //
”There is no computer classroom! There are laptops and pads in all classrooms.” ”Oh.” //
”You just need to give the students the instructions, they’ll know what to do.” ”…okay.” //
”When I was young there was only one computer classroom in the school… and the computers themselves were big cubes…!”